Fantasy premier league team tips GW29 – FFGeek contributors show their GW29 teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW29 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW29. In this article we’ve got Jordan Sadler, Rob Reid, FPL Word and Robert Cosgrove

Fantasy premier league team tips GW29 – FFGeek contributors show their GW29 teams part 2

Here’s part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

You can see our part 1 contributors article here

Jordan Sadler

Jordan finished with an overall rank of 76k last season

GW28 points: 49 (average 53) Total points 1,776 Gameweek rank 3,784k, Overall Rank: 3k, red arrow 1k, Team Value: £105.7m

Jordan has used his 2nd wildcard

 Gameweek 28 review:

Strange gameweek for me if I’m honest. It really didn’t feel like a bad gameweek but I managed to drop 1k places now down to 3.5k. Really need a good week this week if I want to start pushing towards the top 1k again but we shall see with that. Tuesday wasn’t a good day with all 4 of my playing players not returning. Richarlison wasn’t involved in any of the 3 Everton goals, Jimenez blanked and Huddersfield scored in the last minute to ruin my Doherty return. Leicester conceded (again) so this Pereira transfer for Digne really hasn’t worked well for me but you win some and you lose some.

Wednesday was a lot better with Robertson getting 2 assists and a clean sheet and Alisson getting a clean sheet. But somehow they were the 3rd and 4th best Liverpool defensive returns in the gameweek with Trent getting 3 assists and Van Dijk scoring 2 goals. I also had Aubameyang and Pogba return as well so all in all it felt like a good day but I guess Salah my captain not returning even though Liverpool scored 5 may have had some effect on my 1k drop. It was also annoying that Rashford came on as that cost me 4 points with Luiz being my sub to come off the bench. But you win some and lose some and this week was unfortunately another loss but hopefully we can recover this week as I do have a strong set of fixtures this week.

Gameweek 29:


Right now I haven’t done any transfers but due to the Aubameyang price drop and Aguero price rise I can no longer afford Milivojevic or Pedro when bringing in Aguero and so I’ll likely bring in Almiron for Richarlison as a bit of a differential. Reason I’m thinking Almiron is his stats in America were excellent with 24 goals and assists in 37 games and he’s produced pretty decent underlying stats in his first two full games for Newcastle. However this may change as I’m going to do an in depth transfer plan to see how I want to play things now that there is likely to be excellent Man City fixtures for GW32. It’ll likely still be the same as those fixtures are why I’m bringing Aguero in but it still requires some more thought. I’ll update on twitter what my final decision is.


My subs this week were quite tough. Right now I have Wan-Bissaka vs Burnley away, if I do the transfer Almiron vs West Ham away and Puncheon vs Brighton away as my subs. The alternative is subbing Pereira vs Leicester but currently I have him in due to his attacking prospects. Again I will confirm this on twitter later.


This week I’ll be captaining Aguero I think. The alternative is Pogba but I think Aguero for the moment.

Transfer summary:  To be confirmed on twitter

Fantasy premier league team tips GW29

Rob Reid

Rob finished with a rank of 94k last season 22k in 16/17 4k in 15/16 and 7k in 14/15.

GW28 points: 66 (average 53) Total points 1,614 Gameweek rank 1,203k, Overall Rank: 247k, green arrow 49k, Team Value: £104.2m

Rob has used his 2nd wildcard and his triple captain chip.  See also Rob Reid’s GW29 player picks

GW28 review

Another good week and a 6th consecutive green arrow since my GW23 Wildcard but I can’t help thinking that I kind of got away with things a bit this week. By Geek’s metrics, 5/11 returns was decent and I was just outside 1 million for the weekly rank which is also ok. I certainly got lucky mind! Liverpool and Arsenal both notched up 5 goals each so how Salah and Aubameyang got 0 and 1 return a piece is beyond me. This therefore meant that of the 3 popular captain choices, I lucked out by picking Aguero, who scored the winning the goal that also handily netted him 3 bonus points for a total haul of 18 points for my team.

The biggest slice of fortune though came in defence and it was from a player who’s become a bit of a talisman for me this season after what looked like a rash decision to take a -4 to bring him in all the way back in GW12. Step forward Virgil Van Dijk. I think I’ve said that a few times this season, but his haul of 2 goals, a clean sheet and 2 bonus points really was remarkable. Let’s just say that you know it’s your week when a defender bags you 20 points!

As for the rest, my other 3 returns were a clean sheet from Alisson and assists from the United duo of Shaw and Pogba. A couple of black marks – one was benching Bednarek’s clean sheet and the other was a late goal conceded by Wolves costing a clean sheet and what was looking like a full set of bonus points. The Wolves defence sadly has been a bit of a honey trap this season. Doherty has been great for attacking returns, but it’s been frustrating owning any of the others – I should have learned my lesson with Patricio. Onto GW29 then!

