Fantasy premier league team tips GW3 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW3 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW3. In this part there’s 6 with Joseph Crilley, Rob Reid, Scott Taylor, Ben Wooton, Rob Cosgrove, and Alex Ball

Fantasy premier league team tips GW3 – FFGeek contributor’s teams part 2

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This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

See the part 1 contributors teams article here

Joseph Crilley

Joseph’s last 3 seasons OR were 28k, 7k and 13k

GW2 points: 48 (average 41) Total points 132 Gameweek rank 1,435k, Overall Rank: 482k, green arrow 187k, Team Value: £100.1m

It was some comedown for the majority of FPL managers last time out following the highs of GW1 and I was no exception as my team was barely able to score half of what it did in the first week. However, it wasn’t so bad in the context of the gameweek meaning 48 points was enough for a 190k rise in rank. 4/11 returners isn’t the greatest, but a double-figure haul from Digne certainly helped while there were also returns from Wilson and Sterling. However, I was most pleased with the 8 points from Lanzini who was the ‘punt’ in my GW1 team and he looks key to the West Ham attack who now enter a nice fixture schedule.

That starts with a trip to Watford this weekend and his return last week means that he never entered my thoughts for the use of my two transfers. The same could not be said for Fraser after blanking against two of the promoted sides so he was straight onto the chopping block with a fixture against City beckoning. After watching the Spurs game on Saturday, I made a quick decision that KDB was needed in my team – he looked fully fit, sharp and back nearer his form of two seasons ago. Bringing him in meant that I needed to raise an additional 1.5mil and I had a few options.

The Liverpool defence has come under much scrutiny in the FPL community over the last few days and, while I do have my worries, I am not prepared to quit on the double up just yet; the attacking threat is enough for me to keep hold. Up front, Wilson had been selected in my original team as a potential future fund-raiser, but Pukki was the only replacement that I would like and his price was just out of reach.

Therefore, Wilson has been given a stay of execution for now and it is Perez who has been sacrificed instead. He appears to not be quite settling in at Leicester and to be on the periphery of their attacks, so he has been transferred out for Norwich’s Cantwell. He has created a significant number of chances over the opening two weeks (only KDB has created more) and should be nailed after Hernandez’s freak home injury. He only costs £4.5mil and my plan is to rotate him over the next few weeks with the Brighton defender, Montoya.

Captaincy is interesting this week and that’s without having Harry Kane in my team! My decision is Sterling vs Salah and I’ll be going against my projection model by selecting the former as I fancy City to bag goals against Bournemouth following the form that they’ve showed so far. I do fancy the Liverpool game to be high scoring, but Sterling seems to be the man with the golden touch; let’s see if it continues on Sunday!

All the best to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

Transfer summary:  Fraser and Perez out.  De Bruyne and Cantwell in

Fantasy premier league team tips GW3

Scott Taylor

Scott finished with an overall rank of 1k last season and 12k in 17/18

GW2 points: 41 (average 41) Total points 117 Gameweek rank 2,885k, Overall Rank: 1,529k, red arrow 86k, Team Value: £100.1m

So, an underwhelming GW2! Just 3 returners and no captain returns. A red arrow and a 1.5 million overall rank. Not where I’d like to be. However, I have resisted the urge to wildcard or take a points hit. For me, 2 game weeks is not enough information yet to wildcard and I really don’t like taking point hits. Plus I chose my current players for a reason and want to give them more than two weeks before I move them on. That said, some of them are on probation for the next 2 game weeks when I’ll look to move them on either via a wildcard or with the 2 free transfers I’ll have then.

This week, I wanted KDB in my side and wanted Fraser out. I only have 1 City player and that is not enough given their attacking form and fixtures. KDB has looked good in the first 2 game weeks and so in he comes. I hope he doesn’t get dropped now! Fraser hasn’t performed in 2 easy fixtures so he goes out. As above, I don’t like taking points hits so wanted to fund getting KDB in with one other transfer. The obvious one for me was getting rid of the Liverpool double. They’ve not been great so far (admittedly only 2 game weeks) and Alisson’s injury won’t help. Given the additional 0.5m available to cope with price fluctuations and the fact I think he may still be rotated, TAA was the one to go. Lundstram comes in as the in form 5.0m or below defender playing out of position.

