Fantasy premier league team tips GW15 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW15 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW15. In this part there’s Rick Porter, Scott Taylor, Stephen Troop, Sergio Torija, Andrew Pratt and Alex Skinner.  Vote in the poll to help Alex’s bench decision.

Fantasy premier league team tips GW15 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2

This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

See the part 1 contributors teams article here as well

Rick Porter

Rick last 3 seasons overall rank were 1k, 30k and 2k.

GW14 points: 56 -4 (FPL average 51) Total points 781 Gameweek rank 2,493k, Overall Rank: 384k, Green arrow 7k, Team Value: £104.1m

Nothing much to report team-wise. I’m treading water rank-wise which, considering my -4, I’m happy with. A bad week to remove Sterling and Pukki, perhaps, but at least Son and Vardy got their own returns to make up for it. While Mount, Mane and Martial were disappointing they all have potential in spades, so I’m still happy with the overall look of my attack and excited about what they could deliver next.

I’ll be monitoring Mount but I still feel he’s great value as long as he keeps his starting place. Plenty of my defenders let the side down this week, but at those prices I can’t expect consistent returns.

Tammy Abraham

Lots of advice flying around regarding Abraham, but there’s no right answer until the situation is clearer. You can only do what’s right for your team.

For me, it comes down to how easily I could get him back if I did sell. Right now over 30% of managers still own him, he’s the joint second highest goal scorer and – even after numerous price rises – amazing value. When fit I’ll probably not want to be without him and, with no firm detail on how long he’ll be out, removing him could be a very short term thing.

I have nothing in the bank. That means, unless he drops another 0.3m (which is impossible before Wednesday’s match), I couldn’t afford to get him back without a downgrade elsewhere. That would involve making extra transfers and losing another player I’d probably rather keep.

My whole bench is fit and playing, so I feel I’ve got it covered until we know more. That said, if I had the spare cash or was unhappy with other areas of my team then I’d probably be toying with other options.

Unless he’s ruled out again I’ll be playing him in the hope he starts against Aston Villa on Wednesday.


Assuming there are no surprises I’ll be rolling my transfer so I have flexibility for any Abraham or Mount decisions I may have to make next week.


It’s got to be Vardy again. In form with a great home fixture.  Mane will be Vice.

transfer summary:  Carrying over a free transfer

Fantasy premier league team tips GW15

Scott Taylor

Scott finished with an overall rank of 1k last season and 12k in 17/18

GW14 points: 57 (FPL average 51) Total points 828 Gameweek rank 2,256k, Overall Rank: 53k, green arrow 17k, Team Value: £104.7m

A good game week again. Not quite as good as previous recent weeks but 5 returning players including the captain, Vardy, is fine.

I transferred Abraham out for Mousset following the former’s injury in the midweek Champions League games so now have £2.8m burning a hole in my pocket! I’m hoping that I avoid the temptation to spend it rashly. I’m happy with my team apart from possibly Martial and have an eye on Pulisic, Son, Alli or Grealish but think I’m going to leave it for this week (subject to any injury news) and roll the transfer to next game week so that I have 2 FTs.

Team will be exactly the same as last week with Vardy captain and Mane VC.

Hope the game week is good to you.

Transfer summary:  carrying over a free transfer

Stephen Troop

Stephen’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 43k, 52k and 64k

GW14 points: 47 (FPL average 51) Total points 791 Gameweek rank 4,483k, Overall Rank: 270k, red arrow 43k, Team Value: £103.4m

A second disappointing week with a red arrow and now down to 270k. Defensively I only got returns from Alexander Arnold with his 2 assists but clean sheets were sparse this weekend. Sterling, Vardy and Jimenez the only other returners and I got the right captain choice between Mane and Vardy.

However I transferred out De Bruyne for Mane which was an 8 point swing but I’m confident over the next few weeks Mane will get me more points with Liverpool’s fixtures and how dangerous Mane  is looking. My other decision to hang onto Abraham didn’t pay off as the main alternatives to downgrade to (Ings, Mousset) did score.

Going into GW15 and I’ll be again hoping for some news on Abraham ahead of a home game against Villa although I’m not sure there’s going to be more than the “we’ll see” news so far.  I also want to swap Mount for Zaha (0.1m short of course) and Button for Guaita (0.5m short) ahead of Palace’s good fixture run. I also have an eye on some Spurs assets. Had I swapped Sterling instead of KDB for Mane I’d have had greater flexibility to explore these options so my own fault.

Likelihood therefore is to hold a transfer and do some surgery at the weekend to get Zaha in for Mount. Vardy captain with Mane vice again.

Transfer summary:  likely Zaha in for Mount

You can follow Stephen on twitter here

Fantasy premier league team tips GW15

 Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 3 seasons were 596k, 17k and 21k

GW14 points: 65 (FPL average 51) Total points 791 Gameweek rank 1,033k, Overall Rank: 273k, green arrow 159k, Team Value: £103.2m

A better week this time, with 65 points and a good green arrow of 159K, even though my GW rank wasn’t even inside the 1 million. Everything seems still so packed this year. Somehow, I seem to be doing well in low scoring weeks, but strugle when the scores are higher.

