Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW33 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2


Here’s our article where 4 FFGeek Contributors with their Fantasy Premier League team tips GW33. Each show their GW33 teams. There’s Rob Reid, Andrew Whitfield, Kev in Canada and Stephen Troop

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW33 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2

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This is part 2 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It won’t cover transfers in real time either. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.  The teams are shown as their “final-ish” teams so they could change.  Where they have twitter accounts I have shown this and they may update them there or on our Slack Channel which is part of our subscription Patreon site but this is not guaranteed

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Rob Reid

Rob’s last 5 seasons overall rank were 148k, 94k, 22k, 4k and 7k

GW32 Points:  71 -4   (FPL average 47) Total points: 2,101, Overall Rank: 18k, red arrow:  2k Team Value: £106.8m

Rob has used all of his Chips

Follow Rob on twitter here

GW32 Review

Another tough week after a nasty red arrow in GW31, but it could have been worse. I had to take a -4 to work Son into my team and this proved to be a sensible decision in the end with my other 2 Transfers In (Rudiger ad Iheanacho) also returning for an overall net gain of 21 points over my GW31 team. I lost a bit of rank on Kane despite Captaining him, but the damage was limited by him missing the second fixture, but I did get a lucky break with Cancelo not playing at all which brought an unexpected 6 points off my bench from Joel Veltman. Nice!

In the end a small red arrow that was mostly accounted for by my points hit. As I said, could have been worse especially had I not made my 3 moves. So I’m cliniging onto the coat-tails of the upper echelons of the Overall Rankings and I hope my mini-Wildcard last week has levelled the playing field a bit with the GW31 Wildcard crowd. I do however have an Alexander-Arnold sized hole in my defence which at some point I’d like to remedy and there are some doubts over a couple of players in my threadbare GW33 squad. Let’s have a look at my plans for this week then.

GW33 Team

1FT and £0.4m in the bank.

I’ve currently got 11 players with fixtures this week. Kane, Son, Cancelo and Areola all have blanks. I’d love to find a way to work Alexander-Arnold in this week, but it would mean probably hitting out Son and I’m not keen to do that with Spurs facing Sheffield United in GW34. Liverpool also have Man United in GW34 so as much as I’d like him for the Newcastle game this week, this move will have to wait until GW35 and I’ll use my 1 transfer this week to give me an additional bench player and (hopefully) a bit more security regarding getting 11 players out this week.

We’re awaiting news on Kane and if there’s any inkling that he’s out for a few weeks, he’s the obvious Transfer Out this week. However, if it looks like he’ll be fit for GW34 I wouldn’t want to sell him before the Sheffield United fixture where he will be heavily Captained I reckon. Therefore, I think Cancelo looks the best option to sell this week otherwise – particularly in view of his managed minutes.

I talked a bit about my plans for the next 3 weeks on this week’s Patreon Podcast so to clarify that, my likely plan is therefore to sell Cancelo this week, then roll my GW34 transfer. I’ll then use 2 transfers in GW35 to sell Son which in turn will generate the funds to bring in Trent Alexander Arnold. I will then have 1 transfer for GW36 which I’ll use (possibly with a hit) to ensure I have enough players to field a full 11 on what is looking like it will be a blank GW for the teams in the FA Cup final (provided the rumours about fixtures being moved to accommodate fans bear fruit.)

So back to this week then and my replacement for Cancelo therefore has to be firstly someone with a fixture this week, but also with an eye to GW36 as well. My favoured option fixture-wise is Leicester, with Castagne catching the eye on Thursday night. He’s likely to be my transfer in then, though it could leave me likely scrambling a bit with my transfers come the later blank though. I’ve not made the move yet and I’ll wait for Friday’s pressers to see if there’s any news on Harry Kane first.

Team selection this week is a bit more straightforward with limited players I guess. I’ve got a benching decision to make for someone – it’s probably going to end up being Konsa with me already having Martinez. It may well be he ends of playing anyway. Lingard came off injured at the end of GW32, though it sounded like just cramp but more worryingly there are some rumours circulating about Jota also being injured – we’ll see what comes up in the Pressers I guess, but I’d like to try and avoid a second consecutive hit if I can. One thing I’m not going to overthink this week though is Captaincy. Salah versus Newcastle looks too good an option to turn down and I’m pretty sure the FFGeek Captain Poll will reinforce this decision!

