fantasy premier league teams GW10 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW10 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW10. We look back at gameweek 9, The monitor list, transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking

fantasy premier league teams GW10 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 9

Here’s my GW9 team selection article btw

GW9 points: 40 (average 43) Total points 578, Gameweek rank 3,504k, Overall Rank: 34k, red arrow 6k, Team Value: £102.5m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW10

So starting with the basics.  A 3.5m gameweek rank, 4 returning players with no double figure returns isn’t a great recipe for a weekly success and to escape with a 6k red arrow is extremely lucky in the extreme.

For someone who has been going on about how strong the Man City and Liverpool defences are for the season to have no points from both teams when they played Burnley and Huddersfield is pretty careless at the very minimum.  That’s really the story of this week.  Show me a team with 50 points or above and it’s fairly likely they’ll have Robertson or Mendy or both.  The Alexander Arnold dropping came out of the blue really tbf and I thought he would come back v Huddersfield.  The Mendy thing was a gamble I went into with open eyes for the Kane Cardiff thing so I have no one else to blame there.

Considering how good the fixtures were for my team there were alot of disappointing performances.  Mitrovic v Cardiff.  Aguero missing 2 sitters v Burnley.  Fraser no shots v Southampton, Wolves 2 goals conceded v Watford where neither Deeney nor Gray started.  An 86 minute goal for Everton took away the chance for Wan Bissaka to make some ground up and as for Lacazette.  How he missed 1 tap in chance I’ll never know and he also missed another very good one.  This week Lacazette didn’t bail me out like he did last week

However I can’t complain given the red arrow was only 6k.

The monitor and outlist

So last week I started my team planning schedule so I’ll update it for here

fantasy premier league teams GW10


An unexpected clean sheet from Watford helped me out this weekend and with 3 great fixtures next there’s no particular hurry to ditch him.  If you look at my fixture ease article there are what I call fixture clumps and West Ham have a fantastic run up to GW21 so Fabianski is a consideration although the GW13 entry point v Man City may be better 1 week back!

Wan Bisska/Bennett

One of Bennett or Wan Bissaka will go for Mendy. At the moment my plan is to roll over my transfer this week and take out Lacazette who will face Liverpool in GW11 and 1 of the 2 players mentioned for Mendy.  How Wolves perform defensively at Brighton could be a helpful pointer.

Alexander Arnold/ Lacazette

Alex Ball, who’s in a similar position to me, has already done the Robertson to Alexander Arnold transfer and then intends taking a -4 point hit for Mendy by sacrificing Lacazette as the funder.  I haven’t ruled out doing the same and taking the -4 as Alex plans to but I’m not going to give it any further thought unless Alexander Arnold starts v Red Star in the UCL match and until after the Klopp press conference (not that I expect any clues).  If Alexander Arnold does start in the UCL match then it’s more likely he won’t v Cardiff in my view.  I have £0.1m buffer for price changes and I will need at least that as according to the excellent price predictor site FPL statistics Alexander Arnold is very likely to drop again this week.

If I don’t take the -4 hit then I would have the money to upgrade to Robertson in GW12 if Lacazette is sacrificed for say Arnautovic.


Bournemouth’s fixtures really turn in GW13 so I’ll be aiming to exit then.  Not sure who to though which needs more thought


Liverpool in GW12 and Chelsea in GW14 are natural exit points.  No one definite yet.  Ings is a possibility.


A low priority change but worth doing the research for another £4.5m.

Transfer chain

This is all very well in theory as planned transfers often are a luxury as reactive transfers to injuries and dropped players often take over.


GW10 carry over the free

GW11 Bennett/Wan Bissaka to Mendy and Lacazette to Arnautovic

GW12 Alexander Arnold  to Robertson

GW13 Fraser to unknown

GW14  Mitrovic to Ings? or Foster to Fabianski


GW10 Alexander Arnold to Robertson

GW11 Bennett/Wan Bissaka to Mendy and Lacazette to Arnautovic – 4 points

GW12 Mitrovic to Ings?

GW13 Fraser to unknown

Transfers for GW10

As you can see from above that I’ll either be carrying over the free or the Alexander Arnold upgrade to Robertson which depends on the UCL match and the Klopp press conference.  That assumes nothing happens in the meantime.

Lineup issues

None really, Wan Bisska goes to the bench.  I could be Hojbjerg ahead of him as in the pic below,  given Southampton are home to Newcastle and Palace are home to Arsenal but I’ll mull that over

Early captain thinking

Probably Salah.  Hopefully he will be rested midweek.

Hazard is an early injury doubt apparently for the Burnley match in GW10 but it doesn’t sound serious enough to warrant a transfer out.

Given the midweek European matches I will leave the captain poll until Thursday morning at least and also with the Hazard situation I may even leave it until after the Friday press conferences.  It still worked well this week with a decent amount of votes still taking place to make it meaningful.

Team lineup

Here’s the team lineup before any transfers:

fantasy premier league teams GW10

That’s it.  Hope you had a good gameweek

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3 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW10 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Home to Cardiff is a great entry point for Robertson. If you’re delaying the TAA to Robertson transfer in order to prevent a hit, you may ultimately miss out on the profits that could have overshadowed the -4.

    • Hi mate

      I totally agree it’s a great entry point and I could end up missing out. Firstly, I wouldn’t even consider it unless he doesn’t start against Red Star. Roberstons xA is 0.26 so he should get an assist once every 4 games. I need a clean sheet to break even and an attacking return to make a profit in the first game. Then they are away to Arsenal which he could easily get neither.

      It’s a close call either way if you assume he definitely starts and TAA doesn’t and a clean sheet is a given then you will break even and just hope you get the icing on the cake. It’s a close call but my natural inclination is not to take hits but I wouldn’t question anyone who does

      Thanks and good luck this week

  2. I have heard good things about Izquierdo (5,9) at Brighton. He has only just started PL after a long injury and reports are very favourable. However I do not see any comments about him generally. With the good fixtures of Brighton and a Frazer exit what do you think?

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