Fantasy premier league team tips GW14 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW14 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW14. In this part there’s Kris O, Andrew Whitfield, Kev in Canada, Costas Chari and Andrew Pratt

Fantasy premier league team tips GW14 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2

This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

See the part 1 contributors teams article here as well

Kris O

Kris’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 44k, 46k and 23k

GW13 points: 73 (FPL average 49) Total points 792 Gameweek rank 269k, Overall Rank: 22k, Green arrow 16k, Team Value: £104.2m

GW13 review

Another strong gameweek, another green arrow and a move into the top 25k. My Lacazette over Vardy captain choice was irrelevant in the end, though without the retaken pen (I have Ryan and Maddison too) it would have made a difference, though on the flip side Lacazette’s second goal was in stoppage time!


Lots of teams have good fixtures – Leicester (EVE), Chelsea (WHU), Liverpool (BHA), Man Utd (AVL), Man City (new), Arsenal (nor) – so I’m happy to keep my main players unchanged. However, I have two FTs, and with Lascelles injured it’s an opportunity to replace him. My main focus is a player of similar value to play GW18 (when Liverpool don’t play, Tomori is away at Sp*rs and Soyuncu away at City) and potentially GW20 when my defensive fixtures are poor.

The teams and a potential option are: Man Utd (Williams 4.0), Villa (Guilbert 4.4), Burnley (Taylor 4.2), Brighton (Dunk 4.6), Newcastle (Willems 4.6), Crystal Palace (Cahill 4.5). I’m drawn to Williams price, but not convinced he’ll keep his place. Charlie Taylor at 4.2 seems a good option, though again is rotation risk but appears to have played well in last two games (both 3-0 wins) so he’s currently top of my list. Of course European injuries this week might scupper my plans!

In terms of team selection my key decision is whether to play Lundstram or Tomori, currently on Lundstram. Captain wise, the good fixtures noted above means I could credibly captain any of my midfielders or forwards (plus Alexander Arnold), currently on Abraham vs. West Ham’s dodgy keeper although that will be subject to his injury status after the Champions League game in Valencia last night.

Good luck all!

Transfer summary: proposed Lascelles to Taylor (tbc)

Here’s the team prior to the transfer being made

Fantasy premier league team tips GW14

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 84k, 29k and 27k

GW13 points: 49 (FPL average 49) Total points 767 Gameweek rank 3,595k, Overall Rank: 87k, red arrow 47k, Team Value: £102.2m

GW13 review.

Bad, just bad. I hit the average but that’s not good enough at this stage. Luckily I stayed within the top 100k. To be fair it would have been much better if it wasn’t for VAR. Those who captained Vardy got an extra 12 points from the retake and I also had sterling (what a goal to be disallowed) so its a 17 point difference. But that’s FPL so looking forward…


Unfortunately Saiss got another yellow card and Lascelles is injured so the lineup was between McGinn and Dendoncker this week. I went with McGinn.

Liverpool cover is essential but I wont be transferring out Aubameyang out since he has great fixtures. Nor will I be transferring Sterling out. He has had 2 goals and one assist wrongly disallowed by VAR so he is in the action and Aguero is now injured so I think Sterling will step in the box more. Soo its De Bruyne out.

Salah vs Mane. Although Salah was mediocre in the Champions League last night I am going with him. He has been having his worst season and is still 3rd in midfielders. He has had a rest and I hope he has recovered from the ankle injury. He is on pens as well and only in 23% of teams so for me that raises his appeal.

To fund the move I had to also transfer Roberto out for button so its a – 4 this week.

Captain: currently on Salah with Vardy as VC.

I am hoping I don’t get a 4th red arrow in a row but that will only happen if Aubameyang and Sterling deliver finally!!!!

Good luck

Transfer summary:  De Bruyne and Roberto out.  Salah and Button in

Fantasy premier league team tips GW14

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 6k last season and 19k in 17/18

GW13 points: 68 (FPL average 49) Total points 762 Gameweek rank 615k, Overall Rank: 107k, green arrow 33k, Team Value: £102.7m

Are you all set for THREE gameweeks in the space of just nine days !!! It’s going to be fast and furious. Don’t forget the deadline for the midweek games that follow after this weekend !!

