fantasy premier league team selection GW32 – the FFGeek team for GW32+


Here’s my fantasy premier league team selection GW32 article.  As is normal, I review GW31+, share my transfer thoughts, captain choice and the lineup dilemmas.

fantasy premier league team selection GW32 – the FFGeek team for GW32+

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 3 seasons overall ranks are 36k, 17k and 21k.

GW31+ review

GW31+ points: 95 on Wildcard (FPL average 62) Total points 1,905 Gameweek rank 115k, Overall Rank: 9k, green arrow 7k, Team Value: £102.1m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW32

Couldn’t have had a much better week.  9 out of 11 players returned and even all 3 of the bench who started returned.  A gameweek rank of 115k and a 7k green arrow to get into the top 10k overall rank for the first time this season.

I had a quick look back on the season’s overall rank history to see I was 1.273 million in GW10 and 579k in GW16.  So it’s never worth throwing in the towel or suddenly deciding that everything you’ve been doing is suddenly wrong and completely changing how you play.

FPL Team Structure

Regular readers may want to skip past this section but this is how I classify players in my team:

Template – 7 of the 10 top FPL Managers I follow own the player or defence

Template replacement – If I don’t own a template player then a player who is the designated replacement who will fight it out weekly for points

Bench – a player who will primarily  sit on the bench

Difference maker – the rest.  These will generally give you the rank boost.  Not defined by ownership so not called differentials

fantasy premier league team selection GW32

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and nothing in the Bank

So this week has been the debate about whether to Free Hit or not.  I talked about this in my early thoughts article if you want more but here’s the basics.  The Free Hit was about the Aubameyang Captain risk vs Norwich and realistically getting him in was not going to be easy.  I would have to take a -4 and then another just to get him back out probably.  The Second element was the Liverpool v Man City game where you could gamble and remove these players for the week.

However with Aubameyang blanking for 2 weeks and not even being a favourite in the Polls I’m thinking I can take the risk as the downside is probably not as much as it could be.  Plus I’m thinking GW33 and GW34 also look like reasonable prospects for the Free Hit.  I’m not a fan of leaving it too late as it means more rotation and injuries and you then have to clog your team with bench players who play rather than just the minimum value players so you can invest elsewhere.

The FA Cup this week also throws some injury and selection uncertainty into the mix.

So unfortunately there is no obvious target for a transfer out.  I did think about De Bruyne out for Martial but I think I’m going to react to what others (especially the 10 top Managers ) do with De Bruyne rather than jump ship early.

I’m not worried about Foden this week.  I’m hoping that what we have seen with Mahrez and Foden is that Pep will give them gametime with City having nothing to play for.  Foden’s injury doesn’t sound serious

So I’m going to carry over the free transfer as there isn’t much to do.

Captain Thoughts

You may have seen my captain analysis article this week.  Generally I thought it showed that Jimenez had the best season underlying stats when the penalty distortion was ruled out and he faces the worst defence in Aston Villa.  Yes Villa looked better after restart but playing Newcastle and Sheffield United are 2 of the worst attacking teams in the division.

Jimenez also doesn’t play in the FA Cup so that also helps

So Jimenez it is.  I’ve gone for Son as vice although I could have gone for Fernandes.  I’m hoping the decision won’t be relevant

Lineup issues

Lineup was a tricky one.  I just couldn’t not put Martinez in against Norwich although the thought of every man and his dog having a Pope 10 pointer against a Palace team that will seem likely to be without Zaha is scary.  How Palace will get the ball up the field without Zaha to carry it there is beyond me .

Alex Arnold will never be on my bench after his 24 pointer at Leicester when I nearly sold him before the game.  I still get shivers thinking about it

So the choice is Holgate or Calvert Lewin for the bench.  It’s not an easy one.  I kind of think Holgate has more chance of returning but Calvert Lewin has the higher ceiling.  Soyuncu is also in the mix as it could be a nil nil conceivably.

However I’ve kept faith with Calvert Lewin and the 2 defenders are benched

Here’s the lineup:

fantasy premier league team selection GW32

Good luck everyone

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  1. I have a front three of Jimmy, DCL & Jota. I’m tempted to play Saka who’s against Norwich. Should I bench Jota or DCL? Or should I just leave it be? Your thoughts.

  2. Honestly I think Saka is better over DCL cause if the two games turn out to be a draw, the midfielder always walks away with more points. Just a thought

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