GW29 Team

The other bit of good news is that I banked a transfer again last week so I’ve got 2 for this week and it’s all about continuing to get my Bench Boost squad ready for GW32. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m a bit tied up with which clubs I can pick from – I’m looking for clubs with guaranteed confirmed doubles in GW32 (likely City along with definitely United and Wolves) and probable doubles in 32 but also a game in 33 (Palace or Watford and possibly Southampton.) Also remember that I want to try and conserve my free transfer in GW32 to aid with the transition into GW33 so I need to try and have my Bench Boost squad ready by GW30, with me using my Free Hit in GW31 and thus being unable to make any further transfers that week. I’ve therefore got 3 transfers to use by the end of GW30 to finish off my Bench Boost squad.

Based on this, the players I need to transfer out are Puncheon (lost place in squad, no double GW32) and Son (possibly no double in GW32, alternative options preferable based on fixtures and form.) The other player who I will probably move on is Alisson. This may seem like a bit of an odd move seeing as he’ll have a fixture in GW33 and that the Liverpool defence has provided me a double clean sheet in the last 2 weeks, but I need the funds to upgrade Son to a top end premium midfield and he’s the best place to find the capital. It also means I can bring in a second keeper who has a good chance of a double in GW32.

For the players I’d like in, the keeper replacement would be straightforward – Guaita for Alisson. This would still guarantee me a GW33 keeper with Foster my other keeper at present. The Son replacement is where things get tricky – it’s between Hazard or Sterling with pros and cons to each. Hazard is cheaper so leaves me more money for replacing Puncheon,with Hughes or Ward-Prowse the likely cheapie transfer in. Hazard’s fixtures also look pretty good – Fulham away next could be a goal-fest. He’s also got a GW33 fixture so he would work as a transition player. The unknown is whether he’ll double in GW32, it depends on Brighton’s progress in the FA Cup and Chelsea’s progress in the Europa League. The other con is that his form is all over the place at the moment, a bit like his club.

Sterling costs more, so the only Puncheon replacement would therefore be Hojberg of Southampton. He also is likely to have no GW33 fixture, though he will probably have a double in GW32. The big plus side is that both City and him are in good form and I would fancy The Citizens to rack up some goals in the next few games. I also have to weigh up my GW33 teams. The Sterling option gives me 5 players for GW33 + 2FTS + another 2 if Palace get knocked out the FA Cup by Watford. The Hazard option gives me 6 players for GW33 (if I go for JWP) + 2FTs + another 2 if Palace get knocked out. So the Hazard option is slightly advantageous there. So it’s basically Hazard and Hughes/JWP vs Sterling and Hojber.! In the end I’ve gone with the form option in Sterling. He’s in for Son and Guaita comes in for Alisson to fund this. I’ll then likely do Hojberg for Puncheon next week.

A few decisions to be made in team selection as I have the FPL novelty of a fully fit squad to choose from! First up goalkeeper – Foster at home to Leicester with their new manager bounce or Guaita away to Burnley? I’ve gone with the home option here, although I think The Foxes will be up for this one. Next up defence – 2 home players in Jonny and Shaw with the talismanic VVD; AWB and Bednarek are on the bench. Now the trickiest one – captain. I suspect Aguero may have his minutes managed, especially now Jesus is fit. Salah has been firing a few blanks of late so it looks like a straight fight between Pogba and Sterling. I’ve got a good feeling about Pogba this week so the armband is on him.

All the best for this week folks and may your arrows be green!

Transfer Summary:  Sterling in for Son out and Guaita in for Alisson out

 Fantasy premier league team tips GW29

FPL Word

FPL Word finished 35K OR in 17/18. 9k in 16/17, 1k OR in 15/16, 5k OR in 14/15

GW28 points: 60 (average 53) Total points 1,721 Gameweek rank 2,089k, Overall Rank: 21k, green arrow 2k, Team Value: £104.3m

FPL Word has all his chips intact

hi, doing TAA and HAZ in for Kolasinac and Son… have just enough funds. Captaining Hazard… wish me luck :)

 Fantasy premier league team tips GW29

Robert Cosgrove

Robert finished with an OR of 20k last season and 23k in 16/17

GW28 points: 46 (average 53) Total points 1,632 Gameweek rank 4,262k, Overall Rank: 177k, red arrow 32k, Team Value: £103.4m

Robert has all his chips in place.

Abaumeyamg out for Vardy, McCarthy for Fabianski

This is the team pre those transfers.

Fantasy premier league team tips GW29

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 Fantasy premier league team tips GW29

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