Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW37 – 3 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2 


Here’s part 2 of our fantasy premier league team tips GW37 articles where 3 FFGeek Contributors show their teams for double gameweek 37. There’s Rick Porter, Andrew Whitfield and Costas Chari. Between them they have 11 top 1% finishes in the last 3 competitive seasons including 8 top 30k finishes.

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW37 – 3 FFGeek Contributors Teams Part 2 

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It’s worth noting that the teams shown may not necessarily end up being the final teams or the transfers may have been made in the days prior to the posting . It’s an informal situation to give you an idea of trends. However the FFGeek team and the Contributor tracker team mentioned above on the FFGeek Patreon site all make transfers as articles are posted. So you’re always up to date and live

Note I am changing from FPL average to the post hits 12 top Managers average  who have finished in the top 10K the last 3 seasons that I follow

Rick Porter

Rick’s last 5 seasons ORs were 1k, 29k, 1k, 30k and 2k.

GW36 points: 79 (12 Top managers average 101Total points: 2,414, Overall Rank: 42k, red arrow: 21k  Team Value: £104.2m

Rick has used all his Chips

Well, with no chips to use, I kind of knew it was going to be a bad week. I didn’t think I’d double my rank, but here we are with a 21k drop down to 42k. A lot of people got stung and fair few had their seasons saved by a seemingly endlessly debateable combination of skill, necessity, and good fortune.

De Bruyne

No doubt, De Bruyne captainers deserved those points. It was a brave move to go for him over Salah. Sure, he’s out of form, but with an EO of 180% the damage Salah can do to your rank is huge. If you were lagging behind in a mini-league and needed a last punt before the season ends then safe ol’ Salah simply wouldn’t have done it for you – chancing De Bruyne was the play and it worked out amazingly on this occasion.

As I was fairly happy with my rank, and wasn’t interested in taking a risk, I captained Salah and received his meagre captain points with most other managers. It’s mildly frustrating, as I was 50/50 on whether to spend four points bringing in De Bruyne via the ditching of Kane. Though, looking at it, I’d never have captained him, so my choice to roll my transfer only cost me 13 points. That’s not season ending. I’ve left more than that on the bench plenty of times. It didn’t help, of course, but the real hurt came in the form of Nketiah. A budget forward with an EO of 50% grabbing a brace on a popular bench boost week is a nightmare scenario.


Another week, another battle with chip users. It’ll be Free Hitters this time. Though, I’m hoping the threat is far lower. There are a number of good single week shouts that many Free Hitters will be squeezing in where budget allows and I have few of those covered. The main issue is the Salah, Son, De Bruyne midfield that’s sure to be popular. I only have the least in form of those three and I can’t get to the others without moving out other premium players and taking hits. I’ll live with it this week but I’ll probably have to find a way to Son in GW38 even if it means spending points. Son and Salah could be slugging it out for the Boot in the final week, so I’ll want both if that’s the case. For this week I just need to have faith in the assets I have. Kane, at least, has shown that he’s worth keeping hold of.


I have two FTs, so I should be able to get myself up to 4/5 doublers. Not the most popular ones, admittedly, but doublers all the same. I already have Coutinho, Dewsbury Hall (KDH) and Schmeichel and my initial thoughts are to swap Broja and Robertson for Richarlison and one of Cash/Digne/Mykolenko. I’d then bench either Kulu or KDH.

No transfers until Sunday though. Anything could happen and plans are likely to change.


Assuming I do the above. Captain probably Richarlison. Salah vice.

Transfer summary: Initial thoughts are Broja and Robertson for Richarlison and one of Cash/Digne/Mykolenko.

Here’s the team prior to any transfers being made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW37

Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

GW36 points: 105 -8 on Bench Boost ( 12 Top managers average 101) Total points: 2,371, Overall Rank: 89k, red arrow: 18k  Team Value: £104.4m

Follow Andrew on twitter here

Andrew has no Chips Left

Gameweek 36 review:

Well the biggest double gameweek of the season turned out to be a highly significant one, both in terms of the title race, and for FPL managers, with a huge variance in scores causing shock waves in mini leagues and overall ranks sky rocketing or free falling for many.

Man City took a giant step towards the verge of the league title, with two mammoth wins, scoring ten goals in the process, with that man Kevin De Bruyne the 30 point star of the show. By contrast, the most captained player, Mo Salah scored just 3 points in a double gameweek as Liverpool dropped vital points.

Spurs v Arsenal was the decisive game of the week in the battle for that 4th Champions league spot, with Spurs winning comfortably to ensure only one point now separates the pair.

Leeds are now in pole position to join Norwich and Watford through the relegation trap door after twice self imploding with early red cards in two costly defeats.

My GW36 score, rank and wrap up:

I went into the gameweek on the back of 6/7 green arrows and a rank rise from 226k to 71k over that period and playing the bench boost, so I was pretty confident I could make it 7/8 and then try hang in there against the free hitters this week. What I didn’t expect was a red arrow in a bench boost week when I had seven extra games sat on my bench.

