fantasy premier league team selection GW33 – the FFGeek team for GW33


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW33 article. We look at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW33 – the FFGeek team for GW33

Gameweek 32

GW32 points: 97 on Free Hit (average 73) Total points 1,852, Gameweek rank 462k, Overall Rank: 164k, green arrow 44k, Team Value: £102.1m

GW32 points:

 fantasy premier league team selection GW33

So I went through my team points in some detail in my early FFGeek team article so I won’t repeat everything here.  In essence a 44k green arrow to 164k OR breaking a run of 4 red arrows.  It was stressful though hoping that Chelsea would hold onto their clean sheet v Brighton.

Transfer thoughts

£0.9m in the bank and 1 free transfer.

So I’m wildcarding in GW34 and bench boosting in GW35 and then possibly triple captaining in GW36 for Liverpool v Huddersfield.

That means for all intents and purposes this is a one week only transfer so I only really need to consider this gameweek and nothing more.

I’ve looked at 3 options:

Firstly: Mee to Pereira for a Leicester double up away to Huddersfield

Secondly: Richarlison out for Maddison also vs Huddersfield (notice a pattern)

Thirdly:  Rashford out for Callum Wilson or Josh King

I like option 1 but the Chelsea Brighton game was way too stressful and eggs and baskets for me to go through that again.  Going through it with Chelsea at home is a very different story than Leicester at home so Chilwell is enough

I also like option 2 but Richarlison has finally found some form returns and underlying stat wise so it doesn’t seem a sensible transfer for me.  It also means that I have to play Wan Bissaka at Newcastle who I would prefer to bench.  There is an attraction there though to double Leicester attack given that Palace managed 19 shots against them and an xG of 2.85.  It’s hard to know how Huddersfield will react now they are relegated which is an unknown.  The transfer was a bit too high risk high reward

Wilson vs King

So the last transfer is the one I’m going with.  The question was which of the 2.  I was set on Wilson but when I looked at my player rankings they were actually every even so I looked at them as a comparison a little closer   If you look at last weeks form tables and my forward player rankings there is very little between them.

Wilson is the more consistent returner whereas King seems more fits and starts.  I also looked at their underlying stats graphs and to me, either at home or overall, Wilson has been on a bit more of a downward curve compared to King who looks like he’s rising out a bit of a slump.  Wilson has the better average underlying stats overall but if you look at home games against non top 6 sides then King has the better average and seems on a better trajectory .

King also has pen duties which is helpful.

However lets not kid ourselves this really means little in a one off game where it’s going to be a matter of how the dice rolls but in the end I went for King.

So Rashford out for King

Captain thoughts

You can see my captain analysis article but in short I’m going to captain Hazard

Lineup issues

Reasonably straight forward.  Wan Bissaka first sub, Mee second and Hojbjerg 3rd.

The team

 fantasy premier league team selection GW33

Good luck this week!

Other stuff

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