fantasy premier league strategy tips – the bookies odds team

Last season we did a series of articles on fantasy premier league strategy tips which involved alternate ways of picking your team.  Here’s one of the teams we’ll be doing this season based on the bookies odds.

fantasy premier league strategy tips – the bookies odds team

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The bookies team history and strategy

The bookies team in 15/16 finished in 6k overall but last season struggled and finished in 130k

These were the rules governing it:

The bookies team was set up by picking the best anytime goal scoring odds from bookies for attacking players and clean sheet odds for defenders for the next game only with no reference to future fixtures.

2 transfers are made every 2 weeks unless there’s an injury or a gametime risk. The 2 transfers will seek to improve the overall odds for the 11 players forecast to play. The captain will be the player with the best ATGS odds.  You can find Odds at MoPlay if you’re looking for similar information.

I think the issue last season was that the bookies will still give failing premium strikers especially good odds for every game meaning once you’ve got one it’s difficult to switch out with that strategy irrespective of their form.

This season I’m tweaking it slightly in that rather than just picking the best odds for GW1 I’ve started by going through the top goal scorer odds for the season and using that to pick the first squad.  I think that means the players are less about the first fixture and more about their overall scoring ability.  The issue this season is the World Cup so while Harry Kane is the favourite to be top goalscorer he won’t be in the bookies team as he is unlikely to be ready to play in GW1 after the World Cup.

So I’ve picked a team in the main that can continue but the defence has risk with the Man Utd and Man City pick

The team

Here’s the bookies team:

fantasy premier league strategy tips

So I started with the top 2 goal scorer favourites after Kane in Salah and Aubameyang as captain options

I then looked for attacking players in a structure that was value tiered.  I would have liked a more expensive £9.0m striker so there was more of a gradual tier  but in the end had to do some downgrading.

In defence I went for the 3 teams that were the favourites to win the premier league as the 3 premium choices.  I would have gone for Otamendi as safe for City but didn’t have the funds.  Laporte should have a few safe games in him.  I then went for the 4 top teams with £4.5m defenders or goalkeepers in them and that’s where I’ve ended up.

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