fantasy premier league team selection GW25 – the FFGeek team for GW25


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW25 article. We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW25 – the FFGeek team for GW25

Gameweek 24

GW24 points: 40 (average 42) Total points 1,416, Gameweek rank 3,401k, Overall Rank: 113k, red arrow 12k, Team Value: £102.4m

Firstly here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW25

I wrote in a load of detail about GW24 among other things in my early FFGeek team article if you want more info but here I’m going to be brief.

A bad week with a 12k red arrow when virtually every other manager got greens. An OR drop to 113k OR.

4 returning players which the minimum target.  However all only returned once and there were no bonus points anywhere and therefore no double figure returns. A gameweek rank of 3.4 million, way off a target of 1 million

It could have been alot worse as at the end of Wednesdays games I was 132k OR and Lovren not playing meant I was saved by Barnes’ 6 points off my FPL bench.

It was another week where again the template did me over big time especially Hazard vs Aubameyang and my differentials didn’t help me out.

Transfer thoughts

2 free transfers and £5.5m in the bank

With Aguero being a strong captain favourite and on a double gameweek he is the natural transfer to go for.  Much as I like Ings I’m selling Ings instead of Barnes principally as Barnes has a guaranteed GW31 fixture and has been in good form lately.  Ings I like but his underlying stats have stuttered.

Then the question is how to fund the £0.3m.  There’s no option to get rid of Hojbjerg and of the 5 teams guaranteed to have a blank GW31/33 Burnley have the best fixtures. Burnely’s  defence has also improved and in the 4 games before Man Utd they didn’t have an xG conceded of over 1 goal.

Lovren is my target to fund it having missed out on starting vs Leicester.  I would probably give him 1 more week given that Gomez is out for a few weeks but it doesn’t get me to GW31 which is what I need.  The same could be said for Morgan who lost his place to Evans but he’s less of a funding option and given Puels unpredictability and rotation love could get his place back.

My preference would be Tarkowski at £4.7m.  However that doesn’t fund it.  Next I would prefer Ben Mee but again at £4.6m that gives me no latitude to do the next transfer of Aguero out and Aubameyang in for 3 good fixtures.  It seems tonight that Aubameyang is going down and Aguero up in price though so I could chance it but it may force me into an early transfer next week.

However Mee seems a more secure prospect so I’m going to chance it and keep an eye on the excellent price change site FPL statistics next week.

So the transfer is Ings out and Aguero in.  Lovren out and Mee in

 Lineup issues

Couldn’t be more straightforward with Kolasinac playing Manchester City and Morgan home to Man Utd and with Hojbjerg being a regular bench warmer anyway.

Captain thoughts

I’ve done a captain analysis article but it’s Aguero for me.  In the end I thought the triple captain with the gametime risk was just a bit too risky so I’ve put it to one side for the moment

The team

fantasy premier league team selection GW25

That’s it good luck to everyone in GW25

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15 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW25 – the FFGeek team for GW25”

    • Hi Ian

      I am actually a believer in Barnes. 3 goals and an assist in the last 7 isn’t too bad and he has been posting good underlying stats although his shooting volumes aren’t that great at around 2.5 in that period (ideally 3 per 90)

      Mee will be a bench player mainly. This week is a bit unusual as Kolasinac and Morgan face top 6 opponents so he has to play. I would say that the Burnley defence have improved with the 4 games before Man Utd having an xG conceded of less than 1. good luck this week mate

  1. Ouch! Why would you get a Burnley defender for GW27 when they play Spurs? i guess you need a defender for this GW.

    • Hi mate I need a defender for this week within a certain budget and I wanted one that had a guaranteed fixture. Home to Spurs isn’t ideal and with 4 players not playing in BGW27 in my team he may have to front up. He will be on the bench mainly though . I would say that the Burnley defence have improved with the 4 games before Man Utd having an xG conceded of less than 1 good luck this week mate

  2. Hey Geek, why not Duffy or Dunk given their great fixtures? For the BGW you can easily bench him for 1 week surely?

    • Hi mate. I’m personally not a fan of the Brighton defence. I already have Hazard, Aguero, Sane and Richarlison so even if I liked the defence I have no bench room as GW26 is Aguero to Aubameyang. Hope that helps and good luck this week

  3. Need a bit of help here. My team currently looks like this:
    Fabianski, Button
    Alonso, Robertson, Doherty, Digne, AWB
    Salah, Hazard, Pogba, Richarlison, Martial
    Rashford, Ings, Kamara
    2 FT, 1.3 ITB

    Question is how do I fit Aguero in? I’m languishing at 286k after a series of terrible GWs, and there’s hardly more to lose.

    Is it completely insane to go for -8 with Aguero, Son, Puncheon, Tarkowski in for Kamara, Hazard, Martial and Digne?

  4. Rob, the about of work that he puts into the site every week is truly amazing , reckons a bit of slack should be given pal, especially with midweek fixtures this week aswell!!!

  5. Rob… there was some analysis done by Geek on it. How much analysis do you need? A whole article devoted to it? That would seem overkill to me.

    • I am not sure, I think an article would have been good rather than an ‘im just not going for it’ at the end of this article.

      His other analysis only earmarked the TC chip to be used for DGW25 and no other contingency. So what is the thinking now? We’ve no idea.

      Just some honest feedback.

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