fantasy premier league team selection GW21 – the FFGeek team for GW21


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW21 article.  With it being a very short gameweek it’s an amalgamation of our early thoughts and our team selection article.  So we look back at GW21, transfers and captain thoughts

fantasy premier league team selection GW21 – the FFGeek team for GW21

Gameweek 20

GW20 points: 39 (average 50) Total points 1,184, Gameweek rank 4,769k, Overall Rank: 133k, red arrow 41k, Team Value: £102.2m

Firstly here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW21

So by gameweek rank my 2nd worst of the season.  The minimum of 4 returning players but no one even close to double figures.  A big 41k red arrow which again is my 2nd worst of the season.

It all could have been so easily avoided if I had stuck to my plan of Salah in for Sterling and Deulofeu in for Martial -4.

So far the points for that were 12 plus 5 -4  =  13 against 8 scored by Hazard and Martial.  I’m hoping that Hazard and Martial can make those points up this week.

The non template scoreboard

fantasy premier league team selection GW21

So pretty easy to see why there was such a big red arrow with none of the non template players doing anything significant.

I’m not quite sure how I’ve got myself into this situation.  For  guy who likes to cover the template to avoid rank falls I’ve been pretty reckless with that part of the game to say the least.  It’s not just selling Salah after saying I thought he would explode at some point it’s that I’ve given up 3 chances to get him back.

I’d like to think I’ve banked and learned something from this experience and won’t let it happen again.

If I use my last seasons rank of 17k as a sort of target I’m still only 67 odd points behind that so given the spreads we’ve seen in the 10 top managers article over the last few weeks it’s not inconceivable that I could get back to that.  However the converse does apply.  As easy as it is potentially to climb it’s also easy to fall.

For the moment I’m relaxed but will feel alot better when Salah is back in my team.

Team planner and transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and £0.9m in the bank.

Here’s the team planner:

fantasy premier league team selection GW21

So I’m rolling over my free transfer this week and I will definitely be getting Salah this time.  I will possibly use Hazard as the fall guy although there are a number of combinations around Martial, Richarlison, Sane and Aubameyang as well that could come into play.

Obviously Pogba is the man of the moment and there are still a number of good fixtures for Man Utd but if it happens it won’t be this week.

Lovren will have to be replaced at some stage when Gomez is fit.

I’m not desperate to sell Sane his goal threat in the last 4 starts has been atrocious but to focus on those games would be to disregard the 15 games prior when he has still been a goal threat.

So carrying over a free transfer it is.

Lineup issues

With Leicester playing at Everton the only decision was between Ings at Chelsea and Lovren at City.  However good the Liverpool defence is I just can’t see Man City not scoring as I can’t imagine City will be as defensive as they were at Anfield earlier in the season and I’m not sure Liverpool are built to sit back and defend.

Captain thoughts

I haven’t decided yet and will after my captain article tomorrow.  If I change my mind I’ll probably say in the captain article and or tweet it.  Kane is a placeholder for the moment.

The team 

Here’s the team lineup then:

fantasy premier league team selection GW21

That’s it good luck this week

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7 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW21 – the FFGeek team for GW21”

  1. i don’t think u can legislate for Salah producing as he did against Arsenal.

    (Nor will I be able to legislate when he does against Man City at the Etihad and Hazard blanks at home to Saints)

  2. I made the mistake of selling Salah before his hat trick. Quickly got him back and glad as he is pretty much fixture proof. If Liverpool really want to win the league – he really has to play all games.

    Can’t say the same for the other popular premium picks this season. Hazard is probably next (key player no sub risk), followed by Kane (as Hazard), then Aguero (only due to Jesus), Aubameyang (Lacazette rotation) and Sterling (Pep rotation). So top three musts for me are Salah, Hazard, and Kane.

  3. Will I agree. Salah, Hazard, Kane are the big must haves if you can only afford 3 premiums. Obviously Pogba at his current form and 8m is a must too if it is sustained, as he seems rotation safe. Then Richarlidson is probably right there too.
    It is time to ditch all man city. 10M and there is rotation risk EVERY match? It isn’t worth it with those other three big boy premiums seemingly so nailed in..

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