My remaining issues long term are Kepa, Rico, KWP, Perez and Jota. Rico can wait as he’s just bench fodder. Kepa and Perez get two more weeks as they have decent fixtures. I think Jota will come good but if he doesn’t, he’s easily changed to e.g. Pukki or Barnes. KWP has not been great so far but I think he’ll get attacking returns and clean sheets in time especially given the fixtures, it’s all about whether he keeps his place so he’s one to keep an eye on. Digne is my short term issue but, given his form, I’m happy to bench him if necessary until he’s back.

Some of the players I’m currently tracking as transfers in are any of the 4.5m keepers (to generate funds) AWB, Montoya, Martial, Cantwell, Ndombele, Ceballos, Barnes, Pukki, Kean. There are probably loads more but that’s who springs to mind whilst I’m writing this.

In terms of the team for GW3, my only debate was Dendoncker or Lundstram. Given his points last week, Lundstram gets the nod although he’ll probably get nothing this week now! Captain is Sterling which would have been the case regardless of the polls.

Hope GW3 is good to everyone.

Transfer summary:  Fraser out and KDB in.  Alexander Arnold out and Lundstram in

Fantasy premier league team tips GW3

Ben Wooton

Ben finished with an overall rank of 61k last season, 26k in 17/18 and 31k in 16/17

GW2 points: 57 (average 41) Total points 137 Gameweek rank 459k, Overall Rank: 287k, green arrow 744k, Team Value: £100.2m

I kicked myself by saving my transfer in week two, my one thought had been to get Pukki in for Wood. Luckily Lundstram was played instead so I scraped a few points back but I lost value.

I had to get Pukki this week, mainly to get shot of Wood but also for his impending rise. My other buy options just had too many concerns Jota,Barnes,Haller, Kean etc and I wasn’t keen on spending on Rashford yet.

My other move was either going to be VVD, Siggy or Tielemans out. I quite fancy Man U vs Palace so went Martial in, sadly Siggy had to go as I’m happier with my back line for now.

Sterling is the capt choice this week rather than Salah. Feels a bit uninspired but up to 200k so it’s not been a bad start so far.

Transfer summary:    Wood out Pukki in and Sigurdsson out and Martial in


Fantasy premier league team tips GW3

Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW2 points: 62 (average 41) Total points 154 Gameweek rank 217k, Overall Rank: 30k, green arrow 186k, Team Value: £100.1m

GW2 review

Another intriguing gameweek, very different to GW1 in many regards. First of all we had only 2 clean sheets as opposed to the 9 in the opening weekend. No real thrashings either, with Norwich’s impressive 3-1 victory over Newcastle the only really comfortable win. And only one major high premium return – from Sadio Mane. As such, it was a pretty low scoring week and also therefore a good week to post a score well above the average, albeit somewhat fortuitously!

My team dilemma last week had circulated around who to leave out from Locadia, Wood and Lundstram and I wrongly chose the latter. Thankfully though this decision didn’t hurt me as Locadia stayed on the subs bench at the Amex and I was left keeping my fingers crossed for a clean sheet from The Blades on Sunday afternoon. In the end, it couldn’t have gone much better – not only did Lundstram keep a clean sheet, but he also scored the winner bagging me a bonus 14 points off my bench – result! Aside from this, the other main protagonists were Lucas Digne and Kevin De Bruyne with 11 points a piece. There were also returns from Sterling and Wilson but a captain blank from Salah amongst my other 6 blanking players.

So in a strange echo of last season, my first 2 gameweek ranks are almost identical – 216k for GW1 and 217k for GW2. (They were 280k for both GW1 and 2 in 2018-19 I seem to recall.) The big difference though is my overall ranking this season – 30k overall in GW2 is fantastic, my best start to the season ever and my first time ever leading the FFG contributors league. I’ll probably only be there for 1 week, but I’m delighted with a great (if lucky) start to the campaign and confidently move into GW3 with 2 free transfers…but we all know that in FPL things can change quickly and you’re only 1 week away from a disaster. And going back to mirroring last season, I really hope that things don’t turn in the direction they did last year!

