Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW10 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2


Here’s part 2 of our fantasy premier league team tips GW10 articles where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their teams for GW10. There’s Rick Porter, Rob Reid, Costas Chari and Kev in Canada. Between them they have 11 top 1% finishes in the last 4 competitive seasons

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW10 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. However the FFGeek team and the Contributor tracker team mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make transfers as articles are posted. So you’re always up to date and live

Rick Porter

Rick’s last 5 seasons ORs were 1k, 29k, 1k, 30k and 2k.

GW9 Points: 97  (FPL average 64) Total points: 643, Overall Rank: 23k, green arrow: 9k  Team Value: £102.2m

Rick has used his wildcard

It was nice to see a green arrow, but my two transfers in this week were ultimately awful. Both Vardy and Raphinha were subbed off with injures before the 60min mark. The only ‘good’ news was all the other options I toyed with – Havertz, Toney, Mbeumo, Son, Kane – also blanked. Neither Foden nor Mount were in my thoughts, so I was never going to emerge with a win from my transfers this week.

The Aftermath

Talk would normally be focussed on Chelsea after their 7-0 victory, but Salah is still hogging most the headlines. It’s his contribution that’s caused colleagues of mine to consider deleting their teams, citing his performance as the death knell of their season. It’s not, of course. No single week can destroy a whole season of FPL and it’s still early. We all have bad weeks. This was just a particularly bad week to have a bad week.

I think the ripples from Lukaku’s injury will be felt for some time. He was the obvious captain choice this week and it’s worth remembering that a lot of the managers proudly displaying their huge scores would have – probably wrongly – backed him over Salah. I certainly would have. We’ll never know what Lukaku would have done against Norwich points-wise, but he would have certainly split the captaincy. His red flag made Salah the default choice for almost all his owners which, in turn, severely punished the non-owners and non-captainers who were boldly going toe-to-toe with the template.

We’ll see less of that thinking now. Another surge in transfers is seeing Salah close in on 70% ownership. Once you’ve discounted the dead teams, that’s pretty much everyone. He’ll also be the top captain pick, regardless of fixtures, for the foreseeable. That means his EO will be soaring until there’s an injury, double Gameweek or some other upset to lure managers away. His current form means he’s too dangerous to bet against, so – short-term, at least – he’s largely removed captaincy as a meaningful battlefield. Whether he hauls or blanks, we’ll all be in it together.


My transfer this week will depend on Vardy and Raphinha injury news, so I won’t know for certain what I’m doing until Friday afternoon. There’s a chance Lukaku may recover in time, in which case he’ll make his way back into my front line via either Vardy or Ronaldo. If not, I imagine Toney will slot in somewhere and I’ll contemplate whether to take my first hit of the season to spend the excess funds on switching Williams to either Chilwell or Cancelo.


I wouldn’t normally captain a player who’s facing my keeper, but Salah will get the armband again for obvious reasons.

Transfer summary: To be confirmed

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW10

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 6 seasons overall ranks were 12k, 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW9 Points: 91 -4 (FPL average 64) Total points: 596, Overall Rank: 332k, green arrow: 29k  Team Value: £102.0m

Follow Rob on twitter here

Rob has used his wildcard

See Rob’s YouTube version here

GW9 review

Apologies for a fairly concise write-up this week, I’m away from Tuesday to Saturday in The Highlands with no Wifi and limited phone signal. I have recorded some more details and thoughts in my YouTube video this week though where I explore the death of my Threemium strategy amongst other things!

To sum up my GW quickly, bit of a rollercoaster! Great Friday night with Smith-Rowe doing the business. Meh Saturday – only Rudiger returned. Antonio hurt my Overall Rank on Sunday, but luckily I had Salah and Trent Alexander Arnold in the last game; Mo Salah is simply incredible at the moment. In conclusion, happy with a small green in view of having taken a hit but I’ve got multiple issues in my squad again as I approach GW10.

GW10 Team

Again, check out my YouTube video for more in-depth analysis. 1 free transfer and £0.7m in the bank.

