fantasy premier league team selection GW13 – the FFGeek team for GW13


Here’s my fantasy premier league team selection GW13 article with the FFGeek team for GW13. We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW13 – the FFGeek team for GW13

Gameweek 12

I went into GW12 in detail in my early thoughts article on the FFGeek team article so I won’t go into it too much here.

GW12 points: 65 (average 48) Total points 776, Gameweek rank 316k, Overall Rank: 28k, green arrow 11k, Team Value: £102.5m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW13

So on my basic metrics a good gameweek. A green arrow of 11k to 28k, a 316k gameweek rank (4th best of the season), 6 returning players v a minimum requirement of 4 but only 1 double figure FPL points haul.

Monitor list

So I’ve introduced my team planning schedule which helps me plan my transfers ahead. I think that in some ways it’s wishful thinking as often you end up doing reactive transfers to injuries or someone losing their starting place so it is a bit aspirational but worth doing still.

The table is self explanatory but here are the definitions anyway:

GW13 odds CS*/ATGS A bookies odds for clean sheets or anytime goal scoring.

Pot Exit Point. Then I’ve tried to mark in a potential exit point for a player generally based on fixtures and match it up with someone incoming. If I say unknown it’s because I don’t have anyone yet. If it says ASAP on exit point then it’s as soon as an opportunity arises. If it says none, I have no current plans on removing them.

The schedule assumes the transfer of Ward out for Richarlison:

fantasy premier league team selection GW13

So I’ve put an unknown change against Foster and pushed back the possible windows due to other changes being required.  It’s not a huge priority as I’m still a believer in the Watford defence.  Just not the save % ability of Foster.

The Mendy injury will probably see me transfer in Laporte in GW14.  It’s a good introductory fixture vs Bournemouth at home

I’ve pushed back a Fraser transfer until GW16 when they play Liverpool although if I miss that then Fraser is through the tricky fixtures.  The Richarlison transfer for Ward though gives me some flexibility to bench Fraser  against tricky opponents.

Hojbjerg will go, when I get the chance, to 1 of 4 Cardiff players believe it or not, in Murphy, Paterson,  Ralls or Harris although there’s still Kenedy and Diagana on the watchlist.

Ings probably can’t be looked at until GW16 when I will have 2 transfers post GW14.

As I said this all assumes that there are no reactive transfers to make.

Transfer options

1 free transfer and £2.9m in the bank.

So I focused my thoughts on either a Mendy transfer or a transfer to get Richarlison in.

I ruled out the Mendy transfer this week as there seems a decent chance that West Ham could score so I continued my focus on Richarlison

There were 2 rank defensive factors in the decision.  Richarlison firstly qualifies as potentially essential via my rule of 7/10 of the 10 top FPL managers I follow or 70% of the top 10k.

Secondly he is a strong captain option as you will see in my captain choice article.

On the positive side, he has a great entry point fixture home to Cardiff and 3 good fixtures in the next 4.  He plays as a striker.  I think his underlying stats could be better is the negative.

The replacement of Ward also gets rid of a non contributing member of the 15.

I did think about Martial who I really like but I would have had to take out Fraser and I like the idea of a stronger squad and Ward taken out.

So the transfer is:

Ward out Richarlison in £0.3m in the bank.


The Mendy injury did make the lineup choice easy as Hojbjerg and Wan Bissaka are naturals for the bench.

Captain choice

My captain analysis article was heavy on analysis and helpful but I still ended up without a clear picture of who I wanted as my captain for GW13.  I’ve stuck with Aguero for the moment.

The team

Here’s the lineup then:

fantasy premier league team selection GW13

Good luck to everyone!

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6 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW13 – the FFGeek team for GW13”

  1. Please explain to me why you delay selling mendy to wk14 if you know already that he will be off for long time? Doesn’t that affect your selling price? basically losing value?

    I am sorry, but I am new at this. and been following your every move this season :)

    • Obviously I can’t speak for Geek but my assumption is he’s not that bothered about losing 0.1 value on Mendy as he feels there’s much more upside bringing in Richarlison for a potential haul than transferring out Mendy to save a tiny bit of value. Geek’s not one for taking hits so he probably values those 4 points he will save over the value he will lose. To be fair he may not even lose any selling value anyway as it all depends when he brought Mendy in. Mendy has only dropped £0.1m and if geek bought him when he was £6.3m then he won’t lose any selling value anyway so that could also be the case.

    • Hi mate my priority was to get Richarlison in as I’ve defined him as essential by my formula as you’ll see in the article. So to get Mendy out I would have needed a 4 point deduction. My transfer would have been Laporte and as I don’t think a clean sheet is a guarantee v West Ham then I decided losing 4 points wasn’t worth it.

      I personally don’t believe in taking point deductions for value saving. I think taking point deductions increases the risk in the game disproportionally to the additional funds saved and it takes alot for me to do it. I’ll generally only take a point deduction when I want to reduce risk, so for example when there is a high ownership captain favourite I don’t have

      hope that helps and good luck this week!

  2. Is Wilson to Jimenez worth a hit? I have already used my FT for Laporte, and have 2.3mITB right now. Team looks like this:
    Fabianski (Button)
    Alonso, Robertson, Laporte, Doherty (AWB)
    Hazard, Richarlison, Mane, Barkley (Diangana)
    Wilson, Kun (Arnie)

  3. I have taken a hit to nring in Jimenez for Wilson. My reason was 2 fold however. Firstly, Wilson has two tough fixtures coming up (quite a few tough ones actually), while Jimenez has 2 plum fixtures, and I am happy to offload Wilson until his fixtures turn again. Secondly, I wanted to free up the funds to bring in Arnie for Mitro next week. If I wasn’t looking to do that then I wouldnt have made the transfer and took the hit. Because it is just a pure gamble otherwise in my opinion.

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