Fantasy premier league team tips GW26 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW26 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW26. In this part there’s Rick Porter, Sergio Torija, Costas Chari, Andrew Whitfield, and Stephen Troop

Fantasy premier league team tips GW26 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2

This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

See the part 1 contributors teams article here as well

Rick Porter

Rick’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 1k, 30k and 2k.

GW25 points: 55 -4 (FPL average 47) Total points 1,463 Gameweek rank 2,450k, Overall Rank: 67k, red arrow 16k, Team Value: £106.1m

Rick has used his triple captain chip

A relatively poor week where captain Salah made up the lion’s share of my 55 points. Sure it’s above average but, as many were pointing out on the FFGeek Slack channel last weekend, the overall average is pretty misleading as the many dead teams are dragging it down considerably. You’ll need to be scoring higher than ‘average’ to see green arrows if you’re dabbling in the upper end of the rankings so, bearing in mind I took a -4 as well, my comparatively diminutive score meant a certain rank drop.

I could get tangled up in my bad decisions going into this week – backing Vardy instead of dropping him, benching Aurier, taking a -4 for Aubameyang – but there’s little point. Barring Liverpool assets and some clean sheets there were very few points to be had and almost all sensible options available to me would have yielded a similar result. Even the Wildcard team I toyed with last week would have only scored me 5 extra points had I pulled the trigger.


Despite them underperforming this week I have no issues with the attacking portion of my squad, it’s my defence that’s causing problems.

Having Ryan instead of Pope/Henderson these last few weeks has cost me big and a single Liverpool defender just doesn’t cut it when so many other managers are doubled up and the clean sheets are plentiful. I have to say, though, that I see Ryan as far less a problem than the missing Liverpool asset. He’s more of an annoyance. His form is poor but his fixtures are decent and, in my view, he seems just as likely to return (or not) as either Pope or Henderson over the coming weeks. Besides, using transfers to bounce from one budget keeper to another so I can chase points that have already been won seems like a mug’s game. I think I’ll just stick with him until I either Wildcard or really have nothing better to do with my transfers.

Also, Lundstram not starting once again probably confirms the end of his usefulness as an FPL asset. His ownership, fixtures and accumulated value mean he’s been hard to let go of despite the warnings but if he’s not starting, and instead coming on for 20 minutes to grab a single point, then he’s a bench player at best for most managers.

Soyunchu and Rico just seem unable to keep clean sheets, so both are on my list for removal.

What next?

My planned transfer this week was to switch Aurier to Van Djik. A simple move that would get me the Liverpool double defence I want.

However, Aurier is currently the only defender I own other than Alexander-Arnold who’s actually performing (18 points over the last three weeks including an assist) so it feels foolish dropping him. His fixtures aren’t awful and Spurs did somehow manage to stop Man City scoring.

Considering what I said about Lundstram above, he’s certainly a more sensible asset to drop (though for Gomez rather than Van Dijk due to funds) but I want to give him one more week. You know… just to make sure he’s definitely lost his starting place. His massive ownership and the 0.6m value I’d lose demands I be extra sure it’s the right move. He’ll have to settle for a place on my bench this week and will be promptly transferred out as part of my blank prep if he doesn’t start again.

So now I’m eyeing up Soyunchu as the player to drop for Van Dijk instead. Looking at his stats I’m actually surprised by how poorly he’s performed recently and even more surprised that he’s somehow bled into the background of my team and avoided scrutiny and removal. He’ll certainly be tested in the Wolves match this week and would probably be on my bench against Man City in GW27, so it makes sense for him to step aside. His fixtures turn again come GW28, but there are better options so it wouldn’t be a huge loss.


After a bit more mulling about Vardy I hit the button on the Soyunchu swap to Van Dijk today, mainly so I could quit thinking about it and stop drawing up more elaborate plans that cost me points. We won’t be getting all the press conferences before deadline anyway, so there’s going to be more of an unknown element this week regardless of what you do. Hopefully there won’t be any big surprises.

Transfer Summary

Soyunchu OUT Van Dijk IN


There are some good options this week, but after his recent performances it’ll be Salah again. De Bruyne vice.

