Fantasy premier league team tips GW5 – FFGeek contributors show their GW5 teams part 2


Here’s our fantasy premier league team tips GW5 article where the 2nd group of the FFGeek contributors show their teams for GW5. In this part there’s  Joseph Crilley, Rob Reid, Mikael Danielsen, Joe Armiger, Jordan Sadler and Robert Cosgrove

Fantasy premier league team tips GW5 – FFGeek contributors show their GW5 teams part 2

Here’s part 1 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. It also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

You can see the link to the part 1 contributors article here

Joseph Crilley

Joseph finished with an overall rank of 7k last season and 13k in 16/17

You can also see Joseph’s imaginary wildcard article here

 GW4 points: 50 (average 44) Total points 264, Gameweek rank 1,678k, Overall Rank: 173k, green arrow 15k, Team Value: £102.0m

Gameweek 4 review

Thanks to the international break, GW4 feels like a distant memory now, though some of you may recall that I made the decision to activate my wildcard! It did feel a little early, but I believed that there were enough problems within my team and enough key players who weren’t in it such as Alonso and Hazard. I was fortunate to see a small gain by playing the wildcard as I worked out that my original team would have only scored 46 points.

The main positives were my Chelsea duo of Hazard and Alonso who combined for their side’s second goal which meant they were responsible for 40% of my score. Mendy and captain Aguero picked up an assist each during City’s narrow win as did Lucas Moura whose form continued despite Spurs going down at Watford.

My cost-saving solution of choosing Alexander-Arnold over Robertson didn’t pay off this week as the Scotsman produced another attacking return. Nevertheless, the main disappointment were the midfield pair of Walcott and Mkhitaryan who were both only able to return a single point. The former was due to a rib injury while the Armenian was dropped to the Arsenal bench – both are a worry ahead of upcoming gameweek.

Gameweek 5 Team

The transfer decision this week has revolved around Wally and Mkhi; in particular, I have been awaiting to see if the Everton winger will be fit for his side’s match against a struggling West Ham. If he hadn’t been able to play, I was strongly considering taking a -4 to swap him and Mkhi for David Silva and a 5.5mil midfielder. With Walcott being confirmed as fit, I have three options:

1) Hold the transfer and pray that Mkhi gets to start or avoids the 1-point cameo.
2) Hold the transfer, but bench the Arsenal man and play Bennett from Wolves for the visit of Burnley.
3) Go bold and transfer Mkhi out for a similarly priced midfielder – my preferred option is Pedro which would result in a Chelsea triple up!

Here’s a poll for my transfer option:

I will make the decision on Saturday morning, but at the time of writing, I am leaning towards option 3. I believe that there will be plenty of goals for Chelsea in the next couple of weeks and Pedro seems to be in line to start with his recent good form. However the flexibility offered by two free transfers next week is very tempting, especially with the return of Richarlison.

The captain decision appears simple this week with Salah facing a (hopefully as a Spurs supporter!) testing trip to Wembley. Meanwhile, Aguero and City welcome a Fulham side who I am not sure are capable of sitting deep in numbers which should provide plenty of attacking opportunities. The thought of placing the armband on Hazard has briefly crossed my mind, but it seems unnecessary to risk going away from the City striker. Here’s hoping for another Etihad hattrick!

Best of luck to everyone this weekend and may your arrows be green!

fantasy premier league captain tips GW5


Rob Reid

See also Rob’s GW5 player picks

Rob finished with a rank of 94k last season 22k in 16/17 4k in 15/16 and 7k in 14/15.

 GW4 points: 64 -4 (average 44) Total points 274, Gameweek rank 265k, Overall Rank: 92k, green arrow 87k, Team Value: £101.7m

Gameweek 4 review

I was very apprehensive going into GW4. 3 injured players, a four point hit and a decision to keep my Wildcard after some umming and erring…I don’t know what I was worried about in the end! Alonso justified the 4 point hit to bring him with Mendy and Shaw also adding returns in defence. Mane produced a double digit haul in midfield and most pleasingly my strikers all returned after all blanking the week before. Hell, I even had the luxury/indignity of leaving 8 points on the bench from Boly!

So a 265k gameweek rank and a healthy if unexpected green arrow which catapulted me into the top 100k – a great way to sign off for the international break. Happy days.

Gameweek 5 Team

The bad news is that going into GW5 I still have a bench full of flagged players! Hamer and Cairney look like they’re definitely out and there’s no news on Gunnarsson though he’s pure bench fodder anyway. Shaw is apparently fit to play from what Jose said in his presser, but by all accounts hasn’t travelled with the squad and will be saved for midweek.

I did seriously think about pressing the Wildcard button over the International Window, but I’ve resisted the temptation once more as I’m happy with the core of my team. It would be a bit of waste just to use it as an exercise for shuffling around my lower budget players at the moment. The only player I really feel like I’m missing is Hazard and I would be able to work him in for 2 moves if I needed him. I’m still keeping an eye on Aubameyang, he scored last week but I’m still concerned about his place in Emery’s system. I’ve got some ideas how I would replace him, but I’m keeping them close to my chest at the moment!

