fantasy premier league team selection GW27 – the FFGeek team for GW27


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW27 article. We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW27 – the FFGeek team for GW27

Gameweek 26

GW26 points: 71 (average 57) Total points 1,577, Gameweek rank 1,255k, Overall Rank: 72k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £102.8m

Firstly here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW27

I wrote in detail about GW26 among other things in my early FFGeek team article if you want more info but here I’m going to be brief.

A week with a 5k green arrow and an OR improvement to 72k OR.

5 returning players above my minimum of 4 although 4 double figure point hauls is good. A gameweek rank of 1,255k outside my target of 1 million.

A gameweek of mixed emotions. I luckily kept Aguero which I was very grateful for but when 2 players as low owned as Barnes and Foster get 11 and 10 points respectively and you only see a 5k green arrow then you’ve got to be disappointed.  The template of Pogba and Liverpool defence just nullified any gains I made.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and £0.7m in the bank.

This week I’ve been wildly fluctuating between whether I free hit in 32 or free hit free hit in 31.  Mainly because of Aubameyang and his next 2 fixtures.  I could have done a -4 for Aubameyang in with Barnes out and Hazard out with a cheap replacement.  That would have effectively committed me to doing a preparation for GW32 but I struggled with the GW32 to GW33 transition.  With the announcement that the Man Utd v Man City fixture is now GW35 and the Wolves v Man Utd one will have to go to 32 shows that they will tweak the fixtures.  I know a lot of people who think 32-33 is no problem so I’m not criticising it as a strategy.  I’ve never really got my head around it or come up with a way of doing it I feel comfortable with.

So in the end I decided to continue with a plan of preparing for GW31 despite it meaning I’ve got Richarlison and Hazard who are in teams struggling at present.  That would mean free hitting in GW32.

So the transfer is Morgan out who seems to have lost his place and Yedlin in for the home game against Huddersfield.  I did think of taking Wan Bissaka out as he’s injured but stuck with the plan of Morgan for the moment.  I also thought about Alexander Arnold in for Morgan as I had the exact cash but a match against Man Utd didn’t seem to have the same initial prospects of returns that Newcastle v Huddersfield does.  Plus Newcastle have a good run of fixtures to come.

So the transfer is Morgan out and Yedlin in.

That only leaves me with 10 players as Wan Bissaka is injured and I thought about a hit.  Especially as I am 1 player short and can only get to 10 players in GW31 in any case.  There didn’t seem to be any logical choice on who to use it for with Chilwell an injury doubt so I left it.

Here’s the amended team planner:

fantasy premier league team selection GW27

The gameweek looks like a disaster waiting to happen frankly and I can forsee a situation where all my hard earned gains are wiped out in 1 go.

Lineup issues

With only 10 players that’s not an issue.

Captain thoughts

I’ve done a captain analysis article and I’ve gone for Son.

The team

fantasy premier league team selection GW27

That’s it good luck to everyone in GW27

See my most recent article on the blanks and doubles as background.  Also you can see last seasons 715 OR finisher Andrew Ferguson’s plans

Also See underlying stats on players from GW26 the early FFGeek team article and the 10 top FPL managers we follow.  There’s also our player form article.

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30 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW27 – the FFGeek team for GW27”

  1. Hi Geek
    Just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort you put in with these articles, particularly all the BGW/DGW ones recently. I’m having an unbelievable year (currently ranked 56) and I owe a lot of it to the quality of your articles which you unfailingly post every week. Keep up the good work!

  2. So does this mean that the City V Cardiff game is moved to GW32? So City will have Cardiff and Fulham in a double gameweek… tasty

    • Good question.
      I turned down the same move as Aguero is home to West Ham on Wednesday night. Most bookmakers have West Ham around 25-1 or bigger. Two hatricks for Aguero so form is good. I feel that transfers are at more of a premium atm. Southampton have been reasonable defensively away from home.

  3. Aguero has West Ham at home but Auba has Bournemouth at home. Aguero may be a bigger rotation risk. Not sure if I will flip back to Aguero After this weekend or wait an extra game after Auba v Bournemouth

  4. I understand that logic. It could net you more points. For me personally I know that if I’m to navigate 31 without using a chip I’ll need every transfer. No right or wrong answer yet, I think both options are valid.

    • im curious why people are sacrificing points now, in order to field a full eleven on GW 31!! In a way you are negating any gains u make in GW31 by losing out on the obvious points now….ie aguero to aubameyang! Some people make this game more complicated than it has to be!

  5. I have Auba and will not swap him for Aguero next week as Bournemouth at home is a great fixture, as they are not good at the back at all. I may potentially flip them the following week.