I’ve got yellow flags in Raphinha and Vardy so awaiting some news here and I’ve also got Duffy and Omobamidele with questionable gametime in defence. What I do likely hinges on the Vardy news. If he’s out, I’ll sell him for Antonio to align more with the template and then likely take a -4 to swap one of my cheap defenders for Livramento. If Vardy is confirmed as fit, I’ll probably just do the Livramento move. I was really impressed with the England U21 international against Burnley – looked more like a winger than a defender. I’m hoping he remembers he’s eligible for Scotland (he’s a right-back rather than a left-back so would suit us nicely!)

Otherwise, team pretty much picks itself and I think Salah is going to be a perma-Captain now for a few weeks. Good luck everyone and I’ll try and get my team on Twitter before the deadline if phone signal allows!

Transfer summary: Possibly Vardy to Antonio depending on fitness and Omobamidele/Duffy for Livramento

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW10

Kev in Canada

Kev’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 52k, 48k and 6k

GW9 Points: 90  (FPL average 64) Total points: 601, Overall Rank: 272k, green arrow: 62k  Team Value: £102.5m

Follow Kev on twitter here

Kev has used his wildcard

Was hoping to roll the transfer and then bam! Down goes Raphinha.

Hmm I have exact money for Foden. Should I do it? It’s only Saturday when I went through this thought process. More could go wrong. Plus, you decided (foolishly in hindsight) not to go Foden on WC two weeks ago, as you know you can’t take the rotation mentally. To add him now will only add to the pain if he’s rested next match. I will wait..

Blammo! Down goes Vardy…BANG! down goes Mbeumo… OK what to do now.. hmmm I wanted to go Lukaku to Kane but was 0.1M short pre-deadline. Due to the double Vardy rises Thursday and Friday, I now can make that Vardy to Kane move for free if I choose to.

Benrahma has been bothering me too though. Although he does have a nice run of fixtures in GW18. Far away for sure but I have a huge amount of price built into him so holding him, even on the bench as rotation cover isn’t the worst move for a while. Besides, I now have three injuries apparently.

So depending on the injury and pressers, I will either roll, go Vardy to Kane, or Raph/Mbeumo/Benrahma to Mount.

Captain Obvious
Vice TAA

Transfer summary: Depending on the injury situation and press conferences, will either roll the transfer, go Vardy to Kane, or Raphinha/Mbeumo/Benrahma to Mount.

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW10

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 5 seasons were 191k, 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW9 Points: 56 -4  (FPL average 64) Total points: 588, Overall Rank: 451k, red arrow: 376k  Team Value: £101.4m

Follow Costas on twitter here

Costas has used his wildcard

To address the elephant in the room it was a week were I didn’t own salah.

Started the week at 75k and was 18k before the Man Utd v Liverpool game and after the game 451k … it is what it is, I took a 2 week punt without Salah and it punished me a lot. I am sure even the most confident manager would not expect what happened, sometimes luck is with you (captaining Salah because Lukaku is injured) and other times its not! Sometimes punts work sometimes they don’t.

Regardless of what happened I wont change the way I play the game. “My” method has pretty consistently got me in the top 1% in a very fun way rather than just following the template as if bots are controlling the team. I will stick to my plan and whenever I see an opportunity to take a punt I will – you cant believe the thrill you get after a punt works out!

Regarding my team. I have 4 injuries and a player fallen out of favour since I played my wildcard in 2 weeks! Doucoure, Lukaku, Mbeumo, Raphinha and Adam Armstrong. So I am basically reacting to the game rather than planning!

I am happy punts such as De Bruyne, Foden , Aubameyang and Chilwell have all worked out. Foden is an interesting case. I was happy to get the rotation as he scores big everytime he plays but it seems that he is more nailed than everyone thought! He is absolutely brilliant this year and if he continues he will cost us 10.0 next season! So don’t overthink it!

This week as planned I got Salah in for Raphinha with money I had in the bank and a downgrade of Armstrong to cucho (played 2 90min in Ranieri’s Watford and looks lively)- at this price I couldn’t find a better fit option.

transfer summary: Raphinha out for Salah and A. Armstrong out for Cucho

Here’s the team with the transfers completed

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW10

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Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW10
Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW10

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