Well an eventful GW13. Liverpool just keep finding a way to win, a six goal thriller at Bramall Lane, a winning start for Mourinho, three managers now competing closely for the sack, yet more VAR controversy involving retaken pens and Sterling’s armpit – and Pukki ended his seven blanks with an assist !!

Another positive week with 6 returning players, including 24 captain points. 68 points resulted in a third successive green arrow which keeps the momentum going. A 33k green arrow this week and a climb from 330k to 107k over the last three weeks. I feel my team is in good shape ahead of an inviting looking gameweek.

Or I did until Tammy took a bang to the hip in Valencia on Wednesday night !! That’s a head scratcher when the most owned player in FPL gets stretchered off midweek, just when you have your plans in place !!

What went well in GW13:

– 24 points from captain Vardy for the second successive week !! Since I brought him into my team, he has bagged me 54 points in three weeks !! I actually didn’t think he had the best fixture in GW13 ( the bookies agreed ) and he was my third choice, but the polls were very clearly in his favour, especially with 43% of the top 10k managers giving him the armband, so I stuck to my “golden rules” and managed the risk and deployed the “captain shield” which worked out well.

His re taken penalty was a pivotal moment in this gameweek. He would have still got the 3 point assist to go with the -2 missed pen, as the rebound was headed in by a team mate, so the net gain from the re take was only 3 points, but it meant he also got the full 3 bonus points too, so as captain, that was a 12 point swing from the retake !! Then there is the knock on effect of the heavily owned Maddison having his rebound disallowed and the most owned keeper, Ryan having his penalty save disallowed ( neither of whom I own ). So a massive swing in my favour from that retake !!

– VAR also came to my rescue with Sterling ( who I don’t own ) , heavily owned and heavily captained and always dangerous. Adjudged offside by an armpit. Another significant moment in my favour. I hate VAR with a passion – but this week – VAR thank you !!

– Eight returns in the last ten games for Robertson !! He is the top points scoring defender over the last ten gameweeks, even without the clean sheets !! That’s putting Trent in the shade who has only one return in five by comparison . I am happy to have both with Trent always looking so dangerous. Having held them both from week one, now is not the time to sell either of them with attractive games ahead. That incredible run continues for the Liverpool defence who have now conceded just ONE goal 11 times !! They even conceded one against Napoli midweek !! That does smack of bad luck !! Defensively they don’t look convincing but the upcoming fixtures look great and SURELY the clean sheets must follow to go with the attacking returns. I keep saying it every week but both full backs are “double figure scores” waiting to happen. This week at home to Brighton would be a good place to start please !!

– Four successive returns from Mane. Very happy to have made the switch from Salah who still has that ankle fluid issue lurking and possibly affecting him. He did play 90 mins v Napoli though. Salah’s ownership is now down to just 23% so he can’t hurt non owners as much as in previous years. Mane ownership is now at 39%, so is the more dangerous one of the two not to own, and Mane has outscored Salah by over 40 points for the whole of 2019 which is a long time and pretty compelling !!

– Back to back 9 pointers for keeper Pope is very nice. Tricky fixtures ahead but I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing for a keeper. It increases the chances of save points, bonus points and even penalty saves.

– A 7 pointer from De Bruyne who I am happy to carry through upcoming fixtures as my sole City attacker as I am looking to move off D Silva this week. I never expected to be going with only one City player. They are still the top scorers in the league after all, so that makes for a nervous watch of City fixtures, especially as the Aguero injury might see Sterling sharing striking duties with Jesus.

What didn’t go as well :

I left 19 points on the bench !! A Greenwood goal from a 17 minute cameo is just one of those things and it was his first return all season. He is a bench magnet “one pointer “ so he is going soon. Very frustrating to leave clean sheets on my bench from Guilbert and Soyuncu. My normal 442 will include Soyuncu every week but this was the exception as the Villa fixture had McGinn written all over it, but it wasn’t meant to be. I had Guilbert in my line up too initially but I was never going to leave Lundstrum out. I could have benched Mount but I was never going to do that either. I view points on the bench as a positive that they can step in when required.

