fantasy premier league team selection GW16 – the FFGeek team for GW16


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW16 article with the FFGeek team for GW16. We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW16 – the FFGeek team for GW16

Gameweek 15

I went into GW15 in detail in my early thoughts on the FFGeek team article so I won’t go into it too much here.

 GW15 points: 63 -4 (average 45) Total points 923, Gameweek rank 611k, Overall Rank: 49k, green arrow 8k, Team Value: £102.6m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW16

So a good gameweek on my metrics. A small green arrow of 8k. A gameweek rank of 611k, well inside the 1 million target. 5 returning players and 3 double figure FPL point hauls plus I picked the correct captain for a change.

The team planner schedule

1 transfer and £0.9m in the bank.

So here’s my team planner which I’ve taken from my early FFGeek team article and is now pretty redundant as you will see.

fantasy premier league team selection GW16

Team transfer thoughts

1 transfer and £0.9m in the bank.

So my transfer has been pretty much settled as being the injured Arnautovic out for Aubameyang.  The only way it could be funded was by the sale of Salah.  I am a big Salah fan but the upcoming captain priorities look like Aubameyang could be the better option.

The thing that has been nagging me over the last 24 hours or so is Sterling.  I was quite shocked at his underlying stats when I was doing the imaginary wildcard article.  They really are quite exceptional.  I then just had a look at what I would need to do to get him in.  When Kolasinac fitted exactly for Alonso out it seemed like a sign that it was meant to be. So in he went.

My original plan was David Silva or Son or Martial but Martials injury risk, Son being a Spurs double ruled them out and Sterling just seemed a big upgrade on Silva.

Now I hate the idea of 2 of my players at the mercy of the Unai Emery and his team selection randomiser but the fixtures really are very good.  If you’re ever going to introduce a defender home to Huddersfield is the time to do it.  Now Kolasinac does come with alot  risk there’s no doubt about that. He’s definitely not for the squeamish.   He may not even make the team vs Huddersfield if Monreal takes the position but I thought it was a risk worth taking. Add to the risk that the Arsenal defence sin’t pulling up trees at the moment but it still feels like value at £4.9m IF he plays.  I would definitely have gone for Bellerin at £5.4m if I had the cash.

Sarri can’t seem to help himself talking about Alonso and not in a positive way so I’m hoping he gets sold to some degree to mitigate the risk. Away to Chelsea isn’t the ideal time to bring in a City player especially if Pep plays it very safe but I am confident over Sterling going forward.  He also hasn’t had a 1 pointer this season which is helpful.

Digne would have been the safe choice but Everton’s next 2 fixtures aren’t helpful.

So the transfers are

Arnautovic out  for Aubameyang in

Salah out for Sterling in

Alonso out for Kolasinac in

Minus 8.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I did this.  I feel slightly dizzy and have had to get up for a glass of water.

It could easily go horribly wrong with Emery playing a significant part in my team and I’m glad I’m in New Zealand and will be sleeping through it.

Lineup issues

Laporte vs Fraser vs Ings vs Wan Bissaka are the choices

I worry about Ings not being fit and just coming on for a Cameo role.  I’m nervous the Palace clean sheet prospects.  Obviously Fraser v Liverpool isn’t ideal either as is Laporte against Chelsea.

I have sworn never to leave a City player on the bench after the GW1 Mendy 15 point bench disaster so he stays in the team

In the end I had to make a decision so I put Fraser in with Wan Bissaka first sub and Ings 2nd as I just can’t see him starting after the injury lay off.

Captain thoughts

I’ve gone for Aubameyang over Kane due to the fixture.  See the captain analysis article if you’re still deciding.

 The team 

Here it is

 fantasy premier league team selection GW16

If I change the lineup I’ll tweet it

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  1. Hi geek, had similar plans but -8 was too much! I just did hazard and arn out to felipe and aubamayaeng in. Good luck, i am pained not to have sterling!

  2. I had the same transfers u did in mind yesterday. But couldn’t get kopasinic due to shortage of money. I bought Cedric. -8 hit.. good luck geek

  3. Dear Geek, what on earth happened? Is it the NZ air? -8 and no Salah? The world seems to have changed a bit today. Full marks for boldness, but….

  4. Made Salah Captain this week used my transfer for straight swap Arnie out Wilson in, I hate taking hits to get fixture based players in

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