So my dilemma this week is whether to burn a transfer to deal with one of these injuries or keep it in the locker for next week. In the end, I’ve decided to roll my transfer as I think having 2 will be more useful next week and it looks like I’ll field 11. Who needs a bench anyway? I’d only end up leaving points on there! The good thing with having so many injuries is that you don’t have many team selection issues, in fact with no bench I don’t have any!

I’ve left Shaw in the starting 11 just in case, but AWB will no doubt come in. No second thoughts on captain choice – it’s Aguero all the way. Home fixture, fresh from having no international duties and opposition who have yet to keep a clean sheet and conceded 9 goals in their 4 games so far. What can possibly go wrong? Rotation, no bench players, more injuries etc etc but hey – let’s not think about that!

Best of luck for this week everyone – I hope green arrows come your way! Once again, I’ll be more than happy to merely tread water, but we’ll see

fantasy premier league GW5 team tips

Joe Armiger

Joe finished with a fantastic OR of 987 last season and 49k the season before

 GW4 points: 50 (average 44) Total points 245, Gameweek rank 1,748k, Overall Rank: 501k, green arrow 74k, Team Value: £101.6m

I felt that I had to wildcard this week or risk falling further behind

When I usually wildcard my team changes every 5 mins but this has been the same for 10 days now and I really think I can do no more in regards to fitting Harry Kane in rather than Mitrovic without creating another team with a soft underbelly

I have brought in alongside Mendy, Alonso and Robertson at the expense of Gomez and Charlie Daniels

In midfield I have recalled Schurrle who during the two weeks in which I dropped him has proven to me why I had him in from the get go

Bennett from Wolves seems a good bet at 4.0m and has allowed me to also bring in Lucas Moura increasing my fire power

From game week 7 I will put Kane and Richarlison in for Salah and Mitrovic and look again in game week 9 for my next double switch which will include going back to Salah

 fantasy premier league team tips GW5

Robert Cosgrove

Robert finished with an OR of 20k last season and 23k in 16/17

 GW4 points: 50 (average 44) Total points 249, Gameweek rank 1,748k, Overall Rank: 416k, green arrow 56k, Team Value: £101.2m

After doing a lot of tinkering and playing around with transfers I have decided to wildcard!

I would have liked to get Lukaku but simply could not afford to without taking Salah out which I am not prepared to do just yet

fantasy premier league team tips GW5

Mikael Danielsen

Mikael finished 100k OR last season and 5k in 16/17

 GW4 points: 47 (average 44) Total points 273, Gameweek rank 2,279k, Overall Rank: 96k, red arrow 24k, Team Value: £101.7m

This is my team, but I could change Walcott to Maddison in the last minute 😀

fantasy premier league team tips GW5

Jordan Sadler

Jordan finished with an overall rank of 76k last season

GW4 points: 48 (average 44) Total points 273, Gameweek rank 2,098k, Overall Rank: 96k, red arrow 18k, Team Value: £102.0m

Gameweek 4 review

Another very average week for me. I got a 50/50 call wrong between Fabianski and Patricio costing me 4 points. Cedric was first choice on my bench with his 12 points and he was so close to coming off my bench but then Emery decided to sub on Mkhitaryan in the 89th minute of a game they were winning 3-2… Bernardo Silva also didn’t start, Walcott got injured, Salah blanked and Wan-Bissaka produced 0 points due to a yellow card and conceding two goals. All in all quite a disappointing week even if I was above the average.


Wildcard. I did a very detailed article on my wildcard last week and you can see that using the link. My transfers were as follows:

– Patricio + Fabianski –> Ederson + Hamer – Robertson + Cedric –> Alonso + Doherty – Mkhitaryan + B Silva + Walcott –> Moura + Pedro + Hughes – Madine –> Ings

My reasoning for near enough all of these transfers in were attacking quality. Ederson is in due to his fantastic next 3 fixtures which I’m hoping will be majority clean sheets. I transferred Robertson out for now due to Liverpool’s poor upcoming fixtures and to be honest it wouldn’t surprise me to see Moreno play the Southampton game neither. Mkhitaryan, Silva and Madine were all transferred out due to game time issues. Walcott I’ve transferred out due to his injury, however, I will be likely switching Pedro out for Richarlison in the near future anyway. I’ve gone for Doherty over Cedric purely because of Doherty’s average position which is basically in line with the forwards, plus I prefer Wolves as a team anyway and their xGA is the 4th best in the league.

Bench Decisions:

If everyone had the same fixture then my three benched players would of course be Doherty, Wan-Bissaka and Hughes but I do like to optimise fixtures when I feel it’s appropriate so this week as I’m a Liverpool fan I’ve decided to bench Moura and play Doherty at home against Burnley. I feel like Wolves will be pretty likely to keep a clean sheet against Burnley and then on top of that Doherty also has great attacking potential so that swung it for me.


Only one option for me: Aguero. Jokanovic said he won’t compromise his play style just because it’s Man City which is lovely to hear for all FPL managers because I’d be surprised to see City score under 4 goals this weekend if that’s the case. If you have Hazard then that’s another option against Cardiff at home but I still think Aguero is a better bet.

Good luck with gameweek 5.

 fantasy premier league team tips GW5

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