– Plenty of people are losing faith in Mason Mount. He was benched at Man City which I hope was a one off for that difficult fixture . He didn’t start midweek though either in Valencia. I expect him to start this weekend. Arguably, he will be fresher from the two game rest. I am holding him for this week. Chelsea have great fixtures. He still passes the eye test for me, although he is playing deeper. I think Frank is moulding him into “Lampard two” and likes him a lot. Mount also has ownership of about 50% amongst the top 10k so they like him too. It will be very interesting to see if he returns to the side this week. If not, then he will be an easy sell and I will be monitoring Martial and Pulisic instead.

– A blank and early exit for D Silva who has done incredibly this season with four double digit hauls, out performing Sterling since GW2 and over 4M cheaper too. But the time is right after three blanks with the fixtures ahead, to go triple up on Leicester, so D Silva will be leaving my side this week. When in-form Leicester’s next four matches include home games against Everton, Watford and Norwich, then it’s an easy decision to triple up on the Foxes.

– it was disappointing to see McGinn playing so deep against Newcastle . How very different to his star man performances for Scotland. He still managed a couple of shots but Grealish looks the play maker to be on now instead on the evidence of Monday’s game.

So what next :

I have two free transfers and 1.2M in the bank. That money is earmarked for Greenwood to Ayew for those great looking Palace fixtures from GW15. The upgrade currently costs 0.8M. Ayew will probably sit first sub most weeks BUT with three gameweeks coming up in the space of nine days, how many players are actually going to play in all three ?? Plus Lundstram is poised on four yellows. Extra rotation is inevitable. Ayew will definitely be needed and he has the fixtures. So I would like him in for GW15 in midweek, which is a good entry point for fixtures.

This week I am switching D Silva to Maddison. Maddison is on corners, free kicks and his ownership is around 44% amongst the top 10k so a dangerous player not to own. Yes, Tielemans is a bit cheaper and provides value but I simply have to have Maddison. My mind is set on it and he is the one I want !!

So I WAS making only ONE of my two available transfers this week, to still have two available next week and maximum flexibility. But the Abraham injury has now thrown a real spanner in the works !!

I will be monitoring Abraham closely and at the time of writing this, the extent of the injury is not clear. I will wait for the press conferences. When I am playing 442 with only two strikers, I can’t afford for Tammy to sit things out when Chelsea have three games in eight days . Even if it’s not serious and he misses “ a week or so”, that could still mean three games. McGinn could cover Tammy for one game but no more than that. So if I have to replace him this week with my second free transfer, it will be with Jimenez, who has 5 returns in the last six weeks. Rashford and Kane are other possibles but would each need a points hit. So Jimenez is on standby. I would have to sell Abraham at 7.7M, knowing it would cost 8M to get him back, which is far from ideal.

Jimenez is a player I have found it hard to get to. Anyone playing a 343, he is a great fit alongside Tammy and Vardy, but as I am on double Liverpool defence, it would mean benching either Lundstrum or Söyüncü each week, and not getting Maddison and downgrading McGinn to a budget mid, so it’s not really been viable to get Jimenez. If the Abraham injury is going to keep him out for a spell, I might get to Jimenez after all !!

If Mount is left out this week, I will probably upgrade him to Pulisic or Martial next week and downgrade McGinn to pay for it, as McGinn is an expensive 5th mid bench player. But if I also need to transfer Tammy out this week and use both free transfers, I will only have one free next week, so couldn’t do that double move for free, which would be a frustrating consequence of that Abraham injury. I also want Ayew next week so don’t really want to have to deal with Mount at all. Come on Mason, strut your stuff.

