fantasy premier league teams GW15 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW15 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW15. We look back at gameweek 14, The monitor list, transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW15 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 14

GW14 points: 49 (average 49) Total points 864, Gameweek rank 2,965k, Overall Rank: 57k, red arrow 14k, Team Value: £102.2m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW15

So using my general metrics to judge a gameweek this would be another failure.  A red arrow of 14k to 57k OR, a gameweek rank of 2.9 million vs a target of under 1 million.  However the galling part was that I had 7 returning players vs a target of 4 which should be time for a celebration not a red arrow.  However none got more than 7 points and my captain wasn’t one of them which tells the story regarding that aspect.

As  a general point, in my experience you normally lose rank through the following ways

A template player you don’t own scores heavily

You pick the wrong captain choice

Your differentials fail.

Well I have a fairly template team (too much so some would say) so I’m immune to some extent to that although I’ll talk about how that’s breaking up later.  However for the 2nd week in a row I’ve picked the lowest scoring captain of 3 options.  That takes some doing and statistically I would have been better off letting the dog choose my captain for the last 2 weeks.

My motley crew of differentials in Foster, Ings, Laporte and Fraser didn’t return en masse which again is some feat although Laporte was the only realistic chance with Ings injured and the others facing tricky fixtures.

Obviously the reverse also works to improve rank.  A template replacement player scoring more points than the template player, the right captain pick and successful differentials are also the general ways of going forward.

 GW15 is going to be massive

The template is going to change as the players within the current set up are being transferred out through form reasons and a changing fixture landscape.

An Aguero no show and injury confusion for GW15 after not returning in a 4-0 win in GW13 is seeing him as a viable sale option for Kane.  Kane is looking more like himself and has a good run of fixtures.  Sane and Sterling are also looking like form alternatives to Hazard’s 2 assists in 6 gameweeks.  Salah’s blank against Everton and early substitution also see him in the firing line.  Arsenals fixtures after this weekend and Aubameyangs 16 point haul sees him as another player being eyed up by FPL managers.

All this is going to see a great variation in teams and more volatility in week to week scores

The FFGeek team planner

So here’s the latest version

fantasy premier league teams GW15

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer £0.5m in the bank.

So I’m ok with my defence although other things have put back any chance of changing Foster in the short term.  The rest of the transfers revolve around the fixture swing to Spurs and the current form of Sterling and Sane and the possibility of selling Hazard and Salah for cheaper options as the template potentially breaks up.

So my draft transfers are Aguero for Kane and Hazard for Sane which will be a minus 4.  I haven’t ruled out David Silva who’s cheaper and has to be fairly certain to play given he was tested on Saturday.  Although the fact that Man City play Chelsea in GW16 really means anything could happen selection wise by Pep.

Aguero is mainly due to the fact that as he is a potential no show for GW15 given he was injured for GW14.  There is, unhelpfully, conflicting information out there as to his fitness. Kane who has a good run of fixtures and is looking more like his old self  is a decent replacement especially as he looks likely to lead the captain poll this week.

Hazard is a chance to sell and use the money elsewhere while he’s been sold by other managers.  I don’t think the situation despite the lack of returns is as dire as others seem to.  His volumes and xG/xA have held up reasonably when he’s been on the pitch but he is expensive.  I do have other ways of buying Kane without selling Hazard but not to get Sane.  There’s no way to get Sterling in a -4 scenario without selling Salah which would be inadvisable given it’s Burnley next.

Captain thoughts

I’d like to see how the polls play out but for me it’s either Kane (assuming the transfer) or Salah

Lineup issues

Not an issue really, either Wan Bissaka at Brighton or Wolves home to Chelsea but it’s hard not to favour Palace in this choice.

The team lineup

Here it is.

For the moment assume Aguero is Kane and Hazard is Sane

fantasy premier league teams GW15

Gameweek 15 time and fixtures

fantasy premier league teams GW15

Gameweek 15 starts at 18.45 on Tuesday 4 December UK time. Set your team up now in case you’re waylaid for some reason.

That’s it hope you had a good gameweek!

See what last seasons 715 OR finisher Andrew Ferguson is thinking of for GW15 and also how the 10 top FPL managers I follow lined up for GW14

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14 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW15 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hi buddy! In a fix really, shall I go for Kane and Gundogan or Vardy and Dilva?
    (P.S. I suppose maybe Sane and Sterling could be rested by Pep…maybe Mahrez and Dilva will play instead in midweek?)

    • The Mane , Vardy and Aguero injury doubts have propelled me to take in Dilva and Kane…I suppose it pretty much resolves my dilemma….