  6. The captain call was largely irrelevant in the end. Auba, Son, Anderson, Salah and Pogba all blanked. A result for Lacazette owners who anticipated the Auba resting after his 90 mins on Thursday

  7. Yes Andrew… I scored a measley 32 points and was initially thinking this was a disaster of a week, but I am thinking that 32 will be an average score given all the blanks abd just a small red arrow. Robertson and Jimenez my only returners. My transfer in was just disastrous… Perreira for a big fat zero. Had I been playing the game as per normal then I would have brought in Kolasinac and got 8. This plannibg for GW31 is gunna cost me!! But I guess ground lost can be recovered in GW33… let’s hope it is not too much.

    On to next week.

  8. How did Hari get on from OR 56?

    I stumbled to 46 points. Just got inside 2k.
    Transferred Rashford to Barnes for 31/33. Free hit 32.
    Team for 28 is:
    Doherty, Robertson, Digne, Kolasinac
    Pogba, Son, Salah
    Aguero, Jimenez, Barnes.
    Fabianski, Puncheon, Anderson, Wan-Bissaka

  9. Rob & Kent… having ran it through, Option 2 is the smoothest transition from GW31 to 33. Bench boost and GW33 compromised too much by Yaniv Option.

  10. Agreed with you Ian. Not to mention the international week between GW31 to GW32. By Wildcarding on GW30 to prep for DGW32 is a 22 days gap, anything could have happen to your WC team! Option 2 gives you better insight and allows you to ensure all 15 players start in DGW32.

  11. In terms of strategy, with full chips, I think there can only be one way to go now…. build for blank GW31, freehit GW32, wildcard GW34 and bench boost 35 – option 2…. the significant factor being that weeks 31 and 33 can involve the same players. It’s easy to field 11 players in the two blank weeks, 11 doubles in GW32 and up to 15 doubles in GW35.

    The reverse of building for GW32 doubles now has holes in it as the fixtures for GW32 won’t now be confirmed until 17 March. We have seen already that two have been switched ( if you work it through it will be at least five as others then change on the back of those two ) from what was expected and there could be more so it’s not possible to build for GW32. Plus, every plan i have done for this leaves me with a big shortage of players in the 32 to 33 transition when you try it.

    I don’t think the Yaniv way can work now. It would involve wildcarding in GW30 before the GW32 fixtures are known , so wildcarding blind which rules this out. There is the added problem above of a gaping hole in GW33, where it’s hard to get more than 8 players, which can only be solved by restricting the bench boost to 11 players rather than 15, in which case you may as well just free hit for 11 and bench boost a full 15 in GW35…

    … meaning the only approach now can be building 11 up with transfers up to GW31….the transition is so smooth.. the only way to get 11 in GW31, 11 doubles in GW32, 11 in GW33 and 15 doubles in GW35.

  12. Good summary Andrew.
    I was thinking about the Yaniv option, but have been swayed away from that the past couple weeks to what you mention above.

  13. I’ve had enough of Auba. I lost 80k places in the Auba v Aguero decision a few weeks ago and held him hoping to make ground back with fixtures and Aguero’s blank week this week. It’s been disastrous. I’ve now got Aguero back and will hold him at least until wild card in GW34.

    Having made that transfer I now fully expect Aguero to be benched on Wednesday, so lump on Auba if you know what’s good for you.

    • Thing is Aguero played 120 minutes on Sunday. So will he be rested on Wed. Jesus seems injured still so you would think not but you never know. So Auba could be safer.

      • I’m sure you’re right. The Auba v Aguero dilema will surely be lining up to give me one more kick in the nuts before it’s over.

  14. Ive got issues with Firmino and Rashford injuries now, don’t want to drop either as have money tied up in Rashford and Firmino obviously has a gw 31 and 33.

  15. Okay, so I changed my view to “desktop” and then boom… not only was Rashford flagged but Laporte was red flagged. Well at least I can just bench the latter for Bennet of Wolves but who to transfer Rashford for?

  16. Solskjaer says he would be surprised if Rashford plays midweek GW28. There has to be doubts about him playing at the weekend too in GW29. Bear in mind he doesn’t have a game in GW31, is it worth holding him for what could be one game in four ???!

    Re the Auba / Aguero .. Aguero has just played 120 mins on sunday.. Auba has a rest and 15 min cameo and plays Bournemouth at home.. I think I have to stay with Auba this week before I make the switch back to Aguero

  17. I think Rashford will be fine for GW29. The thing is ideally you want to bench Rashford for GW31 if you’ve got 0.4 or 0.3 tied up in him because you’ll have to buy him back for that much more than you sold him when you FH in GW32?

  18. That’s correct Rob and I have factored the 0.3m in for getting him back. In the same four week period when Rashford May play only one game – away at Arsenal, Vardy has Brighton Watford Fulham and Burnley ( I have enough cash )

  19. I unfortunately do not have enough cash… I am 0.6m short for that trade. I could shift Laporte for a cheapie and take a -4 as I was planning on doing that on the lead up to GW31 anyway. But having said that, I am unsure about Vardy right now, but then again there are no alternatives really…. Rondon?

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