Here’s the team with the transfer made

Fantasy premier league team tips GW26

Sergio Torija

Sergio’s last 3 seasons were 596k, 17k and 21k

GW25 points: 57 (FPL average 47) Total points 1,501 Gameweek rank 2,060k, Overall Rank: 16k, red arrow 2k, Team Value: £103.8m

Sergio hasn’t used any of his chips

A poor gameweek for me with only the Liverpool trio returning, Thankfully Salah captaincy pushed me over the line for a total of 57 points and a small red arrow to 16K OR. The City game with the penalty saga was very frustrating to watch, Aguero could have easily ended with a 10 pointer, but it wasn’t to be. Also no Sheffield defence starts to hurt, particularly when my keeper manages an own goal.

With two transfers to use and no urgent fires in the team, I went into the week thinking about changes around the sides of the squad for the cheaper players. However Maupay benching decided me to go for the Ings move which is what I really wanted to make happen. The only realistic way to fund the move was Vardy out, so Jimenez comes in. Vardy might well soon return in place of Aguero, we shall see.

The captaincy seems clear for Aguero home vs a disastrous West Ham and being such a great differential. Salah at Norwich is obviously a great pick as well. The lineup as well is straightforward, Kabasele, Cantwell and Noble in the bench.

Good luck for a long GW26 Geekers!

Transfer summary:  Ings and Jimenez in.  Vardy and Maupay out

Here’s the team with transfers made

Fantasy premier league team tips GW26

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 84k, 29k and 27k

GW25 points: 78 on WC (FPL average 47) Total points 1,433 Gameweek rank 91k, Overall Rank: 166k, green arrow 121k, Team Value: £101.7m

Costas has played his 2nd wildcard and his triple captain chip

Boom GW25…!

The much anticipated superb gameweek came to fruition. Its always good to have a great gameweek after a wildcard..! This was the wildcarders gameweek as the wildcard rd template scored. 70+. I got 78 due to having Firmino instead of Jimenez but I only owned one Sheffield defender. This week a 121k green arrow (3rd in a row) sees me sitting on 166k OR from 307k 3 Gwks ago.

I made a last minute change to the team I submitted to the site. I transferred out traore and got Saint Maximin. I just couldn’t have only 2 differentials (Cahill, Firmino) and needed a third. He was unlucky not to get an assist or goals but I like seeing him play so I think the points will come.

Clean sheets from Newcastle, Sheffield and Liverpool helped. I still don’t regret getting Cahill in. Salah was sensational and so was Firmino.

I will be banking my transfer this gamweek as I think the team is in good shape. Saint Maximin will be given another 2-3 gameweeks. I believe GW26 will be the Aguero owners gameweek and I am sure I will be hiding behind the coach during that game. West Ham just aren’t ticking and Man City will want an emphatic rebound win.


Henderson vs McCarthy, I also have Stephens so doubling up on Southampton might be too much but Burnley do score far less than Bournemouth.. It will be a last minute call


Its between 3 Salah, De Bruyne and Aubameyang

I believe Mane will be back that will affect Salahs returns and they play away so he is my least favorite from the 3. De Bruyne has a great fixture and is due a double digit return (its been since GW20) but I fear some rotation after last nights defeat with Cup and CL games coming up. Aubameyang- great fixture and i think he would like to make a statement, he is also a good differential. Currently on Aubameyang but I’ll check the polls.

Transfer summary:  Carrying over a free transfer

Fantasy premier league team tips GW26

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 6k last season and 19k in 17/18

GW25 points: 68 on WC (FPL average 47) Total points 1,424 Gameweek rank 574k, Overall Rank: 208k, green arrow 71k, Team Value: £103.9m

Andrew has played his triple captain and 2nd wildcard

Well that definitely wasn’t a gameweek for strikers – not one of the top forty strikers in FPL found the net !!

GW25 review:

– 68 points on wildcard was good enough to stop a run of three red arrows, and bring a welcome green arrow of 71k that took me from 279k to 208k, so definitely a step back in the right direction. Unusual for only four “returners “ to bring a green arrow, especially with six of my seven attacking players blanking, but with all the strikers mis firing across FPL world, three clean sheets and a tasty 32 point captain haul were enough.

– It was actually looking even more encouraging on Saturday afternoon, four returners, including captain Mo, with a tea time Wolves attacking double up still to come, plus Aubamayeng and De Bruyne on Sunday, but it wasn’t meant to be. Jimenez and Aubameyang both had chances. It was a quiet Sunday all round and at least I somehow managed to dodge a big bullet and a potential big haul from Aguero.

