fantasy premier league teams GW18 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW18 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW18. We look back at gameweek 17, The team planning schedule, transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW18 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 17

GW17 points: 49 (average 43) Total points 1,013, Gameweek rank 1,860k, Overall Rank: 98k, red arrow 3k, Team Value: £102.8m

Here’s the points:

 fantasy premier league teams GW18

So using my metrics for a successful gameweek, I had 5 returning players with 1 double figure point haul which is pretty inline with 4 minimum.  However the gameweek average of 1.8m was some way short of the target of 1 million.  A small red arrow of 3k was produced.

However going into the last game without Salah (which I couldn’t watch.  I had to record it)  I thought anything negative was possible so could have been alot worse.

The elephant in the room is of course Ings on the bench.  I thought he was a sub risk so I put him second on my bench.  I should have listened to Jordan Sadler our 90% correct  lineups man who had him in the starting lineup and took the 13 points for his team.

The non template scoreboard 

I’ve come up with another table.  This is what I call the non template scoreboard.  It shows how my non template players have performed.  These are the players that will most affect your rank.

Here’s some definitions which are also relevant to the team planner below:

Template:  owned by 7 of the 10 top managers I follow or 70% of the top 10k

Template replacement player:  Where I haven’t gone for a template player but have opted for a direct replacement

Bench player;  Someone who’s not intended to do anything than fill the bench at minimum cost.

Differential:  The rest.  These and the template replacement players will be the main players who will move you backwards or forwards.  Captain choices also will play a big part.

These are the template players in my team at the moment:

Wan Bissaka, Lovren (Liverpool defence), Doherty, Richarlison and Kane.  The non template players are the rest.  The schedule divides the remaining players into template replacement players so for instance at the moment I have Sterling instead of Salah and differentials which are the rest.  It ignores players on the bench.

 fantasy premier league teams GW18

So as you can see I pretty much held my own against the template but my differentials just didn’t perform and hence the lack of forward momentum.  Sane was the only returner. So the result was a slight red arrow.

The team planner

Here’s the latest version of the team planner.

The definitions are in the non template score board commentary above.

fantasy premier league teams GW18

So if the bookie odds are anything to go by it should be a good week.

So I’ve given myself 3 potential places to get Salah back in the team.  The first being GW19 when Liverpool play Newcastle as I can sell Laporte and Sterling to fund it.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer and £0.3m in the bank.

So there’s very little that will make me do a transfer this week on the basis that I want 2 transfers just in case I decide to get Salah back in GW19 as I mentioned above. Even the injury to Kolasinac won’t make me step in this week if it’s serious.

Anderson is a player I would like and a Chelsea defender.

Obviously Hazard is going to be popular with a decent run and form but at the moment he’s not on my radar.

The big conundrum in FPL is switching between premium players constantly versus building all the other parts of your team so your differential picks have decent fixtures in which to pick up points.  The 2 aren’t mutually exclusive but can work at the expense of each other.

Lineup issues

No hard decisions this week.  There’s Wan Bissaka at Man City and Doherty v Liverpool who are naturals for the bench as well as Hojbjerg who will always be on the bench.

Captain thoughts

The obvious option here is Aubameyang up against Burnley.  They may have had some improvement but still look a target for the captain choice.  The issue here is the unpredictability of Emery.  Arsenal play Spurs in the EFL Cup quarters on Wednesday and if Aubameyang starts for that there has to be some uncertainty as to his starting place v Burnley. Hopefully Emery won’t take any chances after losing at Southampton and will start Aubameyang v Burnley.

That means that there won’t be a captain poll until after that game so as you can vote with full information.  Vice will possibly be Sterling unless he plays in the EFL Cup v Leicester.  In fact whichever of Sterling and Sane don’t play will go someway towards determining who will be the vice captain.  Kane is the other option for vice although Everton is a much trickier game

The lineup

Here’s the lineup assuming I don’t make  a transfer:

fantasy premier league teams GW18

The Gameweek

fantasy premier league teams GW18

So note it’s a Friday 19.00 UK time gameweek so make sure you set your team up now just in case you either forget while at the pub on Friday if you’re in the UK or don’t get up in time if you’re in New Zealand for instance.

That’s it hope you had a good gameweek.

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11 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW18 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Salah looked poor again yesterday really.

    But could easily have wound up getting points, with a couple of deflected shots and ball not quite rolling for him.

    When Liverpool has 36 shots against a 6th placed team you start to think you definitely need an attacker for them.

    Seems to be that Salah will just get chance after chance to score, and will end up doing so even though hes often not at his best this season.

    • I agree.

      And after gw19 home to Newcastle, Salah then has Arsenal and Man City.

      So I don’t think it’s a great time to have him in.

      GW 22 Salah back in for me.

  2. I am looking to replace TAA with a Chelsea defender – thinking Luiz or Rudiger – any thoughts ?

    I really wanted Doherty, but as i already have Bennet, I’m not a taking that chance when they have Liverpool up next.

  3. I have Fabianski, Alonso, Doherty, Laporte, AWB and TAA – any thoughts on TAA replacement? Was going to go Bellerin, but now injured. Lovren could be a shout, but Digne potentially with Everton’s good fixtures coming up?

    • I (like many others on this site I imagine) have the exact same defensive line. I am also thinking TAA for Lovren but Liverpools fixtures aren’t great. Not a good week to bring in Digne either.

      The fixture ease schedule and Defensive player stats articles should be useful this week.

  4. Looking at the high priced forwards, and thinking they are simply not worth it. They aren’t consistent at all, and haven’t even been particularly explosive this year either. Wondering if the better strategy is three lower priced strikers (i.e. Wilson, Jimenez, Ings, etc) and putting all those funds into the top mids? Any thoughts on that Geek?

  5. Hi Olly,

    I just did exactly that. Sold Kane and now have Salah, Hazard, Sane, Richarlison and Fraser, with the three low priced strikers you list. With premium defenders and gk, essentially planning 3-5-2 to see how that goes. Been at 50k for a while now and wanted to do something different to try and break through that barrier.


  6. Interesting. I think that’s the direction I’m going in, but hard to find the right week to make the break from Kane and Auba. Kane this week possibly. I don’t love that fixture against Everton away.

  7. Salah against top 6 last season:
    Scored home vs Chelsea, home vs Man City, home and away vs Spurs, home and away vs Arsenal

  8. Darren.. a home tie against Arsenal is a great time to have Salah in my opinion. That Arsenal defence is shocking. Concentrating on the top 6 then this is a list of the goals they have conceded:

    City 2
    Chelsea 3
    Spurs 2
    United 2

    I’d fancy Pool to get 3 or 4.

    I regret getting rid of Salah now as Auba has been bitterly disappointing in the ties against Hudd and Saints.. they looked prime fixtures for him to excel, but didnt. He has one last chance against Burnley at home. No double point haul and he is gone and Salah back.
    I think you guys are right about Kane too.. tho I reckon I will swap for Aguero now that he is back.

  9. I would argue that despite not having the same form as last year, Salah has still been quite consistent and in that Liverpool team he will always have chances.

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