  2. The Ming has wildcarded! Please let me know what you think (16k OR)
    Ederson button
    Awb zabaleta holding alonso taa
    Hazard sane rich gunnar fraser
    Kane laca arnautovic
    General thoughts and reasoning:
    -playing 3 4 3, alonso, taa starts all games and i have a nice rotation to pick from
    -betting hazard over sterling as sterling may be rotation prone due to mahrez and +$0.5m
    -Salah absent due to freeing up cash and wont be captained over the christmas fixtures if selected

  3. First of all, I think you could have postponed your WC for one week as in these midweeks, you won’t have time enough to ponder and also take advantage of any price rises….
    Definitely sterling is rotation prone Ming but the thing is he and his team in general are so explosive that even if he turns up decent in 50% of the games, he would potentially outscore everyone else……

    Imho, also I would take someone else over Zabaleta..
    Nevertheless all the very best!
    (P.S. Why do you always refer yourself to in the third person Ming Lu?)

  4. Hi NS,
    Thank you for the feedback. Definitely agree that most people should WC next week. I had issues with bennet, aguero and lovren not playing. Zaba started all games recently and is cheaper than balbuena, also “cover” for the popular choice of fabianski. I am “differentialling” sterling with hazard, i guess. Also “the ming” has a good ring to it.

    • Hi Ming, nice team, I prefer Balbuena with better chances of bonus points for returns, the price difference is very low, and for Hazard vs Rahim, I prefer Rahim and I wrote it few times for so mant reasons, one thing is that Hazard can’t be a differential for Rahim , as most of the top players still keep Hazard and not the other way, I think that Rahim will outscore Eden , and I am taking rotation to the equation… about Rahim, here in our Geek contributors league out of 24 players , I may be the only one who captained him this GW…
      anyway good luck, be careful from Laca rotation BTW

  5. I agree Geek that this week will see the templates ripped up.
    I had a score of 73 this week and now sit at an overall ranking of 1,733 – it’s early days but I keep getting captaincy decisions and transfer decisions right.
    Anderson has been amazing for me so far and I’ve taken a risk with losing Kun for Auba instead of Kane. The arsenal fixtures excite me more than Spurs.
    I’m also considering if Alonso is actually worth his price tag now but will hold fire for the next couple of game weeks before making a decision.

  6. I’ve decided to go early and aggressive with transfers this week after floundering the last few weeks. Salah, Hazard and Aguero out. Sterling, Mane and Kane in for -8. Salah, whilst consistent just isn’t scoring enough and is lacking explosiveness this season. Added to that, his lack of bonus points and the fact I burned my triple captain chip on him against Fulham, I decided he had to go. Mane not as consistent, but at the cost saving is worth it as he seems more able to get double figure hauls. Looked good yesterday too. I think Sterling is essential. Could well be on for his best season yet despite rotation

  7. Geek
    You had the 6 returning players, not 7. That probably made the difference between retaining your overall ranking or not.
    Interesting to see you finally planning to take a hit! Good luck.

    • The 7th returner was Salah with 6 points, but it’s not a real one, cause as a vice captain his points were doubled , anyway 6 returns every week is fantastic, and will get you a green arrow

  8. I’m in a bit of a pickle with Mane Aguerro and Ings all injury doubts and I was planning on getting rid of Barkley (pencilled in Firmino for Kane, Barkley for Kevin McDonald).

    Team is
    Foster / Button
    Alonso / Wan Bissaka / Laporte / Doherty / TAA
    Mane / Fraser / Richarlison / Hazard / Barkley
    Aguerro / Firmino / Ings
    £2.5m 2 free transfers

    Firmino can wait a week so I am thinking now of taking a 4 point hit with:
    Aguerro -> Kane, Mane -> Sane, Barkley -> McDonald and getting Aubamayang next “week”

    Do you think the above is worth a hit?
    Anyone know the injury status of McDonald, he is currently marked red but has a return date of 5th Dec? I could get Billing instead of McDonald which would give me more security of avoiding a 0 in the short term but ties up 200k.

  9. Aguero to Kane and Mane to Sane make sense but I’m not sure you really need to take the hit doing Barkley to McDonald. If you are starting this week with 2.5m itb then you should still have 2m or 2.1m left which allows you to do Firmino to Auba next week. Maybe consider just lining out Wan Bissaka instead of Barkley this week in a 442 formation and avoid the 4 point hit for this week. Or just bring in Auba this week for the -4 as Firmino was very poor against Everton and may be dropped for Origi… sort out Barkley next week.

  10. Thanks Ian
    I can’t afford afford to do the Aub transfer this week (along with Kane and Sane) as I am losing 200k each on Aguerro and Mane. Man U should be a tougher fixture than Burnley which was why I was keeping Firmino another week. Of course squad rotation might work in my favor and Barkley might play and with midweek fixtures there is more chance than normal of players being rested. I might keep Barkley and take the -4 next week unless I hear more news on team selection.

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