fantasy premier league teams GW18 – early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW18 article where we outline our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW18.  We review GW17 and talk about potential transfers, captains and lineups for GW18

fantasy premier league teams GW18 – early thoughts on the FFGeek team

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 4 seasons overall ranks are 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k.


GW17 points: 86 (FPL average 56) Total points 1,040, Overall Rank: 135k, green arrow  141k Team Value: £102.4m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW18

So one of those rank halving gameweeks that you hope come along a few times a season as I move to 135k overall rank.  I’m now 25 points off my target of 50k overall rank.

Transfer thoughts

2 free transfers and £0.2m in the bank.


As you can see I have 8 players for BGW18 although that includes C Taylor who chances are won’t be fit and Brewster who may or may not start but generally comes off the bench.  With 2 transfers I could make it up to a very imperfect 10.

I have my free hit available if I wanted to use that.

fantasy premier league teams GW18


Even before any transfers I’ve got 10 starters with 2 games for DGW19 already plus Son and Kane  who have Sheffield United.  So I’m more than covered.

Here’s an extract from Joseph Crilleys planner which you can find on the FFGeek Patreon site

fantasy premier league teams GW18

So what to do?

Remember 2 free transfers and £0.2m in the bank.

So with 8 players (albeit including Taylor who seems unlikely to play and Brewster) at the moment I’m thinking I won’t free hit.  The FA Cup quarters postponements later in the season could be a more beneficial use of the Free Hit chi[.  That assumes that the FA Cup doesn’t get sacrificed if the Covid situation continues to get out of control as players inexplicably get Covid when they break the rules and post it on Instagram.  This season does have the bird in the hand feel to it but at the moment I’m not thinking of using the Free Hit.

So as it stands I’d like to use 2 transfers for BGW18.  4 teams play in BGW18 and have 2 fixtures in DGW19.  They are Man Utd, Man City, Burnley and Aston Villa.

They seem the best way of getting me up to 10 potential starters  for BGW18 and then still maximising DGW19.

I have yet to put up a captain poll but there seems to be a big problem by the name of Kevin De Bruyne. It seems that De Bruyne after his Chelsea performance could be a captain favourite for BGW18.  I’d prefer to have him as I imagine every free hitting man and his dog will have him as captain.  I could swap him for Salah who has no BGW18 fixture with the intention of somehow getting Salah back for DGW19.

That could possibly involve Son but would need 2 transfers in DGW19 somewhere which, unless I want to take a hit would mean only 9 players (including Taylor and Brewster) for BGW18.  Not ideal.  There appears to be no other option to get De Bruyne in for BGW18.  I could just sacrifice Salah for DGW19 and use the 2 transfers in GW18 and rely on De Bruyne as my captain.  If Salah appears to dangerous not to own I could just -4 him in with Son.

All food for thought and I’m using my policy of not making a decision until I have to with the gameweek a week away next Tuesday that’s definitely not now.  It will expose me to price rises if I use my free hit ultimately but I’ll take that on the chin.

Captain thoughts

Judging from what I’ve seen so far it seems like De Bruyne will be favourite and he will be my choice.  Fernandes would be the other option.  I will put up a captain poll at some stage.  Not sure when at the moment.

Lineup thoughts

No worries this week obviously unless I free hit.

Here’s the team prior to any transfers taking place

For the sake of illustration Salah out De Bruyne in and assume Taylor isn’t fit for GW18 so Stones/Reece James/a fit Matip comes in for him.  If Taylor was fit I would probably sacrifice Walker Peters and have 10.  Those not highlighted have no fixture in DGW18.  Captain De Bruyne

fantasy premier league teams GW18

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9 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW18 – early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hi all.

    Using FH this week;

    Darlow (Steer)
    Tierny Stones Dias (Mitchell, Kilman)
    Saka Son KDB Fernandes (Hendrick)
    Martial Kane Lacazette


    Any thoughts?


  2. It’s really satisfying to see you finally getting back into your familiar form. I am following your progress throughout the last 3 years and you have a consistent performance with your team. Was truly shocked seeing so many people criticizing you in the earlier half of the season while you were having a comparatively difficult time. Can’t see many critics now moaning around after some good weeks. Best of luck for the rest of the season.

  3. hi Geek,

    I think good call in not free hitting. The main players you have covered, you are just missing a couple side players from the ‘ideal’ free hit team.

    good luck

  4. Geek, couldn’t you do Salah to KDB this week. And then Kane and Grealish/Son to Salah and Ings/Adams? No hits needed

    • I could do that. I just wanted to use 2 transfers this week. Especially if I thought I could gamble on not having him cheers

  5. Nice one Geek, for what its worth, ignore the haters, silent by their absence, great work again and for many years that I have been following you.

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