All the best for this week then folks and remember it’s another Friday deadline. Again I’m working on Friday so I may not get a chance to post my confirmed team on Twitter but I’ll try! Good luck.

Transfer summary: Likely Cancelo out for Castagne unless Kanes out for a longer spell

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW33

Stephen Troop

Stephen’s last 4 seasons overall rank were 86k, 43k, 52k and 64k

GW32 points: 78 on Triple Captain  (FPL average 47) Total points: 2,098 Overall Rank: 19k, green arrow 7k.  Team Value: £105.1m

Stephen has used all his Chips

Follow Stephen on twitter here

GW32 Review

A mixed bag of a week. I am writing this prior to Thursdays match between Leicester and West Brom and autosubs I have 66 points and have moved from 26.4k to 22.4k. This is ok, but with triple captain in play I was hoping for more of a jump.

The good was TAA’s 8 points, Rudiger’s 7 points (in conjunction with Azpilicueta and mendy being benched), Son’s 12 points and TC kane’s 36 points.

The bad was Kane’s injury preventing a potential huge rank jump, Stones’s red card, Gundo’s 1 point, Salah’s benching/1 point and DCL not recovering from his injury. Keeping the city duo on wildcard has been a disaster.

GW33 Review

So with the blanks this week, my focus was to hold my 2 FT to get rid of Gundogan plus one of the Spurs assets this week. Currently the plan is to get Lingard for Gundo to stop the damage he is doing to my rank and get Vardy in for Kane. We have no idea how serious Kane’s injury is, so would rather keep Son for more certainty going into GW34 as well.

I have considered Greenwood as well, but as I’m leading in some cash mini leagues, and Lingard is the main threat to this, then it makes more sense for me to be defensive.

This plan could change depending on the press conferences, and I’m waiting until more or less the last minute to make the transfers.

Captain will be Salah. Rested vs Leeds, chasing golden boot and Liverpool can’t afford to drop many more points in the chase for top 4. Newcastle defence is poor, although are fighting relegation and have improved as of late but would expect Liverpool to have plenty of chances to win comfortably still.

Good luck all

transfer summary: Gundogan and Kane out for Lingard and Vardy in

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW33

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 132k last season and 6k in 18/19 and 19k in 17/18

GW32 Points:  62 -4  (FPL average 47) Total points: 2,090, Overall Rank: 25k, Red arrow 7k, Team Value: £105.8m

Andrew has used all of his Chips

Follow Andrew on twitter here

Gameweek 32 summary:

Well a dramatic week both on and off the field, with the rise and fall of the European Super League and the sacking of Mourinho grabbing all the headlines.

But plenty happening on the pitch too with Man City conceding after 20 seconds, John Stones one of four players sent off, Harry Kane delighted triple captainers with a double before limping off and missing the second game of his double, goalkeeper rotation struck Leno, Mendy and Forster, and Areola lost his clean sheet in the 94th minute two weeks running !!

My GW32 score and rank:

62 ( -4 ) = 58 points. Five returners including a 24 point captain would normally trigger a green arrow but the raft of triple captains and some high scoring in the upper reaches meant a rank drop from 18k to 25k.

Returns from Kane ( C ), Son, Iheanacho, Rudiger and Lingard at least put some good points on the board.

As a “template manager”, I tend to be well protected against serious damage. I actually own 9 of the top 10 “most owned players” in the top 10k, the exception being Jota who blanked, making the rank drop surprising. The triple captains on Kane were obviously significant, with Trent also being a popular player just outside the template. The Stones red card didn’t help of course.

I knew when I was knocking on the door within 2 points of the top 10k having used all my chips, it was going to be tough to hang in there in the face of the GW31 wildcarders and GW32 triple captains. The shift in the template has proved very fruitful to late wildcarders and it’s taken me a couple of weeks to align my team and catch up, with a few lost points as a result. Hopefully I am still well placed for a strong finish over the remaining six weeks now that the bulk of the chips have been played.