So how did my wildcard team shape up ?? :


– My wildcard defence was built on the two teams with the most clean sheets this season, with great fixtures to match, and my plan is now to play 343 most weeks and double up on Liverpool and Blades defences. Both defences duly obliged with a shut out which was a great start. Liverpool now have an incredible nine clean sheets in ten games !! I didn’t quite land a full house of four clean sheets as I decided to give Lundstram one more chance to dispel fears of losing his place. I toyed with the idea of replacing him with a fellow blades team mate which would have boosted my score further but I decided Lord Lundstram was worth one more chance due to his undoubted attacking threat. So his benching and one point cameo meant three clean sheets instead of four, but the “double double up” started well. Bringing in Henderson and Robertson on wildcard paid immediate dividends !!

– I did consider playing Lascelles in a back four instead of Ings or Traore, which would have also added extra points, but I wanted to play my attacking front seven, especially as Traore saves his best for the bigger teams and in form Ings was back at his former club.

– The defensive “template” of Lundstram, Kelly and Soyuncu ( with Trent Alexander Arnold) is looking a bit fragile now with The Lord and Kelly losing their places and Leicester having now kept just one clean sheet in 13 games in all competitions !! I am very happy to have got ahead of the curve defensively with the Pool and Blades double ups and with the attackers failing to fire last week, those clean sheets proved to be the difference.

Both Lascelles and Stephens are secure starters who carry an attacking threat, with good fixtures so I am very happy that I have points from the bench if required.


– You can’t ask for much more than 32 points from your captain. I am very pleased to now have Salah spearheading my Liverpool triple up and to not have the same headaches about who to captain between Mane and Salah, that stressed me so much in the double gameweek . Salah looks right back to his best, so if he can keep firing the goals and the defence holds firm, I am very happy with the three Liverpool assets that I now have.

Three blanks from Grealish, Traore and De Bruyne was disappointing. But I want Man City coverage so De Bruyne is going nowhere, especially with West Ham at home next. Wolves have some good fixtures to come. Grealish always looks a threat and had great weekend stats. With Traore carrying a shoulder injury, Mooy is more than capable as a deputy.


– The big gamble of my wildcard was Aubameyang for Vardy. A gamble because Aubameyang is only 16% owned and represents a huge ranking opportunity, against 39% owned Vardy who represents a huge ranking risk !! It was blanks for both at the weekend in round one. Vardy now has only 10 points from his last 7 gameweeks which is an obvious concern !! I am hoping that with Vardy now having Wolves and Man City, that Aubameyang can drive home that ranking boost opportunity with back to back home games against Newcastle and Everton before I decide whether to flip back to Vardy when Aubameyang has no game in GW28 and Vardy has Norwich . So round one of the gamble was a draw. I didn’t particularly like what I saw from Arsenal at Burnley so a two game punt on Aubameyang might be enough. The next two games from Aubameyang are crucial as he is the biggest attacking differential sword in my team. I need his goals from these next two games.

– Similar blank disappointment for Jimenez and Ings but as with Aubameyang, the fixtures look great. Jimenez is consistent and fixture proof but has a lovely set of fixtures coming up including three home games with Norwich, Brighton and Bournemouth, with trips to West Ham and Villa in there too. Ings looked great in the cup midweek, capping it with a goal, and he now has Burnley, Villa, West Ham, Norwich and Newcastle !! With Vardy mis firing, Rashford and Tammy injured and struggling, I certainly have three top strikers with the perfect fixtures.

– There is a certain striker in blue that I fear greatly in GW26 when City take on West Ham. I am not sure if Mr Guardiola is a regular reader on Fantasy Football Geek but I am assuming he is. In which case, “ please Pep, Sergio needs to put his feet up and rest against West Ham, the title is over, its Jesus turn to play and think of the champions league, you know it makes sense”….

So what next:

– We now have a strange gameweek which is spread over two weekends, with four games this weekend and six on the following weekend. Is that really called a winter break ??

– I have 0.3M in the bank and one free transfer. My transfer this week is an easy one. Lord Lundstram is out and I am replacing him with O’Connell to keep the blades defensive double up intact. Budget constraints and my personal sell price on Lundstram prevent me getting Stevens or Baldock. Bournemouth at home is another good fixture.

