fantasy premier league team selection – FFGeek team for GW33


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection article for the blank ridden GW33.  We’ll talk through the transfers and the dilemmas and decisions faced into.  We’ll also talk through any team selection issues and the captaincy decision

fantasy premier league team selection – FFGeek team for GW33

Just to put the team selection into context.  I’ve used my 2 free transfers for GW33 knowing that I’ll be using my wildcard for the double gameweek 34 coming up.   So that gave me 2 freebie transfers for this one GW33 round only.  A rare treat to say the least.

So here’s the team with 2 transfers made that I will talk through below.  Giroud out and Glen Murray of Palace in and Alexis Sanchez out and David Silva in.



The Sanchez to Silva transfer was a no brainer.  Sanchez has no game this week and then Chelsea next.  The only thing that even made me hesitate was the difference between the sell price for me of £11.0m and the buy back price of £11.3m but as people who come to the site know my bank balance has never been my objective.

Silva home to West Ham seems to be one of the best 1 week options and plus his ownership is so high it’s a good ranking fall hedge.

The next transfer was definitely more difficult.  I was always going to dump Giroud for the week given that I never had the sell and buy price issue I had with Sanchez.  I had 3 choices for my 1 week only transfer, Lukaku, Remy and Glen Murray.  I probably would have gambled on Lukaku given Everton are home to Burnley but in the end his fitness was just too much of a concern and I didn’t want the risk of either a sub appearance or a 60 minute substitution happening.  Thats even before you question why you would risk a £28m striker in a game with little meaning apart from decreasing the pressure on Martinez.  The same injury gametime issue prevented me putting Remy in.  A Man Utd side without Rojo, Jones, Blind and Evans in defence is appealling but the gametime risk just wasn’t worth it.

So that meant that I defaulted to the man of the moment Glen Murray of Palace.  3 goals and 4 assists and 38 FPL points in his last 3 games plus pens makes him a pretty attractive form proposition.  He’s also returned a goal or assist in 5/9 games or a 56% consistency rate.  That’s very impressive considering that 3 of those appearances were as a sub.  That’s made more attractive by the once impenetrable WBA defence falling apart with 10 goals conceded in the last 3 games.  Made worse by 2 of the games being against Leicester and QPR.  So you’ve got the ideal mix of form, consistency (albeit on a limited data set) and a potentially good fixture depending on which WBA defence turns up.

Team selection

The one pleasure of the blank week is not having to go through the pain of deciding which defenders to bench or whether the prospect of a clean sheet from a defender is higher than Puncheon returning.  The only decision to make was Puncheon v Boyd which I never give any thought to really anyway.  So Puncheon in.  Boyd on the subs bench

The captain

I wrote quite a bit about my captain choice in the captain article yesterday so I’m just going to paste it into this article rather than say the same thing in a different way but in short I’m going for Aguero. Here’s the paste:

I’m definitely going for Aguero.  For me there’s no choice.  I very rarely go against the favourite especially if like Aguero their ownership among leading and active managers is high.  At this time I think it’s a time not to drop in the rankings.  The time when the captain choice will make a difference is when the choice is split.  At that time you have no choice but to have a ranking effect choice.  We’ve seen this in recent weeks with Austin and Kane and Aguero and Kane.  Luckily I’ve made the right choices which has seen me move up to an 8k overall ranking.

I also think Aguero aside from that is the right choice.  West Ham have conceded 7 goals in their last 3 away games and Aguero comes off 2 goals in the Manchester derby.  The issue with Aguero is the 2 striker vs lone striker conundrum.  As a lone striker Aguero becomes the focal point for the attack, stays more central and becomes the six yard box predator.  With a strike partner such as Dzeko and Bony they become the cetral point and Aguero seems to drift a bit more.  It’s no coincidence that Aguero’s 2 goals against Man Utd came with him as a lone striker

If you’re behind in your mini league and desperate then maybe Kane as an alternative.  I still believe that taking big risks is pretty uneccesary even now with a blank week and 2 DGWs to go before the end of the season.

Thats it good luck in the gameweek.  Hope it goes well for you all

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fantasy premier league team selection

fantasy premier league team selection

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