fantasy premier league team selection GW32 – the FFGeek team for GW32


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW32 article. We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW32 – the FFGeek team for GW32

Gameweek 31

GW31 points: 41 -8 (average 26) Total points 1,755, Gameweek rank 1,006k, Overall Rank: 208k, red arrow 9k, Team Value: £101.4m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league team selection GW32

I talk about the gameweek in some detail in my early FFGeek team thoughts article so I won’t go over it again but another disappointing gameweek and the 4th consecutive red arrow.

4 returning players and a reasonable headline score but the minus 8 points was the reason for the red arrow. It brings an end to an end the run up to the blank GW31 where I went from 70k to 208k now with 4 red arrows which has totally derailed my season.

Transfer thoughts

If you read my first draft free hit team there’s a load of info on my thoughts on each team with 2 fixtures in the gameweek and a lot more fixture detail generally.

I’ve activated my free hit chip as you may have seen from my earlier article and the ongoing plan is to Wildcard in GW34, Bench boost in GW35 and maybe triple captain for the Liverpool home game to Huddersfield in GW36.

Here’s the team at the moment:

So I’ve made 4 transfers although only 1 of significance

Wan Bissaka to £4.3m Tomkins due to his injury doubt.  I can’t afford at the moment Schlupp.

Speroni to Hamer – like for like just in case I want a 3rd Palace player

Romeu to Hudson-Odoi – Seems worth it as I feel given the warm words from Sarri that he could start 1 game and be a sub in another which is better than 1 game and yellow card Romeu.  At the moment I have no other plans for an alternative 3rd Chelsea player.

Connolly to £3.9m Stankovic – Just because I had £0.1m left over

The dilemmas

My main dilemma has been around Rashford and whether he will play or not.

I have tinkered with the idea of Rashford out for Batshuayi which means I have some cash out of that.  I’ve then thought of the double Chelsea defence with Azpilicueta replacing Smalling and therefore Romeu coming back for Hudson Odoi.  That leaves me with the 4th midfielder problem as I just can’t see a double Palace attack even with Huddersfield on the agenda.  What makes it worse is that I’ve struggled for a replacement for Milivojevic in that scenario apart from Duelofeu who I worry won’t play more than once due to the FA Cup semi.

I’ve left Smalling instead of Lindelof as there is a Manchester Evening news report saying that Lindelof wasn’t spotted going to the team Hotel but did say he could be going separately.  That was enough for me so I stuck with Smalling.

I’ve kept Rashford as I think he still has something to offer and there seems to be enough around to suggest he’s fit although it’s definitely not out of the question that he won’t start.

I have struggled to make a decision.  I have to be honest.  I’m going to sleep on it over night but I can’t rule out major changes at this point.

This is probably my main alternative below but as a triple City attack and double Chelsea defence it’s pretty eggs all in very few baskets.

As I have £0.1m tied up in Rashford so I can’t pull the trigger

Lineup issues and captain thoughts

No issues on the lineup with the cheapest possible players starting.

I’ve done  a captain analysis article if you want to read that.  I’m captaining Aguero

That’s it for now.  I will do an article tomorrow morning to confirm the final team.  Apologies for the indecision.

Good luck to everyone in what will definitely be a massive week.

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8 thoughts on “fantasy premier league team selection GW32 – the FFGeek team for GW32”

  1. No dilemma with Jiminez then?

    Lot of talk about Wolves prioritising the FA cup and therefore resting players.

  2. I think Rashford is the least of your worries, Jiminez will only play one game surely?
    Plus Foster, Tomkins, Bernado Silva and Batshuayi are all very cheap and don’t fill me with any sort of confidence.
    I know your team value is low but come on, 5/11 players are budget… this looks worse than a lot of the non FH teams!

  3. Geek – good luck this week. Biggest week so far this season.

    I am curious if there are any major differentials that any of your website pros end up rolling with at the 11th hour. The Lindelof news could probably shake up your contributers 1 and 2 articles potentially.

    It is exciting. I’m pumped.

  4. Thanks Geek!! If it makes you feel
    Any better I spent 3 hours doing my last night and still not happy!!! Been up since 0630 before the kids wake up tinkering!! It hasn’t been helped with lack of info on pressers, plus we all know that Pep and a few others clearly don’t play Fantasy and screw our plans well over!! I am defiantly campaigning that from now on all managers should do two press conferences; one for the public and the other for Fantasy!! Good luck this weekend to all

  5. Geek, holding up with Jimenez is shaping up your team too much, you should upgrade him and forget about money/value. 433 with stronger defense and if possible not doubling up with Chelsea defense. I think Duffy/Dunk are good options to consider.

  6. Also, to all those making last minute transfers, note that David Luiz has gone up in price, be aware if you plan to sell him.

  7. Kent Yao…you’re post stopped me replacing Lindelof with Shaw! Must learn to ignore FF chatter before deadline.

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