fantasy premier league team selection GW19 – the FFGeek team for GW19


So here’s a very quick fantasy premier league team selection GW19 article where I talk through the FFGeek team for GW19

fantasy premier league team selection GW19 – the FFGeek team for GW19

Gameweek 18

If you’re interested see my early thoughts article


GW18 points: 75 (average 55) Total points 1,088, Gameweek rank 613k, Overall Rank: 56k, green arrow 42k, Team Value: £102.8m

Gameweek 19

So I had 2 choices basically.

Salah in for Sterling and a cheap defender for Laporte or Martial in for Fraser and a cheap defender for Laporte.

I will be getting Salah back it’s just when.  2 things are putting me off him this week.  Firstly with Arsenal and Man City next it seems a natural time to rest him against Newcaste even though he was rested GW15.  Secondly the next 2 games do allow a delay in getting him although you could argue that Arsenal are hardly a strong defensive fixture.

Martial apparently didn’t go to the hotel this morning which has caused some consternation although there are various people saying this is not an issue and he does this often. I could fit Paul Pogba in as an alternative.  However I do prefer Martial.  Yes he probably has more competition for his place but I feel he has more points potential than Pogba.

In the end I stayed with Martial and are going to hope that the hotel thing is nothing.  The cheap defender is Morgan of Leicester

fantasy premier league team selection GW19

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9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW19 – the FFGeek team for GW19”

  1. Geek – the longer you hold off bringing in Salah the more he is punishing you, just bring him in, hes fixture proof!Your ranking is suffering as a result, the winner of the Sterling v Salah issue is very clear at this stage!

    • Hi mate. Yes you are totally right and I should have done it this week. If I hadn’t been worried he would have start I would have liked to think I would have. It will be soon that’s for sure cheers and good luck this week

    • Hi mate

      My thinking was related to having Kane as a captain option often would have just meant alot of eggs in the Spurs basket when up to the last couple of games they’ve been a bit hit and miss. In retrospect a Son and Kane double up would have been excellent. Good luck this week

  2. I am thinking the same about Salah.. not having him is hurting. I could say the same about Hazard. But you do have to put it into context. I brought in Aubameyang and Anderson to replace Salah and Mitro and difference in points has not been much at all. Even those teams that have both Salah and Auba are not hurting too much as I have Kane too and practically nobody has Salah, Auba and Kane… because if you do then the rest of your team will not be great.

    But after saying all that, I am still getting him back in after the City game.

  3. Salah is hurting but Hazard might hurt even more..

    Right now it seems that we must drop our City players because of their poor form and constant rotation risk. And then KDB, Aguero, Sterling and Sane will score in bundles on us as soon as we all do that. It is impossible to play FPL without regretting not owning some of the premiums.

    I think the top scorers will stick with their three core premiums out of the 7 options that will score 200ish without much rotation. They will be top scorers from making their transfers more about bringing in their value players at the right time to maximize their form/fixtures. Aka bourmouth to start the season and then move them to west ham players for their 12 game see of green that is about to end.. now moving them to man u players..

    Anyway, at the end of the day we cant have them all when it comes to premiums so lets win with the right supporting cast and not lay awake all night regretting we dont own four of salah, kane, auba, aguero, kdb, sterling, hazard, etc.

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