fantasy premier league team selection GW35 – the FFGeek team for GW35


Here’s our fantasy premier league team selection GW35 article where we outline the FFGeek team for GW35. We look at our usual topics of last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league team selection GW35 – the FFGeek team for GW35

Gameweek 34

GW34 points: 46 on WC (average 54) Total points 1,971, Gameweek rank 4,243k, Overall Rank: 135k, red arrow 18k, Team Value: £102.1m

GW34 points:

 fantasy premier league team selection GW35

So a disappointing wildcard to say the least with an 18k red arrow, 46 points which was 8 points behind the overall average and a gameweek rank of 4.2 million.

It was a gameweek that disappointed that’s for sure but that was the case for alot of wildcarders.  4 of the 8 of the 10 top managers I follow had scores less than mine for example

It’s true that the GW34 wildcard is a facilitator for the bench boost in GW35 rather than a wildcard on it’s own  but it’s still hard to take.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and £0.1m in the bank.  I’ve got my bench boost and triple captain still to use.

Andre Gray musings

This week my transfer has been focused on Watford Striker Andre Gray in for the 3 match suspended Troy Deeney.

There have been a fair number of question marks I’ve read about whether Gray will be Deeneys replacement.  They centre around a few points and theorise that Success is a risk to Gray starting in place of Deeney.

The points are

That Success has started every game that Deeney hasn’t in the league.  This is true.

Gray and Deulofeu (who should be fit) have never started together.  That is true.

They are fair points but I’ve yet to read anything as to why Success would be preferred.  It’s just focused on the points showing when he was.

However if we continue down a similar vein then, a number of the games that Success played was when he had a run of 6 of 7 starts between GW9 and GW16.   However Success has only started 1 of the last 13 games which was GW30 v Man City when Deeney was on the bench.  Gray also started that game but Deulofeu didn’t.  Lets not over egg Gray though as he has only started 2 of the last 4 and has been a sub in 7 of the last 9.

So picking Gray does go with that warning and if you chose to pick him as well, please do that with the knowledge of the above.

Gray alternatives thoughts

If I didn’t have Jimenez he would have been my main target although he’s obviously more than the cash I have now.  I probably would also have rolled the selection dice on Llorente as well as he is great value if he starts.

Rashford possibly as well although he’s more expensive and is a GW37 target as opposed to a GW35 one with 3 tricky fixtures next.  It would be a perfect time to flip Gray to when Deeney is back.

Wilson also is definitely an option but I’m a little blinded to players with 2 fixtures.

Ings was probably the most realistic alternative option.  If you look at his underlying stats over the season he’s better than Gray but recently Gray has carried more goal threat and Ings’s goal threat stats have  been relatively poor.  Ings has a fantastic assist threat though but how sustainable and how capitalised on that will be is an issue.  Huddersfield in the double is a big attraction for Gray.

However I can theorise to the cows come home you just have to hope that it is one of those 50/50 decisions that you get right.

So Andre Gray for Deeney it is.  The transfer isn’t without risk but I’m taking the view that the potential upside warrants it.

Captain thoughts

You can see my detailed captain analysis article if you haven’t already.

The choice for me is down to the 2 City players of Sterling and Aguero.  I like the certainty that Jimenez would bring but I feel in comparison to the City players they don’t carry the same threat.  The City players do have much harder fixtures but I’m not sure that the Man Utd defence isn’t anything like a top 6 defence.  I also feel that City can rip any team apart.

I would generally like the penalty taker to be my captain but I can’t help but look at Sterlings all round threat and form so he’s my captain.

Chip ponderings

I kind of feel like I use the word “thoughts” far to liberally so I’m dragging out the mental thesaurus to use some different headings

The Brighton defence being 2 of my 4 man bench with 2 tough away games is anything but ideal but Valery and Jota both have potential so I’m sticking with the boost bench.  4 players seems less risky than 1 which is what the triple captain obviously is.

Remember you need to activate the bench boost and then save your team.  Check on the transfers page that it says bench boost active.  It can be undone if you have a change of heart last few minutes Joseph Crilley style though.  I always check my twitter 5 minutes before the deadline as you never know what surprise he’s going to spring! 😂

Bench Boost activated.

Lineup issues

Obviously no problem there.  I’ve tried to line it up as I would if I wasn’t using the bench boost.  That way I can assess how many points I got off it.

 The team

Here’s the team lineup then:

fantasy premier league team selection GW35

Good luck this week everyone.  For me it feels like the most important gameweek of the season so that means I probably will turn the phone off ironically to save on stress of seeing the scores as they happen.

Other stuff

If you’re needing to plan transfers use Joseph Crilleys google spreadsheet which is an excellent team planning tool.

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  1. Im going to roll the dice with Deulofeu , De Bruyne, Doherty and Patricio for a -16 hit. Captain De Bruyne or Sterling..will probably toss a coin and decide that way!

  2. This article is stressing me. I’d just about come to terms with not having Sterling and you say you’re making him Captain, as are quite a few others. I think I need to get him in, though my whole team was set up to get Salah v Hudd. I may thank you by next Wednesday evening, of course. But I do think Man City/Spurs will be low scoring, fatigue etc.

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