GW28 needs attention:

– I have one eye firmly on GW28 when I have five GW28 blankers when we lose two fixtures to the league cup final. McCarthy will step up as bench keeper that week, I still intend to hold and bench De Bruyne and now O’Connell , which means I will move on both Grealish in GW28 and probably Aubameyang, both of whom have no game, with Vardy coming back in for Leicester v Norwich that week . It’s very important you plan ahead now and make sure you have at least 11 players on the pitch, and probably 12 available in GW28.


– The fixtures look good in GW26, with Salah facing Norwich, De Bruyne has West Ham and Aubamayang has Newcastle, so three great captain choices. I am likely to stick with Salah for the armband. He is the man in form, playing the leagues bottom team. His game comes just before a crunch European tie so hoping that’s not a spanner in the works.

A tv bonanza:

It’s going to be a LONG gameweek spread over the next two weeks. Of course we only get to hear eight of the twenty press conferences before we have to commit to our line ups, which is not ideal. Apparently all ten games are at different times and all ten are live on either Sky or BT in the UK so the positive is that we get to see every game and a lot of football !!

Transfer summary:

Lord Lundstram out and O’Connell in.

Good luck everyone in GW26

Here’s his team with transfer made

Fantasy premier league team tips GW26

Stephen Troop

Stephen’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 43k, 52k and 64k

GW25 points: 63-4 (FPL average 47) Total points 1,421 Gameweek rank 1,256k, Overall Rank: 224k, green arrow 14k, Team Value: £103.4m

Stephen has used his triple captain chip

An average week where I rose from 238k to 224k. Captain Salah did the business but pretty much everyone had him. I took a hit to take out Mane and Rico for Traore and Alexander Arnold. I had gone too long without Alexander Arnold and with Mane out, wanted the double defence. This just about paid off with the Liverpool clean sheet but Traore blanked. I found the choices of Mane replacements slim but by downgrading this far, I’m able to bring in Ings for Greenwood this week.

So easy transfer decision this week. Greenwood to Ings. Ideally I’d like to get in Stevens of Sheffield United to replace Lundstram as now it appears he has lost his place but I’m not willing to take a -4 for it. captain Salah again, vice Vardy.

Good luck all

transfer summary:  Greenwood to Ings

Follow Stephen on twitter here

Here’s the team with transfer made

Andrew Pratt

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 1k in 17/18

GW25 points: 58 -4 (FPL average 47) Total points 1,400 Gameweek rank 2,014k, Overall Rank: 367k, red arrow 12k, Team Value: £104.6m

Andrew has used his triple captain chip

Thoughts on Gameweek 25

Liverpool marches on and a triple up remains sensible for now. My move for Aguero almost paid off but it was ultimately a frustrating red arrow on a week I could’ve made up serious ground if it were not for some miraculous Spurs goalkeeping and Pep’s new penalty strategy / ongoing fraudulence. In contrast it went well for owners of Spurs defence and Son on a rare week I had no fear of not owning them. The FPL gods work in mysterious ways. Elsewhere (and gleaned from highlights only) Grealish, Barnes and Sheffield United defence looked good. Lundstram lost his place again and is now a worry.

Thoughts on Gameweek 26 and beyond

I don’t see the need for me to wildcard now, although I see many others are refreshing their teams for the run in. If it wasn’t for the ongoing lack of points, I might actually think my team is quite strong! I’m hoping to benefit by holding the wildcard back until around gameweek 33 if possible, and then bench boost in gameweek 34.

This gameweek is a weird one with games spread over 10 days so I suspect the bench will be called into action as there’ll no doubt be injuries and news which we’ll hear after the deadline and too late to react on.

I’ll give Lundstram one last chance instead of using my single free transfer this gameweek to move him out. I now want to hold my transfers to best utilise them on gameweek 28 in which I currently have 5 non-players.

I’ll probably gamble on Aguero starting and captain him. It’s a small comfort that his game is early in the gameweek so he’s got less time to be injured. I’m not sure the logic stacks up they should score highly against West Ham. Salah will probably be the highest captained player but I need to now take a risk to try and make up ground.

Keep your eye on the doubles and blanks on the horizon. Good luck, all

transfer summary:  Carrying over a free transfer

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