My GW32 talking points:

Kane and Son contributed 36 of my points from their double gameweek. Like many others, even though Kane was my captain, his points had negative effect on my rank due to his high ownership and all the triple captains on him. So for him to miss the second game through injury was a welcome boost, especially after he threatened a monster haul after his first game double. Son left it very late to grab a goal and full bonus, which again had insignificant benefit with his high ownership levels at my rank, especially with the popular Reguilon assist. So in the end, the big Kane v Son captain battle was irrelevant as they tied at 12-12. The BIG question now is what to do with Kane and Son, who blank in GW33 but play Sheff Utd in GW34. More on that later…

My big call all week was to bring in Jota or Lingard, for Gundogan. I rather luckily got this right with Lingard scoring a late penalty with his only serious attempt all game, and he took it only because Noble left the field seconds before. I dodged a real bullet with Jota who could easily have scored three and was a proper handful. Jota was rumoured to have missed training on Thursday so that decision to go Lingard instead may have added gloss.

My two transfers in were Lingard and Rudiger who both returned. This week I took a hit and my incoming players outscored my outgoing players 14-2. Last week I also took a hit and my two incoming players outscored my outgoing players 20-9. So whilst I hate taking hits, and I take very few, I have done so to good effect, not only aligning my team with the shift in the template, but also with positive net points from the hits.

Rudiger starting and getting the clean sheet when Mendy and Azpiculeta didn’t was a bonus. He was pretty lucky to get the clean sheet with Brighton coming very close. But I had plenty that didn’t go my way. Stones getting a red card was as bad as it gets, from a game I optimistically hoped for a 0-0 with a Martinez masterclass. Bamford missed a one on one and hit the bar, Salah missed a great chance from the bench, and the Shaw & Fernandes double up almost combined for two assists and goals. Nearly. That’s FPL for you !!

Iheanacho rounded off the week with a goal in a game he could and should háve scored three. But the returns of Vardy and Castagne put his points in the shade so wiped out any benefit.

So what next:

I have one free transfer and 1.3M in the bank.

Much will depend on the managers press conferences on Friday . This was written before them, so bear in mind when reading this if it’s become quickly irrelevant and out of date !!

I have been carefully aligning my team to the “post wildcards template “ as well as making sure I can put 11 players on the pitch in the upcoming GW33, when four teams blank, including Man City and Spurs.

Jota was always my top priority transfer in this week. So I am keen to hear that Liverpool press conference after he skipped training. My hand has also been forced with the red card for Stones who in the absence of a successful appeal, will miss the EFL final plus two league games. There are also doubts that Raphinha will be fit to return this weekend. And I would like the security of 12 players in GW33 too. All of which affect my transfer planning this week.

Raphinha to Jota gets me the dream midfield five that was popular on wildcards – Salah, Jota, Fernandes, Son, Lingard. That was always the plan. So whilst there is a chance Jota could be rotated, and subject to him being fit, it’s a great entry point v Newcastle this week. I am 0.3M short of getting him in for Raphinha, but it’s a move that sets me up to where I want to be. Raphinha has some strong fixtures to finish but I still have Leeds cover with Bamford. So Raphinha to Jota Is my preferred move, even though it’s going to need another hit. All eyes on Mr Klopp.

So that’s three successive -4 hits, which I had largely expected to put my team where I want it. I don’t mind a hit which gives me the team I am happy with and sets me up for the remaining games. The fact my other hits have both immediately paid back is encouraging. I am virtually where I want to be to align with the shift in template.

I had looked at Areola to Forster to raise the required funds. But I see Martinez as set and forget, Forster has one double gameweek which is likely to be when Martinez doubles anyway, plus McCarthy was back in goal v Spurs. So I am looking to raise the funds elsewhere and the Stones injury has pushed me in a new direction.

Having disposed of Gundogan and Cancelo, I am now going “City free” so I don’t have any more Pep roulette. I can either go to Coady, Holding, Coufal or Phillips. The latter option provides most funds and covers the Trent clean sheet which is very appealing. It is probably my preferred move, but I don’t want to bring in a player that’s not 100% nailed after he missed the last game through injury. Liverpool also only have 3 clean sheets in the last 14 games. My alternative plan is therefore Stones to Coady. I have the exact funds. It’s a good entry point too.

Of course if Jota is ruled out, I need another plan. I could go Greenwood instead as a very low ownership differential. Leeds is a good fixture but then he has Liverpool next. He is far from certain to start against Leeds too. But he could be a good short term punt to then move to Jota. He is 0.1M more than Jota which would rule out Coady too. So that Phillips move is back on the table.