What’s my team looking like:

I am happy with my 442. I can play both Liverpool full backs to reap the rewards for my patience, I don’t have to bench Lundstram or Söyüncü, who can play every week. Playing four in midfield looks the way to go, involving Liverpool, Man City, Leicester and Chelsea. ( or Martial ) . I have the four most owned midfielders amongst the top 10k managers in Mane 80%, De Bruyne 70%, Mount 48%, and Maddison 43%. Up front, Vardy and Abraham are 92% owned and 87% owned respectively amongst the top 10k managers. It will be interesting to see how that template pans out if Tammy misses games and triggers mass sales.

I probably have a bit more funds on my bench than ideal with McGinn and Ayew fighting for first sub, but they will be needed now with 9 gameweeks in 40 days and the inevitable rotation. And McGinn could come out to fund a Mount upgrade, depending on this weekend.

My team is “very template” and mirrors closely the top 10k managers, which reflects my risk averse playing style which has always worked well for me. I also have 8 of the 10 “most owned” players. Sterling is the only player that can do significant damage. I will never make huge weekly gains, but never suffer huge falls, relying instead on making steady but consistent gains most weeks. It’s unspectacular, but it’s worked for the last two years and it’s clawed me into the top 1.5% so far this season.

Captain and team line up:

Well we don’t get many gameweeks like this – Tasty home games for Liverpool v Brighton, Leicester v Everton, Chelsea v West Ham, Man Utd v Villa, and Spurs v Bournemouth !! Plus Arsenal play Norwich too !! Surely a high scoring gameweek ??

That makes the captain choice tough but I can’t look beyond Mane and Vardy so I will keep a close eye on the polls. If it’s close I will go Mane, but if Vardy dominates the polls again, then he will be given the chance to go for a hat trick of 24 pointers !!

Team set up is easy this week. My Villa pair are at Old Trafford. and Greenwood is glued to the bench. I have nine players at home, which is promising, including a Liverpool triple up, a Leicester triple up, a possible Chelsea double up, a keeper at home and then Sir John of Lundstram and De Bruyne on the road. What could possibly go wrong ??

Transfer summary:

Maddison in for D Silva so far. A monitor on Abraham which might trigger a late switch on to Jimenez.

Next week likely to be Greenwood to Ayew, but Mount under the spotlight too, depending on whether he starts this week.

Good luck and may all your arrows be green !!

Fantasy premier league team tips GW14

Kev in Canada

Kev finished in 6k last season and 195k in 17/18

GW13 points: 63 (FPL average 49) Total points 740 Gameweek rank 1,226k, Overall Rank: 265k, green arrow 24k, Team Value: £104.4m

GW13 Recap

A few observations on the last game week before getting into the players and planning:

•    I am happy with a green arrow but didn’t move much in the contributors league due to Sterling’s goal being called back and Mané scoring. Also Pope getting 9 again and not being in the club. This is significant because my 2% differential captain in Lacazette scored a BRACE and I barely moved.

•    Mane is needed to hedge this nonsense. Especially with the significant captain risk that will be present in the next few weeks. He is my transfer this week. I may move Tammy too but I need presser info. Lamp’s comments seem to be actually helpful when he speaks.

•    Lacazette, Martial, Gazzaniga, Lascalles, Traore are my 5 differentials. Again, only one returned (Traore was on the bench). However, the Lacazette return was so significant, it gave me a green arrow. I still think that in general, if I can get 2 of 5 returns here a week I will have a Green arrow.

Game week player analysis:

☆ Keeper

•    Gazzaniga. 2 points. Losing ground again to the Pope contingency. Fortunately Gaz now has a super defence coach (so they say) that has come in. No need to change at this point.

•    Roberto will soon start losing value. However it doesn’t seem imminent and having a playing backup isn’t horrible, especially as I don’t see a Wildcard opportunity until GW30 or so next. I have 0.4M sitting in him in the case I need it for an upgrade elsewhere later.

☆ Defenders

•    Alexander Arnold. 8 corners. Back on the kicks.

•    Rico. He will be less useful now for a while. I got him at 4M so I will just ignore him for a bit. Benched indefinitely..

•    Söyüncü. Having one LEI D seems a must now. As long as Evans is fit over Morgan. Even then, I think it shouldn’t matter too much.