GW3 Team

So I’ve a few issues going into this week. First up I have 2 non-players in Locadia and Guilbert. They are both lower value players in their category so are more difficult to shift though I’m not so bothered about them tying up space on my bench. Then I’ve got players out of form. Perez is the biggest worry here – Leicester have had 2 tricky opening fixtures and though they do get a bit easier now for a couple of weeks, he’s not showed much threat. Wood is another worry – Barnes seems to be hogging the points for The Clarets at the moment so I’ll need to keep an eye here. And then finally there’s Wilson – 2 assists so far is ok, but Bournemouth did have 2 theoretically easy fixtures to start and face City this week so he’s a concern. And finally there’s the possible injury to Lucas Digne although on Thursday Marco Silva has confirmed he’s available.

I’ve several players on my Watchlist this week. First up we need to talk about Teemu Pukki. He’s hit the ground running this season and his hat-trick was really impressive last weekend. 3 good finishes but some great stats alongside this as well. Yes the opposition weren’t great but it looks like his eye for goal is firmly in. There is concern about Norwich’s next 3 fixtures, but I actually kind of strangely like the next 2. GW3 opponents Chelsea will not be relishing a visit to Carrow Road and have looked far from solid at the back so far. Rudiger looks set to return this week which will help them, but I fancy The Canaries will cause them some bother. After that it’s West Ham away and they look far from comfortable at the back as well so for me the only fixture worry coming up is GW6 versus Man City. The other worry of course is that his price is steadily creeping up.

Next up on my radar there’s Man United – they’ve got some good short term fixtures and have looked in good form. Rashford and Martial are the standout attack options for me with good old Wan-Bissaka probably the best defensive option. I’ve decided I’d like to cover their attack. I’ve slightly preferred the look of Rashford over the first 2 games and he does seem to have pens now, but it’s difficult to ignore Martial who is 1 million cheaper and effectively an Out Of Position player with his listing as a midfielder. He’s too good an option to ignore, despite a somewhat streaky FPL past history.

So I’ve decided to bring in Pukki and Martial with Wilson and Perez the players making way. The other small concern I have here is that Zinchenko now has the shadow of Benjamin Mendy looming over him, but I’ll take the risk on sticking with the Ukrainian for the moment.

For my team selection this week I’ve got another 2/3 headache – I’ve got to leave 1 out from Lundstram, Dendoncker and Wood. I’m not keen to bench Lundstram again after last week so it’s Dendoncker versus Wood. I’m favouring starting the Burnley man at the moment but I’ll make the call after Wolves’ Europa League match on Thursday – if Dendoncker starts this then I’ll be more comfortable with this decision as he might then have his minutes managed on the weekend. Fairly straightforward captain call this week for me – Sterling gets the armband, though I’ll be watching the Spurs’ game on Sunday from behind the sofa as if I could afford him, I’d be giving Kane the armband against a Newcastle team that already look like prime relegation fodder.

All the best for this week everyone – hope you enjoy the games!

Transfer summary:  Wilson and Perez out.  Pukki and Martial in.

Rob Cosgrove

Rob’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 45k, 40k and 23k

GW2 points: 42 (average 41) Total points 125 Gameweek rank 2,643k, Overall Rank: 890k, red arrow 140k, Team Value: £100.1m

I have taken a 4 point hit for 3 transfers this week:

VVD -> Luke Shaw;
Tielemans -> Martial;
Holebas -> Lundstram.

I could have avoided the hit by taking Robertson out but I am not ready to take him out yet considering his assist count last season (a decision which could haunt me!) I chose Shaw over AWB because for me he gets forward more and is a differential at less than 5% ownership (another decision which could go against me!) But at this stage the risks are worth taking!

Deeney is on his last chance too…

Captain Sterling due to his love of scoring against Bournemouth!

Alex Ball

Alex’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

GW2 points: 39 (average 41) Total points 115 Gameweek rank 3,373k, Overall Rank: 1,712k, red arrow 269k, Team Value: £100.1m

I’ve used my wildcard.  This is my team to date.  Just the Wan Bissaka and Haller positions I’m unsure of

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