I scored 105-8 = 97 points. I took a drop in rank from 71k to 89k, so not huge damage but any red on bench boost is disappointing. I did slip over 100k until Son and Dier saved me on Thursday.

My score was 7 points below the top 10k average. But put that in context, I had outscored the top 10k average by 20 points in three of the previous six weeks, during that great run. So it’s a setback and a correction. My rank is still well over half of where it was six weeks ago.

I had 8 “returners” from 15 players in play this week. The highlights were Son and Cancelo but they were my only players in double figures. So modest returns, although this week was all about too many popular players I DONT own hitting double figures.

My -8 point hit was far from ideal but necessary to put a viable bench boost together. As it happened, the three players I sold combined for just 2 points. The three I brought in scored 20 points. So my reluctant points hit actually yielded a net gain of 10 points. It definitely paid the hit nicely.

My four “weakest players” on my bench brought in a total of 19 points , so that’s a decent bench boost score in the end, even though Dier was my only returner.

I had been lauding my Liverpool triple up of Salah, Trent and Robbo in recent weeks. Robertson previously had 16 returns in 18 weeks. But a surprise Mo benching, a rest for Robbo and just 9 points between them in a double gameweek was not what the doctor ordered. I captained Salah like most.

The variance that had been in my favour recently turned against me. Alonso was outscored by James by 6 points, Robertson was outscored by 12 points by Laporte, and Schmeichel was outscored by both Foster and Pickford. But Son outscored Kane again !!

My Arsenal trio of Martinelli, Saka and Ramsdale underwhelmed in the double gameweek with Arsenal having now failed to get a clean sheet in the last ten games, even conceding against the ten men of Leeds this week.

A massive well done to those who bought Kevin De Bruyne, and especially those who captained KDB for his monster haul. It takes a certain type of manager to take on a 180% EO captain in Salah and all the huge rank damage that can bring. You deserve your rewards. Moments like that don’t come round often so enjoy the moment !!

Whilst the KDB points were huge, he was only 35% EO at my rank level, and only 18% owned in the top 10k. There were 16 more highly owned players in the top 10k. As a non owner, he scored 10 effective points against me. What De Bruyne did wasn’t the reason for my red arrow. It was the points of other popular non owned players like Mount, James, Nketiah, Laporte , Kane and Foster that did the much damage. They all scored double figures which is what hurt me.

So overall, a disappointing outcome to bench boost week that I was relying on to maintain my recent revival and carry me into the last two weeks on the crest of a green wave. Not to be.

So what next ?

Firstly, it’s worth pointing out that it’s a SUNDAY deadline, with no games until Sunday, and the FA cup final taking place on Saturday first. Which means unless you are playing your free hit, hold your transfers until after the FA cup final. We all hold multiple popular assets from Liverpool and Chelsea so anything can happen and it’s simply not worth the gamble.

This week will see a large number of free hits in play. I have seen reports that around 40% of the top 100k have a free hit left to play, and most of those will be this week. Which represents a significant threat to non free hitters if the free hit template hits it off !!

As always, a free hit comes with risks attached of being outscored by your normal team as we have seen on more than a few occasions this season. It will be interesting to see how the doubling players from less fashionable teams on free hit perform against the popular highly owned players on one game. Free hitters are going to be taking on popular players from Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea etc in favour of their doublers.

That’s the risk to free hitters. But on the face of it I am feeling vulnerable this week as the points potential looks high. My transfers this week will be defensive ones to try and reduce my exposure to free hitters, with so many in play. The free hits could have me in a lot of trouble this week. I am nervous.

It’s going to be an unusual start to the gameweek, not only because it’s a Sunday start, but also because I will be getting together with a group of my fellow Fantasy Geek contributors I haven’t met before, and we will be all watching three back to back games together in each other’s company, sharing the highs and lows and emotions of the game together, with a few beers in hand !!

This week looks tricky with no chips, but only two weeks to go, so I will give it my best shot, and hope that the FPL gods look favourably on. It’s been a roller coaster season and a challenging one for a lot of managers, especially earlier in the season. So one last push before we hang our boots up over the summer months and swap those captaincy dilemnas and red and green arrows for Test cricket and Wimbledon strawberries.

My possible transfers:

I have one free transfer and zero money in the bank. No chips remaining. Not a lot to play with.

In some ways, rolling the transfer this week seems the most sensible play. Most managers have strong benches this week and some tough benching dilemnas. That doesn’t scream out multiple transfers. And by rolling, it does mean having 2-3 transfers in GW38 when a lot of the big teams have strong looking fixtures to jump on.

However, as a non free hitter, I need to be aware of the imminent danger from the free hit template, given the number of chips in play. I need to cover most of the bases to minimise the risks.

I currently hold four double game players. I have Schmeichel, Dewsbury Hall, and two doubling strikers in Watkins and Richarlison, who I have consciously brought in as preparation for this week, particularly with those strikers being potential captain favourites. It looks like Richarlison is going to be possibly out in front in the captain polls of engaged and elite managers.

