fantasy premier league teams GW16 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW16 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW16. We look back at gameweek 15, The monitor list, transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW16 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 15

GW15 points: 63 -4 (average 45) Total points 923, Gameweek rank 611k, Overall Rank: 49k, green arrow 8k, Team Value: £102.3m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW16

So a good gameweek on my metrics.  A small green arrow of 8k.  A gameweek rank of 611k, well inside the 1 million target.  5 returning players and 2 double figure FPL point hauls plus I picked the correct captain for a change.

It was a strange gameweek with no clean sheets out of 10 games.  I don’t know how many times this has happened.  It’s certainly the first time this season.

My differentials of Fraser and Sane got 12 and 7 points respectively which is what I really needed after a dry run.

The FFGeek team planner

So here’s the latest version

fantasy premier league teams GW16

So Foster is continually on the monitor list although after GW19 there is a good run of fixtures until 24.  Of the £4.5mish GKs the Watford defence is only bettered by Wolves so I’m hoping things will improve.

The proposed transfer at the moment is Salah out for D Silva and Aubameyang in for Arnautovic although it is in the cogitation phase at the moment.

Ings isn’t a particular concern considering his price.  He has 3 good fixtures in the next 4 but GW20 looks a strong exit point.

Fraser I’m relaxed about given his price means he’s benchable and returns are good against non top 6 teams.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer £0.9m in the bank.

Arnautovic’s injury seems like it isn’t short term so he has to be the number 1 target for a transfer.

You can see from the captain fixture list below that Arsenal are a good to have over the upcoming fixtures.  Liverpool don’t seem to be so essential so I’m looking at taking my 2nd -4 to transfer out Salah for David Silva and Aubameyang for the injured Arnautovic.  You’re probably bored of me saying I really don’t like Unai Emery.  I think I could try and predict his team sheet unsuccessfully for the rest of the season.  The good thing about Aubameyang is that he’s scored 4 goals off his 2 games on the bench so it’s not the end of the world if he is.  My impression of Emery is that he at least seems to give Lacazette and Aubameyang when they are on the bench decent minutes.

I would rather have Sterling than Silva but that’s not possible without a -8 which is not going to happen.  The option of Lacazette with Sterling I can’t afford.  I can’t get Aubameyang without selling Salah.

I’m not totally sold on Silva as he’s not the ideal guy to have going into a busy Christmas schedule.  It’s also not a great entry point for Silva away to Chelsea but for me he’s the best option at the moment.

I have been thinking of Martial as an alternative option although he is an injury doubt.  I’ve also thought of Son as well but 2 Spurs players even with the fixtures seems a bit of a stretch.  More cogitation needed

At the moment it’s just a proposal.  I won’t do it until Friday.

 The captain fixture schedule

I showed last week that unless you want to play FPL chicken with your captain choices then an Arsenal and Spurs captain option will be handy. Generally their fixtures are strong as well. Chelsea and Liverpool are less necessary.


Bournemouth v Liverpool
Arsenal v Huddersfield
Man Utd v Fulham
Chelsea v Man City
Leicester v Spurs


Man City v Everton
Spurs v Burnley
Brighton v Chelsea
Southampton v Arsenal
Liverpool v Man Utd


Wolves v Liverpool
Arsenal v Burnley
Chelsea v Leicester
Man City v Crystal Palace
Cardiff v Man Utd
Everton v Spurs


Leicester v Man City
Liverpool v Newcastle
Man Utd v Huddersfield
Spurs v Bournemouth
Brighton v Arsenal
Watford v Chelsea


Spurs v Wolves
Liverpool v Arsenal
Crystal Palace v Chelsea
Southampton v Man City
Man Utd v Bournemouth


Arsenal v Fulham
Cardiff v Spurs
Chelsea v Southampton
Newcastle v Man Utd
Man City v Liverpool

Captain thoughts

If Aubameyang comes in then he is likely to be captain with the other option being Kane.  Make sure you vote on our captain poll

Lineup issues

A tricky week with 2 of the following needed to start/benched:

Alonso (Man City H)

Fraser (Liverpool H)

Doherty (Newcastle A)

Ings if fit (Cardiff A)

At the moment I’m really not sure.  A good bench maybe in theory a good idea but it often ends up with you making the wrong bench choice as I did this week with Doherty.  Do the strong bench points out weigh the points lost through these Doherty type decisions if I just put 2 Fulham defenders and Hojberg on the bench so I never had to make a decision?

The team lineup

Here it is.

For the moment assume Salah is David Silva and Arnautovic is Aubameyang.  I’ve not decided what my lineup is at the moment though as I said above

fantasy premier league teams GW16

 Gameweek 16 time and fixtures

 fantasy premier league teams GW16

Gameweek 16 starts at 11.30 on Saturday 8 December UK time. Set your team up now in case you’re waylaid for some reason.

That’s it hope you had a good gameweek!