Let’s talk Kane and Son:

A lot of managers are looking to sell Son this week. But whilst Son blanks this week, he plays Sheff Utd straight after the blank, followed by Leeds. A Son “Hokey Cokey” might be tempting but it only takes other fires breaking out to mean a -4. Do you really want to use two precious transfers to move Son out and back in. Do you want to go without Son for Sheff Utd. Son I will likely bench this week for the blank.

Likewise, Kane to Vardy is very popular, either as a transfer or one week only move. In the absence of a longer term diagnosis on Kane, I prefer to bench him for the blank, see if he plays the EFL final. He might also be hard to get back if like me you have value tied up in him. I would have to sell for 11.4M and buy back immediately for 11.8M. And do you really want to go without Harry Kane v Sheff Utd or use two transfers on him out and back in ? There is a case for going Kane to Vardy in the possibility of Kane being out longer, especially with those Leicester fixtures. I haven’t ruled this out completely but I have Stones and Raphinha fires to put out that others considering this move don’t .

There is a case for using Son as a “cash cow” to get in Trent, who is the player I currently fear most. I am really struggling to find a way to include him. You can’t have em all but I sure wish I had Trent right now !!

I can review Son after he plays Sheff Utd and Leeds. The upshot is I want Kane and Son for those two games, just as much as I want Trent.

My GW33 team:

I won’t know my transfers until closer to the deadline which makes commenting on my team difficult.

I am going to captain Salah at home to Newcastle. He is rested after being benched. It’s a great fixture. I am looking forward to owning both Salah and Jota.

I am happy generally with the fixtures for my team this week, despite fielding ten. I do however have Lingard v Rudiger, and Bamford v Shaw, and if my first sub is required, I have Bruno v Dallas. So not ideal.

I am hoping that putting 12 players out this week will be a differential, as many will end up with 10 or less, with the number of high profile injuries coming at the worst time when four teams are blanking.

Transfer summary:

My likely moves are…..

Raphinha to Jota
Stones to Coady ( -4 )

Or… Raphinha to Greenwood
Stones to Phillips.

All eyes on that Liverpool press conference.

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

fantasy premier league team tips GW33

Kev in Canada

Kev finished 48k last season 6k in 18/19 and 195k in 17/18

GW32 points: 68 -4  (FPL average 47) Total points: 2,029, Overall Rank: 109k, red arrow 4k,  Team Value: £105.6m

Kev has used all his chips

Follow Kev on twitter here

Kane ➡️ Vardy

-Even if Kane plays in one of the biggest game in decades for Spurs this weekend, he could still be hurt and playing through it. The Blades game will be a doubt imo until that game kicks off. The blank we all know about.
-Vardy has good fixtures too. Doesn’t blank and a likely double
-the main issue is GW34 captain but Son can be the cap vs SHU just as well. I mean he is the third highest scoring player in the game right?
-Bottom line is Kane is a good asset, so is Vardy. They will both be highly owned and I think I will get 4 Vardy games in the next 3 weeks to Kane’s max 2 games.

Bruno with the C
Salah with the V

It’s a differential cap call it seems..
-I don’t like early Saturday morning captains. They can be a weekend vibe killer. So no Mo for me if there is another good option.
-Bruno got 17 last time out vs Leeds. His numbers are soft lately since Pogba is back but it is still Leeds. It’s the best possible fixture to cap a premium against imo.
-Even though Salah will have higher EO, Salah ownership is 33 and Bruno ownership is 57. I think the EOs will be closer than you think for all you EO prisoners. Ha!

I will take the Sunday game captain instead for an extra day of hope.

Let’s go!

Transfer Summary: Kane out and Vardy in

Here’s the team with transfer complete

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fantasy premier league team tips GW33
fantasy premier league team tips GW33

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  1. I’m not sure how the idea persists that Leeds is a ‘good fixture’. I know they attack a lot, but if you look at their recent scores, nobody is putting a lot of goals past them.

    • Leeds are very inconsistent at times. Man U put 6 past them away.
      Man u haven’t lost away this season. Maybe do more research.

  2. Perhaps Reviewer could put his name to the post? And also do his research? Last six games Leeds have conceded six goals. How long ago was it that Man U beat them 6-2????

  3. I’d get hold of a dictionary. Hindsight happens after the event. My first comment, before the game, said that the idea that Leeds are a soft touch is misplaced. Events proved that to be an accurate assessment. a medal would be nice, thanks.


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