The star of the week was Liverpool’s attacking double up, Van Dijk with a brace, twice assisted by the dear fellow Alexander Arnold, while my captain Salah got me the long awaited for Liverpool clean sheet point, irony mode OFF from here 😑. De Bruyne, Jimenez and Vardy kept doing their part, and Leno with his customary 2 save points, they all count. Many disappointments everywhere else in a week where all my players had great fixtures.

And this great fixtures continue for one more week, therefore no transfers required, although Mount to Zaha is tempting to me. Nevertheless, I will hold since all matchups are excellent for my team, but I have big benching calls to make. All the premiums naturally play, and then it is 3 spots to pick between Tomori, Lundstram, Mount, Dendoncker and Ayew. The last bench spot is reserved for Dendoncker as usual, him playing in the back 3 now. The second for Tomori since I can see Villa easily scoring at least one. And my first sub for Ayew, since he is not the most prolific of strikers. A tight call with Mount though, who might even be benched by Lampard, he is first in my out list at the moment.

For the captaincy, again plenty of good options, I was tempted to go with Alexander Arnoldthis time, but seeing Vardy as a big favourite on the Geeks poll, I will play it safe for once.

Good luck for GW15 Geekers!

Transfer summary:  Carrying over a free transfer

Fantasy premier league team tips GW15

Andrew Pratt

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 1k in 17/18

GW14 points: 49 – 4 (average 51), Total points: 766, Gameweek rank: 4,074k, Overall Rank: 608k, red arrow 104k, Team Value: £102.6

Thoughts on Gameweek 14

I had another chunky red arrow as my City players and Vardy were the only returners. Chelsea had a surprise loss to West Ham, City continues to splutter and Spurs’ attack looks increasingly attractive. Sterling was not pinned to the touchline and Gabriel Jesus didn’t shine, so Sterling will stay in my team to walk the 5th yellow card tight rope. Mount and Salah are in my crosshairs after looking ineffective over a few gameweeks. How do I still not own the green arrow machine that goes by the name Trent Alexander-Arnold?

Thoughts on Gameweek 15 and beyond

In the near term Leicester, Wolves, Palace, Liverpool and Sheffield United assets are looking good. City fixtures look tough but they can do well against anyone if they turn up. I’ve lost a bit of faith in Chelsea. Southampton is mildly interesting. This week I’m expecting Leicester to thump manager-less Watford.

I had one free transfer and considered:

– holding over my transfer

– Mount out for Zaha (who I don’t totally trust and may well exit Palace in the upcoming transfer window)

– Rico (tough fixture run) and Greenwood (non-playing) out for Ayew (good fixtures) or Mousset (looks like he’s a must own at his price) and Kelly (although I have questions over how long he will keep his place this time)

– Salah (removing Liverpool’s penalty taker is hard) and Greenwood out for Son (although I Never Trust Spurs) and Mousset

Eventually I took a 4 point hit and dropped Greenwood and Mount for Mousset and Grealish (as my 5th midfielder and 8th “forward”; he’s commonly involved in Villa attacks and has great fixtures over the Christmas period). Although I’m “a little concerned” – as the Mafioso in the movie The Irishman would say – about not owning Trent Alexander-Arnold and a Spurs attacker, the team is looking okay for the coming run of games. I’ve now taken 5 hits this season and I need to go on a run without hits.

I’ll start the double Sheffield defence (they’re both attacking players and have 43% probability of clean sheet) and have Tomori (less attack-minded and was poor against West Ham) as first sub. I’m hoping for a big haul from my City midfielders as they’re a bit of a differential but Burnley could put up a stubborn defence at home. There’s every chance the bench will be needed this gameweek so the depth of 3 playing subs is comforting.

I’m likely to go Vardy as captain and hope he isn’t benched in this should-be easy fixture. Vice is undecided but possibility of rotation will be a consideration.

On my watchlist are Pulisic, Son and Alexander-Arnold.

Transfer summary: Greenwood and Mount out for Mousset and Grealish (-4 points).

Fantasy premier league team tips GW15

Alex Skinner

Alex’s last 3 seasons were 1k, 302k and an incredible 824th overall

GW14 points: 55 (average 51), Total points: 747, Gameweek rank: 2,658, Overall Rank: 991k, green arrow 89k, Team Value: £104.5

Really only wanted to ship out mount but with price rises and falls ended up being 0.1 off a straight swap for Zaha. With Tammy’s injury not looking promising and fixtures piling, I’ve gone for Mousset as a replacement for now. Sheffield have good fixtures coming up and with the extra money in the bank can monitor Martial and potentially replace with Son.

Have got a good bunch of players for this Gameweek and future but currently undecided on best starting 11 but have gone with Mousset as first sub at the moment.

Captain currently on Vardy

3rd bench spot poll: 

My first 2 bench positions are settled in Dendoncker and Aurier, just can’t decide on the third!

Vote to pick who will also go on my bench apart from Dendoncker and Aurier


Transfer summary:   In Zaha and Mousset.  Out Mount and Tammy Abraham

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