Fantasy premier league team tips GW30 – FFGeek contributors show their GW30 teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW30 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW30. In this article we’ve got Jordan Sadler, Rob Reid, FPL Word and Robert Cosgrove

Fantasy premier league team tips GW30 – FFGeek contributors show their GW30 teams part 2

Here’s part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

You can see our part 1 contributors article here

Rob Reid

Rob finished with a rank of 94k last season 22k in 16/17 4k in 15/16 and 7k in 14/15.

GW29 points: 38 (average 40) Total points 1,652 Gameweek rank 3,783k, Overall Rank: 273k, red arrow 26k, Team Value: £104.5m

Rob  has used his 2nd wildcard and his triple captain

GW29 review

I’m sorry it’s a bit of a shortened write-up this week as I’m away in the beautiful Welsh valleys for a wedding this weekend. First up a quick look at last week. My run of green arrows finally came to an end – only 3 returns and a captaincy disaster from Pogba. The missed penalty effectively cost 15 points with Rashford missing out on an assist as well. You win some, you lose some!

Couple of other problems that have cropped up since last week. First up my transfer in of Guaita has been a bit of a disaster as he seems to have lost his place to Hennessey. Next up, I’ve got 2 of my potential GW32 Bench Boost squad walking a fine line with suspension – Shaw on 9 yellows and Mili on 8. Nervous times regarding these. Because of this, I’m staying a bit fluid as to my GW32 Bench Boost and still have the option of using it in GW35 if I’ve players out or there are further surprises with the fixtures. We’ll see.

GW30 Team

Replacing Puncheon with someone who’s possibly got a double in 32 and a fixture in 33 was this week’s plan and I’m sticking with that. It’s therefore a boring sideways transfer of Puncheon to Hojberg with little other option in this limited price bracket. The Guaita situation is slightly frustrating as it looks like I’ll be stuck with Foster in goals this week. I’ve put the Palace stopper in but I don’t expect him to play.

Otherwise selection is fairly straightforward. Hojberg is joined on the bench by Bednarek and Jonny. For captaincy it’s a straight fight between the in-form Aguero and the out-of-form but probably more fancied Salah. This looks like one of these 50/50 calls which could make or break your gameweek – I’m going for the form option so Aguero gets the nod.

Best of luck this week everyone and may your arrows be green!

transfer Summary;  Puncheon out Hojbjerg in

 Fantasy premier league team tips GW30

FPL Word

FPL Word finished 35K OR in 17/18. 9k in 16/17, 1k OR in 15/16, 5k OR in 14/15

GW29 points: 57 (average 40) Total points 1,774 Gameweek rank 393k, Overall Rank: 16k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £104.3m

FPL Word has all his chips in place

My chip strategy is still subject to potential changes, but for now the plan is to play FH in GW32, WC in GW34, BB in GW35 and TC in GW38.

Apart from bringing in Boruc, I am buying Brooks and David Silva for Pogba and bench fodder Choudhury. I have the exact amount of cash for it. Here’s my line-up for GW30:

 Fantasy premier league team tips GW30

Before the transfers I only had 7 BGW31 players and want to field a full 11, so I’m not shy about taking hits. You’ll notice that Silva isn’t playing in BGW31. That’s right, he’s not. But he has a home game vs. Watford now.  Watford are a fine side, but they won’t defend as deep as Bournemouth last week.

Given that City will want to maintain their good run after overtaking Liverpool, I can see them scoring a few goals.

Looking at Silva alone, his shot and chance-creating stats in the last six are better than Sterling’s (yes, really), while KdB’s injury only plays to his FPL advantage.

To be honest, I can’t understand why Silva has featured in so few FPL gameplans I’ve seen on TT and elsewhere.

Moving on to the rest of my team, I’m getting Boruc for his fixtures (hud in 30, NEW in 31, BUR in 33), amazing price and form. Bournemouth are not as poor defensively as people tend to think, especially when playing at home. Brooks is cheap and very attacking.

For BGW31 I will make two transfers for a -4, getting rid of Doherty and Bednarek and bringing in defenders from BOU/NEW/BUR/WHU. I really like Smith and there’s a good chance he’ll be one of them. That will leave me with 4.5m for the second one. Lots to choose from.

With these three transfers this week and two in the next, I will field a strong side in GW30, and a full eleven in BGW31, with Aguero, D. Silva and Jimenez on the bench.

Re Jimenez, he stays, because I see him getting something away to Chelsea this weekend. I also a have lot of value stored in him and would find it difficult to buy him back for his great fixtures in GW34-37.

Rob Cosgrove

Robert finished with an OR of 20k last season and 23k in 16/17

GW29 points: 50 (average 40) Total points 1,682 Gameweek rank 1,159k, Overall Rank: 156k, green arrow 21k, Team Value: £102.5m

Rob has all his chips available

3 transfers this week taking an 8 point hit (not too happy about it) to maximise my coverage for BGW31. I feel these points will be returned this week though.

To summarise:
Doherty, Kolasinac, Deulofeu OUT
TAA, Pereira, Brooks IN.

Captain will be Salah as he is well overdue a big return and vs Burnley seems like the perfect opportunity!

 Fantasy premier league team tips GW30

Mikael Hietala

Mikael finished with an OR of 22k last season

GW44 points: 40 (average 40) Total points 1,587 Gameweek rank 2,340k, Overall Rank: 738k, green arrow 14k, Team Value: £100.1m

Mikael has used his wildcard

Here’s the team for GW30.

I’ve finally gotten a good run of results, and a little bit of fantasy football luck (Snodgrass and Schär have been excellent since the wildcard) has been very welcome. I won’t be making any transfers as I don’t see any glaring problems in the team and don’t want to tinker just for the sake of tinkering. Jimenez out was quite tempting, but Jimenez has delivered in tough games this season so he might just bag a goal at Stamford Bridge.



Transfer summary:  carrying over a free transfer

 Fantasy premier league team tips GW30

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 Fantasy premier league team tips GW30

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