Pickford seems to be in every free hit team but I don’t think it’s worth switching from Schmeichel who also doubles. I made sure I brought in a keeper who doubled in GW36 and GW37. I am just going to suck that one up. One of Schmeichel’s games is Watford , plus Chelsea will give him plenty of saves potential. I prefer Pickford but it is what it is. I have a decent doubling keeper still. Brentford and Palace can both hurt Everton.

I am happy with Trent and Robertson. In fact Robbo will be a huge differential this week against free hitters. As will Man City defenders. I hold Cancelo. I won’t have the usual city defensive double up threat this week as free hitters look to be going heavy on the Villa defence for their double. While I am prepared to take Pickford on, I think I need a Villa defender, particularly as many free hitters are going for double villa defence !!

I am considering moving Alonso to Digne for the extra fixture, particularly with Alonso not a certain starter. Although it does mean giving up Alonso v Watford in GW38.

I am also considering an extra transfer to bring in Gordon of Everton. I have doubling Dewsbury Hall but one of those games is Chelsea away, so not sure it’s really a double as he isn’t prolific. I think the potentially highly owned and more attacking Gordon on great fixtures represents a significant upgrade. I could go Dewsbury Hall to Gordon or Martinelli to Gordon.

That would free up that third Arsenal place though and I can then do Broja to Nketiah for free in GW38 !!

If I did the above two moves, it would give me double Everton, double Villa, and a doubling keeper, as well as powerful single gamers in Salah, Son, Saka, Trent, Robertson and Cancelo, who all have a haul in them. I think for a cost of four points, that gives me a good degree of protection and a strong team this week.

Of course, free hitters have the chance to play De Bruyne, or pair up both Kane and Son. And then there is Zaha in most free hit teams too. I can’t do anything about that, apart from curl up behind the sofa and hide. And hope that the likes of Saka and Robertson go big when free hitters put them to one side.

The injury that cut short Ollie Watkins game v Liverpool is a very unwelcome spanner in the works, particularly as I brought him in early with this week in mind. Free hitters can just go with Ings instead . For me, I own Watkins, that’s now an extra transfer. I do feel that I need a Villa striker. The news on Watkins is not very conclusive

I can’t do Watkins to Ings for free. So I would have to fund it by the Martinelli to Gordon move, or the Alonso to Digne move, probably the latter one. It’s annoying having to make a call on Watkins and risk him not playing, or using a transfer to get Ings if Watkins might be fit.

Bringing in Digne and Ings this week provides protection against free hitters, but it’s not particularly the wisest move when Villa play at Man City in GW38. But I do have a strong enough squad to bench them next week when Dier plays Norwich and Nketiah plays Everton if I bring him in, or Martinelli if I don’t.

So a few things to think about and of course any more injuries in training or the cup final and it’s a complete rethink !!

My GW37 team:

My captain is very likely going to be Richarlison for his double. I prefer him to Ings or Watkins, whichever I end up on. Salah will still attract captains and yes of course I will be worried. I hate not giving him the armband but his effective ownership could be low enough after his recent benchings and poor form, unless he goes nuts in the cup final. Kane and Son will no doubt be popular too. And so will the in form De Bruyne.

Good luck everyone and if you see me in a bar in Leeds punching the air on Sunday, one of my players just scored

If you had a bad week, keep your pecker up. Only two weeks to go and it will all be over !!

Transfer summary: to be confirmed.

Here is my team before transfers. I will confirm my final transfers at least an hour before the deadline on Sunday

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW37

Costas Chari

Costas’s last 5 seasons were 191k, 17k, 84k, 29k and 27k

GW36 Points: 131 -4 on Bench Boost (top 12 managers average 101 ) Total points: 2,268, Overall Rank: 298k, green arrow: 71k  Team Value: £104.3m

Follow Costas on twitter here

Costas has used his all his Chips

Here is always nervousness and stress (along with excitement) accompanying playing a chip as there is always a fear that your pre chip team will score more.

Luckily unlike my one FH this season the BB played in gw36 was a huge success. I always say getting 20 pts on a BB is good, I got 28 so I am very happy with that!

Generally my team scored 131-4 without owning De Bruyne and having captained salah! so almost everyone chipped in to give me the 71k green arrow!

It feels great having a good gw before the end and I hope it continues in gws 37 and 38 to salvage anything!

Team for gw37 has all sorts of benching headaches so I will roll the transfer probably! I will monitor the cup game and see about the James/ Rudiger minutes

I am inclined in benching Cancelo as Man City have shown that they concede goals lately and I cant see a goal fest away to west ham for him to get attacking returns

Currently I have James benched as I believe he will play full minutes in the cup and be rested a few days later. MartinellI and NketiaH on the bench although Arsenal will be pushing for a win. Its a tough call so rolling the transfers. I might even bench Iheanacho as he rarely gets minutes

2FTs in Gw38 will give me good space to roll the dice in the last game of the season! Coutinho to foden and downgrading Iheanacho to upgrade Martinelli to another City Mid in the thinking!

Captain between Coutinho and Cash, and as Coutinho has signed a contract before deadline I am captaining him.

Transfer summary: Likely to carry over the free transfer

Here’s the team assuming no transfers are made

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW37

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Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW37

Fantasy Premier League Team Tips GW37

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