fantasy premier league team selection GW26 – the FFGeek team for GW26


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW26 article. We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW26 – the FFGeek team for GW26

Gameweek 25

 GW25 points: 90 (average 65) Total points 1,506, Gameweek rank 672k, Overall Rank: 77k, green arrow 36k, Team Value: £102.8m

Firstly here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW26

I wrote in detail about GW25 among other things in my early FFGeek team article if you want more info but here I’m going to be brief.

A good week with a 36k green arrow. An OR improvement to 77k.

7 players returned which is above my minimum target of 4, although this gameweek was about Hazard and especially Aguero. A gameweek rank of 672k better than the target of 1 million.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and no money in the bank.

With GW27 meaning Hazard, Richarlison, Sane and Aguero would all have no game plus Morgan who has lost his place means this group of players have to be the focus of the next 2 weeks transfers.

My original transfer planned was Aubameyang in for Aguero.  Today there’s been various reports that he’s not travelled to Huddersfield and counter information that he has actually trained and that he’s being assessed tomorrow.  It’s impossible to know what to believe as so much rubbish is put out there and the only definite thing is that Emery said he was ill on Thursday but should be ok for Saturday.

However I can’t dump Aguero with that uncertainty going on so I’m going to keep Aguero and put Son in for Sane.

It goes against plan which should be to bring in Mane but I feel a bit uneasy about double Liverpool when they have stuttered somewhat and when Salah could be a regular captain choice as well.  Whichever way you look at it Son’s stats are better and he is playing as a forward.

I also looked at Pogba who would square the template for me but again Son looks the better prospect and I’ll be happy to have him as a template replacement player for Pogba.

I’ve kept Hazard and Richarlison at the moment because if Chelsea lose to Man Utd in the FA Cup 5th round it means Everton v Chelsea will be part of GW31.  I’ll know that before GW27 so can deal with them before that blank gameweek if needed.

So the transfer is Sane out and Son HM in

Here’s the amended team planner:

fantasy premier league team selection GW26

Lineup issues

No issue there really Hojbjerg and Morgan were certainties and I’ve put Barnes 3rd.

Captain thoughts

I’ve done a captain analysis article and it’s Salah for me.

The team

fantasy premier league team selection GW26

That’s it good luck to everyone in GW26

If you want to see how any players performed over the season see our cumulative underlying stats article or if just for GW25 see our GW25 review article

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6 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW26 – the FFGeek team for GW26”

  1. Hi geek.

    Need advice – I currently have 4 non playing players for next gw in aguero, Richarlison, Digne and Ederson.

    Thinking of 2 transfers this week –
    Richarlison + Ederson for
    Option 1 – son + which keeper?
    Or 2 – gross and Alison?

    Next week will be aguero and Digne.
    What are your thoughts

    • Hi Johnathan

      How many free transfers do you have?
      Any money in the bank?
      What’s the budget for the keeper in option 1?
      What’s your bench like?

      Bear in mind that it’s only one blank week then Everton have Cardiff and City have a decent run of fixtures.

      Might be better to just use your free transfers and ride out gw27 with your bench rather than take hits.

      • Hi nick

        I have 1 free transfer with 2.7 itb

        My squad is –
        Ederson Hamer
        Digne holebas Robertson Doherty Wan B
        Pogba Richarlison joto holbjerg Salah
        Aguero ings rashford

  2. Ive decided to roll the dice with Auba. I already have Son and Pogba so not much else for me to do bar take a punt on him. Worth the gamble I think.

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