•    Lascelles. Reading mixed reports. The presser last week made it seem not as bad as thought. He isn’t needed so I may wait. I wouldn’t have played him this week anyways. If he drops to 4.3M and I don’t need him I think hes an awesome pick later at that price so I may just hold. Unless I need Robertson or a Palace defender

•    Lundstram. Locked into the starting 11 weekly except against MCI, LFC or maybe LEI I would think at this point. On 4 yellows so having a fourth decent D is a must during the busy holiday schedule that is about to come at us quickly.

☆ Midfielders

•    KDB. Look at the stats against CHE. Wow. Look at the eye test against CHE. Hot dang. He was awesome. Two shots almost went in and one did of course. His crosses are nuts. He’s playing advanced. He’s cheaper than Sterling by 2M. I don’t think the Sterling De Bruyne debate is as strong as it was a few weeks ago and that is with Aguero out and a chance Sterling plays CF.

•    Sterling. I still wouldn’t bet against him not winning the PPM award at season’s end. My challenge with him is that he has monster explosive returns that seem fairly unpredictable and difficult to captain all of a sudden. Also, the last two matches he has been defended against well. Trent didn’t look great against him but they played him physically and it seemed to work. Kante looked awesome against him. Physically too. So maybe the game tape on him is out. He obviously still scored lol. Well it should have been a goal. The ultimate outcome is I need a LFC premium now and he’s my choice to move out.
One note on Sterling playing CF potentially with Aguero out.. I don’t see it happening. I know he did in preseason but Jesus had a busy summer and was not playing every game. Sané was also fit on the left wing at the time too. I think Jesus will play CF every game Aguero misses. Who knows though. What I do know is I am selling a premium and selling a premium is never fun.

•    Mount. Typically I would be pissed that one of my key value attackers didn’t start but it was clearly tactical. When he came in he was getting some chances and took the free kick. 3 home fixtures in next 4. I need to ignore the price sites and just leave him. That being said I could swap him to Cantwell and Lascelles to Robertson lol.

•    Traoré. I was pretty happy to see him starting, as he carried an injury flag all international break. Even when on the bench I like when my players return, as it helps their prices move upwards.

•    Martial. Unfortunate not to return on the three goals. I think he was the assister to the assister on one or two of them. I have heard complaining over his angry face when being subbed off. Good. I want him to want to play. Glad to see him back starting CF weekly.

☆ Forwards

•    Lacazette. The ballsy differential captain pick against a weak club paid off. I was toying with doing it again but I think owning him is differential enough.

•    Vardy. So hot right now.

•    Tammy Abraham. The injury happened, as I was writing this article. He will be monitored at the presser now. It seemed bad when it happened and then it sounded better after the match. If he is not too bad I will likely leave him. Traoré against SHU isnt a horrible first bench. If I do move him I would go one of two ways:

1. Downgrade to Awey and upgrade Lascalles to Robertson.
2. Upgrade to Jesus and downgrade Mount for the funds.

Upcoming GW14

☆ Musical Chairs

Sterling ➡️ Mané while carrrying the second transfer unless Abraham has to go.

☆ Captain

Vardy. VC Mané.

☆ Substitute decisions

Roberto. Traore. Rico. Lascelles.

Good luck.

You can follow Kev on twitter here

Fantasy premier league team tips GW14

Andrew Pratt

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 1k in 17/18

GW13 points: 37 (FPL average 49) Total points 721 Gameweek rank 5,622k, Overall Rank: 504k, red arrow 283k, Team Value: £102.2m

Thoughts on Gameweek 13

It was a pretty disastrous week all round. My persistence with now-injured Aguero (captain) and City in general cost me once again. Apart from a rare Norwich win, there were no real stand-out lessons from GW13 for me. Spurs had their first away win this season but I’m not convinced just yet since their opponents, West Ham, have been very poor.