Make sure you vote on our captain and transfer polls.  Also see what the 10 top FPL managers are doing.  These managers have finished in the top 10k each of the last 3 seasons

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18 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW16 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hi Geek, first of all I am glad for your green arrow,
    I can tell you that lucky for you, you had 3 double figures players and not 2,
    It’s a really barve move from you to go with -4 to bring Salah out, but maybe it is worth it cause Auba can explode in this GW, I can’t still see my self bring Mo out, as yesterday he could have scored or assist at least 3 times in 30 minutes, while Bourenmouth don’t have the stongest defence and Mo will play for sure after he was benched yesterday.
    tough call, good luck !

  2. I’ll be going Arnie to Auba too and will need a -4 to fund it – I’m thinking either Alonso to Bellerin or Stones to Holebas.

  3. Hi Geek, What’s your thoughts in bring any West Ham attack asset given Arnie’s injury but they still have a good run of fixtures? Felipe Anderson still worth a look or we can turn our eyes to Chicharito or even Lucas?

  4. Geek… Personally I would bench Alonso and Fraser if Ings is fit. Chelsea and Alonso in particular are beginning to look expendable to me. There are more than enough assets to choose from Arsenal, Liverpool, City and Spurs. You might look to change Ings to Jimenez in the future too maybe?

    Good luck.

    Yaniv… The problem with Mo is that altho at times he is threatening to explode.. he hasn’t. Liverpool also enter a tough Xmas fixture period. Aubameyang on the other hand has exploded and given those next 3 fixtures Arsenal have coming up it will be a brave man who doesn’t own him imo.

  5. Hi Geek, I have the exact same transfer plan as yours. But I need to decide today because I have exact fund for the moves.

    What do you think about the 2 options:

    1. Arnie, Salah -> Auba (c), DSilva (-4)
    2. Roll a transfer this GW. Arnie, Salah, Robertson -> Auba, Sane, TAA (-4) next GW.

    I plan for option 2 but now tempting with option 1.

  6. Hey Geek, i had the same idea of Arnie and Salah, to Aubs and DSilva, but i decided against getting rid of Salah, not ready to leave the Liverpool cover, so instead i did Arnie to Wilson (even if he has bad fixtures i am going for form over fixtures). I am not sure if doing a -4 to bring Mo out is the right choice….

    Good luck !

  7. My wildcard decision paid off and I got 69 points as opposed to 41 if I hadn’t used it. My team is nicely poised for a few more big point hauls over the Xmas. This week I’ll save my free transfer and next week I’m thinking of a bit of a daft move… Bringing in Andy Carroll for Lacazette and then sterling in for pogba.

  8. Geek, you are spot on with bringing Auba in… The ming has already done this. I think felipe anderson is a shot instead of david silva. And yes, bench of $4.4 mid and 2 <$4.2 defs (bennet, kiko, awb) could be the way to go but at times you would be wrongly benching doherty anyway. Also wildcarded into Holding injury D'oh!

  9. Would it be a good option to exchange david luiz for Kolasinac with a view to the next games and the value?

    P.s…: I’m from Brazil.

  10. November 2010 was the last time ALL 20 teams scored!
    It’s extremely rare. 19 outta 20 also in 2010/2011 season was the previous Premier league best – Spurs failed and 19/20 in 1996/1997 – Southampton failed. (fyi Googled)

  11. I’m looking at Arnie out for Auba, but have to take a hit to fund it. Likely Alonso out. I still have my wild card. Is it time to use it to not take the hit, or better to wait another week or two?I have a few other needs to address, but I don’t think I’ll know this week how to address them.

  12. I am tempted by Auba but i would need to take at least 1 hit if not 2 to bring him in. Given that my front 3 at the moment are Kane, Jimenez and Wilson, I see no huge reason to pull the trigger. It’s not like any of those are out of form. The big problem is maybe if Auba hits the jackpot and people captain him. But then, I’ve been saying that about Salah all season!
    Hazard went out already last week. Alonso is probably bye bye this week and might do a Salah > Sterling

  13. Hi Geek,

    What do you think about Arnie – Aubam and Salah to either Erikson / Son?

    Spurs have good fixtures coming up and both are cheaper than David Silva, whilst have a higher risk of playing each game (maybe not son). Especially as already own Sane?

  14. What about the argument that Laca is back from injury so now may start with Aubameyang.

    And if he does then Auba will be on the left, where earlier in the season has shown us is very unproductive for him.

    So maybe lacazette is a safer choice?

    Or do u think Auba will continue as striker?

  15. Jeez. Lots of comments lol. For the ‘rate my team’ stuff or ‘this guy over this guy’ stuff, as a source if you havent seen it; reddit fpl has a humungous feed and often top managers reply on there. I highly doubt Geek will reply to 15 transfer ‘what if’ discussions. Who knows though.

    Nice team Geek. Clearly it is Kane time.

    Ultimately it is going to come down to preference over Hazard, Sterling, Auba, Salah. They are all elite..

  16. Hi Geek,

    On a similar boat.

    I guess the only way you can keep Salah this week AND get an Arsenal asset is if you get Laca.

    GW 16: Arnie Sane to Laca Anderson
    GW 17: Salah to Sterling

  17. Agree with “The Ming”, there are other sites, but be prepared for information overload resulting in a Twitter based team or secure a few Quality sources like this site and manage your team, I may get some decisions wrong, but they are my decisions rather than the majority. For example Aguero was most captained mid week, glad I chose Harry

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