fantasy premier league team selection GW16 – the FFGeek team


Here’s my fantasy premier league team selection GW16 article. As is normal, I review GW15, share my transfer thoughts, captain choice and the lineup dilemmas for GW16.

 fantasy premier league team selection GW16 – the FFGeek team

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 4 seasons overall ranks are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.


GW15 points: 68 (FPL average 41) Total points 910, Overall Rank: 259k, green arrow  218k Team Value: £102.0m

I used my wildcard in GW9

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW16

So a good gameweek but no time to dwell with timing running out

Transfer thoughts

2 free transfers and £0.6m in the bank.

It’s De Bruyne for Son and then I’ve been debating furiously between Calvert Lewin for Vardy or Kane.  Kane means a -4.  There seems to be a theory that Vardy will miss GW16 as that’s what Rodgers did last season.  I’ve therefore gone for Kane.  The -4 is for Coufal from Matip who is injured


No real debate.  I did it by bookies odds although I didn’t follow the Soucek vs Coufal option.


Gone with the FFGeek Captain poll favourite of Salah.  Vice is Kane

Here’s the team

Good luck everyone!

fantasy premier league team selection GW16

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10 thoughts on “ fantasy premier league team selection GW16 – the FFGeek team”

  1. Dias and DCL have a BGW and Vardy isn’t playing (at least not yet), not looking like a the best game week (Zaha’s goal was good even though it ended the blank for Justin.

    All these postponed games are going to cause haos at the end of the season, they should haved rulesd if you can not field a team you forfeit the game (make it 11-0 so Everton go top :-P)

  2. Great work as always Geek!
    Only a question: when are you going to upload this GWs “Analysing top 10 players” when all the masters have used their first Wildcard!??

  3. Leeds players did well I was expecting a win but narrow like Liverpool! But everyone scored expect Bamford. Dallas Bamford & Meslier got me points then blanks with Coufal & DCL & Johnson
    Captains have really hurt my total otherwise good tally last 4 weeks. Salah past two games, Kane bc record Vs Leicester & Fernandes on first Away blank. Last decent Captain was Vardy Gameweek 12. So Salah at 6 in gw 16 was highest.
    This season is harder then ever to call, prices are inflated too, while Zaha went down after a goal going in Sheffield United which was odd. Defenders are going up quickly & Fernandes & others keep rocketing up. Even wildcard in GW15 only made 5 changes bc don’t want to sell Bruno, Grealish, Bamford, DCL who I will probably now for Wilson. I wait till morning off usually for changes in case late Injuries so I take a hit on prices.
    Still have all my cards but next few weeks will be hard to call with rotation even under Moyes! Cancellations which I completely understand. Anyway first post just a little rant, found this site recent & really enjoy it! Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed! Stay Safe


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