Thoughts on Gameweek 14 and beyond

In the near term Leicester, Chelsea, Liverpool and Sheffield United fixtures look good. This week I think there should be healthy returns for City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Aguero’s injury is probably a blessing and was enough for me to ship him out early, along with Mendy (far from his best form) and Jorginho (his no returns, my depleted patience). In come Jimenez (his good form and my fomo), Kevin de Bruyne (I think still very good value at around 10.2) and Baldock (their defence is proper and they have some very good fixtures from GW15). These early (admittedly borderline rage) transfers cost me a 4 point hit. After the surgery, the team looks more resilient for the busy Christmas schedule.

I’m hoping Sterling gets a forward role while Aguero recovers so I’ll persist with him for now. Salah’s ankle injury seems to be under control since he played 90 minutes mid-week. Mount was rested mid-week so I’m hoping he returns to the GW14 starting 11 for what could be a big score.

I’ve not decided on Captain / vice yet. I’ll possibly go with Salah or one of the City players as my captain with Vardy as vice.

On my watchlist are Mousset, Pulisic, Emerson and Alexander-Arnold.

Transfer summary: Aguero out for Jimenez. Mendy out for Baldock. Jorginho out for de Bruyne.

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9 thoughts on “Fantasy premier league team tips GW14 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2”

  1. Kev’s (esp.those starry captains) and Sir Andrew’s awesomely aggregatively aeonic accounts are approvingly appreciable..!

    (P.S. Costas credit to you for the courage of going with refreshingly different choices but I would urge you to reconsider the captain choice…Brighton will park the bulldozer at Anfield with Dunk returning and Ryan, they will be tough to break down…
    C.f. Everton are so much open that they should have a tennis tournament named after them, considering even Norwich did what they did)

    • thank you for the suggestion.! yeap i was thinking about it thats why i wrote its currently on salah…. i will see the polls and if vardy is a favorite then ill go with him instead of repeating the same mistake as last week!

  2. Hi guys. Good stuff! Wondering why nobody is considering Kane? Under Mourinho he Will play more upfront and less coming down the pitch to transport the ball.

    What’s your thoughts on Kane?

    Best luck to all of you!

  3. Thanks for the massive writeups here. Love the details and hats off to everyone contributing despite the challenges this season.

    Spurs for me is a watch and wait situation. Fixtures aren’t great and it’s only been two games. If you are looking for a differential, perhaps it’s worth the surgery to fit in a Kane/Son, but the one who attracts me is Moura. He seems to have the managers support and stats suggest he’s keeping up with Son on the other flank.

  4. Quite happy with my team right now and steadily moving up the ranks and squad value improving after earlier wildcard knocked it back below 100m. Earlier than most to move Salah to Mane and Sterling to allow Vardy and Maddison and move money up front. 1FT Squad value 102.6, 0.5m ITB.

    Ryan (Button)
    TAA, Lundtram, Soyuncu, Tomori (Lascelles)
    Mane, KDB, Maddison, Martial (Dendonker)
    Vardy, Abraham, Jiminez

    I can bench Tammy this week unless we hear his injury is long term. 4-4-2 with Tomori having good fixture to a rubbish West Ham.

    I am debating weather to get rid of GK Ryan for a time. He gets lots of saves and bonus points, but a tough few games to come, Pool, City and Wolves. I would currently only loose 0.1m to get him back later.

    Choices of Pope (best recent form and clean sheets, but 2 horrid games coming up) or Henderson (definitely best fixtures of the 3, but does not get bonus points too often).

    Henderson has best chance of CS for the next 3 fixtures at least.
    But does mean a double up on Sheff Utd defence and maybe Pope gives better CS defence.

    Otherwise if Tammy is injured it will be Ings and accept 0.3m hit later to get Tammy back.

    • i would do the ryan to pope transfers and bench tammy this week… if news are bad then ship him out for ings

  5. Thanks NS. Merre, I have been tempted by Kane but ultimately will wait until the amazing fixture run in GW19. I need to focus on the amazing fixture run of Liverpool right now. Not having 3 LFC seems dangerous imo with 3 green home fixtures in 4 weeks.

  6. News from Lampard was that he won’t play this weekend, but hard to know how long.

    “Manager Frank Lampard expects Chelsea to know by Monday the extent of Abraham’s hip issue”

    I’ll bench him like you said and change keeper. Thanks Costas.

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