Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW14 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2


Here’s part 2 of our fantasy premier league team tips GW14 articles where 4 FFGeek Contributors show their teams for GW14. There’s Rob Reid, Stephen Troop, Kris O and Costas Chari. Between them they have 9 top 1% finishes in the last 3 competitive seasons.

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW14 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. However the FFGeek team and the Contributor tracker team mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make transfers as articles are posted. So you’re always up to date and live

Stephen Troop

Stephens last 5 seasons ORs were 22k, 86k, 43k, 52k & 64k

GW13 Points: 66 (FPL average 44) Total points: 879 Overall Rank: 35k, green arrow: 22K  Team Value: £103.0m

Follow Stephen on twitter here

Stephen has used his wildcard

GW13 Review

66 points with a healthy green arrow from 58k to 35k. Jota was the star of the show for me with 14 points. A Sanchez clean sheet, TAA with 9 points, White with 6 points and Toney with 9 were the returners. Glad I gambled on White vs Antonio. The negatives were Ronaldo 0 points and Raphinha and Gallagher blanks. The other blanks were players that don’t really affect rank (although Chelsea conceding when having only 1 defender is positive for me). In addition Kane/Son not playing due to the postponement helped me which is a slice of luck

GW14 Preview

Most likely going to roll this week. No major issues and would like to get back to 2FT. Captain Salah despite him coming off the boil in the last couple of weeks.

Transfer summary: Like to carry over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW14

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 6 seasons overall ranks were 12k, 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW13 Points: 51 (FPL average 44) Total points: 854, Overall Rank: 105k, red arrow: 14k  Team Value: £104.1m

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Rob has used his wildcard

GW13 review

A week where my team firstly fell foul of the weather and secondly me choosing to be too conservative on the transfer front. The bad luck first and that was Harry Kane – a late call-off meant that I lost the main differential in my side and instead had to make do with Antonios 2 points of the bench. The second bit was not going for Jota. I mulled this over hard on Friday night and elected to stand still and roll the transfer – had I made the Raphinha to Jota move, I’d have been 11 points better off.

In the end it could of been worse. 4/11 returns with a couple of players booked usually ends up in a red arrow and although a 14% rank drop looks messy, ranks are still pretty close. I was only 3 points off a grey arrow, I’m only 18 points away from 50k and 47 away from the top 10k. We’re only a third of the way through the season so nothing to worry about there.

Going back to my team – my returners were Alexander-Arnold, Salah, Ramsdale and Toney. The first 2 made little difference to my overall rank, while the second 2 did thankfully. Where I lost ground was by not owning Jota, Vardy or a Brighton defender and also by having the double Chelsea clean sheet busted by that Jorginho howler. Even then, my talisman Rudiger nearly bailed me out right at the end, but alas he leaned back and blazed his volley over the bar. Defenders eh?!

A tough run coming up then – it’s a short turnaround this week so here’s what I’m planning for Tuesday.

GW14 Team

2 free transfers and £1.1m in the bank.

The template team is very strong now and I’m very conscious that I’m missing a key player from this – Diogo Jota. I count myself lucky that I escaped Saturday without more damage as a non-owner – he could easily have amassed 20 points and more. He looks to be on a hot streak and he’s certainly ticking the boxes statistically too so he’s my priority this week.

The difficulty is how to bring him in. I’ve got the rest of the template covered really but this in itself also presents a problem as overall ranking gains are harder when you haven’t got many differentials and there’s such a heavy perma-Captain. My main differential is Kane and selling him would obviously generate a lot of funds, but I’m loathe to remove him with his next 2 fixtures looking so good. The only other obvious switch is to sell Raphinha and I’ve got the exact funds for this. Again I’m loathe to move the Leeds man as he also has 2 good fixtures, but this looks the best option in terms of keeping my team structure and sticking to my longer term plan so I’ve made this move before the prices change and it becomes impossible.

As for my other free, I have another problem emerging on my bench with Duffy now likely dropped as first choice. Added to this is I have McArthur red-flagged so I’m down to 1 outfield sub. With such heavy fixture congestion I feel this is something I should remedy, so I’m likely to use my spare transfer move on my red-flagged player to at least give me another bench option. The obvious replacement here looks to be Gilmour who seems to be first choice under the new manager and has a share of set pieces. Rupp is another option here as well – he offers a bit more attacking threat so I’ll look at this a bit more closely tonight before making the move.

For my team this week, Salah will be Captain again and I’ve got a decision between Toney and Smith-Rowe for my first sub. I’ll see what Joe’s transfer planner says on this and probably go with that. Looking further forward, I plan to try and roll my transfer in GW15 and then look to sell Kane in GW16 to generate the funds to give me some Man City and/or Man United attacking cover.

I’ll probably post my team on Twitter late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, good luck for this week folks and don’t forget the deadline is 6pm UK time on Tuesday.

Transfer summary: Jota in and Raphinha out completed. Possibly Gilmour or Rupp for McArthur

Here’s the team with the Jota transfer completed

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW14

Kris O

Kris’s last 7 seasons ORs were 19k, 39k, 44k, 46k, 23k, 12k and 19k

GW13 Points: 50  (FPL average 44) Total points: 870, Overall Rank: 54k, red arrow: 13k  Team Value: £103.3m

Kris has used his wildcard

So a disappointing week with Tierney not playing, Ronaldo being benched and Jimenez not scoring. With that context a first red arrow in a while wasn’t a surprise! I go into this week with 2m itb and 2 FTs. Plan is to keep it simple with Tierney to Alonso; with a view of moving on Jimenez the week after and using the two frees to create a few extra options. Captain Salah and Jimenez vice.

transfer summary: Tierney out and Alonso in is the plan

Here’s the team prior to the transfer being made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW14

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 5 seasons were 191k, 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW13 Points: 56 -4 (FPL average 44) Total points: 793, Overall Rank: 586k, green arrow: 21k  Team Value: £103.3m

Follow Costas on twitter here

Costas has used his wildcard

A gameweek to forget all about! even though I ended up with a 21k green arrow it could have been much much better… Started Sunday with a 160k green arrow and still Kane and Son to play. I was hoping for the best! I couldn’t believe that in 2021 and not in Siberia a game would be called off for snow!

Instead of the Spurs duo I got Livramentos 0 pts and Cuchos 2 pts from the bench while popular picks in Vardy and Toney hauled! luckily a green is a green even a 21k one !

For my transfer I have moved Mbeumo on to Gallagher, had the exact amount to do so ! Captain is Salah due to ownership mostly and because Everton look dreadful!

I’ve had the Spurs duo taking up 22.5mil of my budget for 2 weeks and got a combined 4 pts out of them! hopefully they help me out this week!

good lucks everyone

Transfer summary: Mbeumo out and Gallagher in

Here’s the team with transfer completed

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW14

The FFGeek Contributors League

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Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW14
Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW14

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