Fantasy premier league team tips GW21 – FFGeek contributors show their GW21 teams part 2

Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW21 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW21. In this article we’ve got Jordan Sadler, Keith Spencer, Prakhar Patel, Mikael Danielsen and Sergio Torija

Fantasy premier league team tips GW21 – FFGeek contributors show their GW21 teams part 2

Here’s part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

You can see our part 1 contributors article here.

Jordan Sadler

Jordan finished with an overall rank of 76k last season

GW20 points: 59 (average 50) Total points 1,290 Gameweek rank 1,617k, Overall Rank: 3k, green arrow 1k, Team Value: £104.6m

GW20 review

It was a pretty average week this week for me, only moving up around 300 places. I had 6 returners but unfortunately 3 of them (Son, Martial and Doherty) were only for 5 points and my captain Kane was for 6 points doubled to 12. Salah and Luiz were my best returners of the week both bringing me a nice 12 points. Snodgrass, Aubameyang, Wan-Bissaka, Fabianski and Alexander-Arnold were the 5 non returners for me though Wan-Bissaka coming in was due to Ings not starting so I’m hoping his benching was just a onetime thing.

I did have a couple of things that bothered me this week. Lovren returned once again with an assist meaning that my ridiculous decision to go Targett over Lovren 3 gameweeks ago has cost me now 20 points and around 2000 ranks. Second was that Pogba once again returned big which did quite a bit of unexpected damage to my rank. He now has 4 goals and 3 assists in the 3 games since Mourinho left which is pretty insane, though it is against 3 defensively poor teams.


My Sane > Son transfer was a success as Sane was benched and so I gained 4 points thanks to that transfer and it now means I avoid the tough Liverpool fixture for Sane. As great as my plans were two weeks ago Pogba’s incredible transformation of form has made me once again change my mind. I decided to go with a more “sideways” move of Martial > Pogba and then Kenedy > Gunnarsson for a -4 to enable the Alisson transfer next gameweek. So my future plans will now likely be Patricio > Speroni and Fabianski > Alisson for a -4 next week and then Son to someone the week after.

Unrelated to my specific transfers, someone I’d recommend keeping an eye is Dominic Solanke from Liverpool who seems to be heading to Palace. He’s a very good striker and I think he’ll do well at Palace with regular game time (which he will get in my opinion) so he could be a great 3rd striker option at £4.7m from Gameweek 24.

Bench Decisions:

This week I’ve decided to bench Ings versus Chelsea away as my first choice, Wan-Bissaka versus Wolves away as my second choice and Gunnarsson as my third choice (which I expect will be a regular occurrence now). I’ve decided to play Alexander-Arnold away against City as I think he offers good attacking threat down the right hand side and with the out of position Zinchenko being the LB I’d expect Alexander-Arnold to be used down that right side a lot. I may switch him and Ings round but for now I’m going with Alexander-Arnold as I have a lot of faith in the Liverpool defence, or maybe bias… guess we shall see! Also gone with Fabianski over Patricio this week as Brighton have only scored 7 away from home and generally don’t travel too well, plus Fabianski seems to make more saves so he’s more likely to get save points and bonus.


I’ve gone with Kane once again this week. I think Cardiff are there for the taking, even at their own ground and it wouldn’t surprise me to see 4-5 goals for Spurs on Tuesday evening. Aubameyang is

another decent option but I think people are forgetting the major defensive improvements of Fulham in recent weeks under Ranieri. Fulham have only conceded 1 goal in their last 3 games and that was against a good Wolves side so that is why I won’t be captaining Aubameyang.

Good luck with gameweek 21.

Transfer summary:  Martial > Pogba and then Kenedy > Gunnarsson

Fantasy premier league team tips GW21

Prakhar Patel

Prakhar finished in 17th overall in fantasy premier league last season.  An amazing achievement

GW20 points: 55 (average 50) Total points 1,257 Gameweek rank 2,156k, Overall Rank: 14k, no rank movement, Team Value: £102.8m

After what I consider as a pretty decent game week,I’ve decided to carry on the free transfer.This is purely to bring Salah in GW22 which seems almost certain now.  The captaincy this week is on Hazard having a home fixture against Southampton.That’s it.

Good luck everyone and may your arrows be green!

Transfer summary:  Carrying over the free transfer

Fantasy premier league team tips GW21


Keith Spencer

Keith finished with a 3k OR last season, an incredible OR of 325 in 16/17 and 9k in 15/16.

He is one of the 10 top FPL managers I follow weekly who’ve finished the last 3 seasons in the top 10k OR.

GW20 points: 56 (average 50) Total points 1,240 Gameweek rank 2,008k, Overall Rank: 26k, red arrow 1k, Team Value: £103.0m

Already taken a -8 for next week. Had to get Man U coverage. They look unstoppable at the moment. Maybe it’s in the drinking water from city to United now.

Transfer summary:  Alonso Richarlison Jimenez Ederson for Lovren Pogba Fabianski and Rashford

 Fantasy premier league team tips GW21


Mikael Danielsen

Mikael finished 100k OR last season and 5k in 16/17

GW20 points: 61 (average 50) Total points 1,202 Gameweek rank 1,283k, Overall Rank: 83k, green arrow 19k, Team Value: £104.8m

I want to get rid of Alonso before and was targeting Anderson.

Had to make the transfers early to beat the pricechangings, so with my 2FT I did:

Alonso, Snodgrass and Patricio -> TAA, Anderson, Button.

 Fantasy premier league team tips GW21

Sergio Torija

Sergio finished with an OR of 17k last season and 21k in 16/17

GW20 points: 54 (average 50) Total points 1,107 Gameweek rank 2,212k, Overall Rank: 689k, green arrow 32k, Team Value: £102.3m

A decent week in FPL, 7 returns but none double digits.  Looking at 3 transfers for -4.  Dunk to Digne already done.  Then want to bring in Hazard but it’s for who?  2 have to go of Anderson, Martial, Son and Lacazette.  Hazard will be my captain

Help me decide with this poll

Good luck all.

Transfer summary:  Dunk out Digne in.  more TBC

Fantasy premier league team tips GW21

Scott Hargadon

Scott finished with an OR of 70k and 21k OR in 16/17.

GW20 points: 54 (average 50) Total points 1,137 Gameweek rank 2,336k, Overall Rank: 390k, green arrow 16k, Team Value: £102.7m

Sane out. Pogba in. Pogba’s numbers cannot be ignored; I went for him early at 8.0. Take that Mourihno; Pogba is showing his skills and his power and may be a season keeper now. I The savings sets up transfers of Balbuena to TAA and Patricio to Tom Heaton next week or over the next two weeks. Feliz ano Nuevo from beautiful San Miguel de Allende Mexico. Best wishes for a big week.


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