fantasy premier league teams GW20 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW20 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW20. We look back at gameweek 19, The team planning schedule, transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW20 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

A bit ridiculous doing an early article when I’ll probably do a team selection article tonight but anyway.

Gameweek 19

GW19 points: 57 (average 59) Total points 1,145, Gameweek rank 3,488k, Overall Rank: 92k, red arrow 36k, Team Value: £102.4m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW20

A disastrous week for my team and I ended up losing pretty much all the ground I made up yesterday.

5 returning players above the minimum of 4 and with 1 double figure point haul.  However that didn’t come anywhere near cutting it in a fairly high scoring week.  A gameweek rank of 3,488k is way shy of the target of 1 million.   Lastly a 36k red arrow

I thought Salah was a big bench risk but it turned out not to be the case and with Sterling blanking it was one part of what went wrong.

The non template scoreboard

The non template score board shows it all too tellingly:

Here’s some definitions which are also relevant to the team planner below:

Template: owned by 7 of the 10 top managers I follow or 70% of the top 10k

Template replacement player: Where I haven’t gone for a template player but have opted for a direct replacement

Bench player; Someone who’s not intended to do anything than fill the bench at minimum cost.

Non template/Differentials: The rest. These and the template replacement players will be the main players who will move you backwards or forwards. Captain choices also will play a big part.

These are the template players in my team at the moment:

Wan Bissaka, Doherty, Richarlison and Kane. The non template players are the rest. The schedule divides the remaining players into template replacement and differentials which are the rest. It ignores players on the bench.

fantasy premier league teams GW20

So I convincingly lost the game of FPL chicken in Sterling vs Salah and also only 2 of the 6 non template players returning.  In a gameweek when other non template options people have Anderson, Hazard and Son HM scored well a red arrow was always on the cards.  It was a manageable one before Andersons 2 goals but they saw a drop of 16k ranking in itself.

The team planner

This schedule reflects no transfer taken.

fantasy premier league teams GW20

So a pretty mixed set of fixtures which doesn’t bode well.

Transfer thoughts

1 free transfers and £0.5m in the bank.

This week I’ve got 3 options.

Sit and make no transfer and hope for the best. 

Not something I like the sound of.  As I’ll say below I’m concerned that Sterling won’t start against Southampton and that Martial could also not play given he’s only done light training and to be assessed.

Take a 4 point hit to get Salah 

I could take a -4 point hit and transfer out Sterling for Salah and Martial for Brooks/Deulofeu/Snodgrass

My concern this week is the same as last week but with the focus on a different player.  This time I’m worried Sterling won’t start against Southampton.  He started and played 90 minutes vs Leicester whereas Mahrez played 7 minutes.  However, Sane has played the last 7 so it’s not inconceivable that he could be rested instead.  Who knows?

While Salah has 2 tricky games in Arsenal and Man City I’m not convinced Arsenal are that great a defensive prospect so it’s not as bad as it seems.

At least then the whole no Salah fiasco is over.

However I only have Aubameyang and Richarlison to fund it.  I don’t really want to sell either and while Martial is a doubt then it makes sense to sell him.  Although selling anyone before they play the fiasco that is the Eddie Howe defence is something that just doesn’t sit with me as well.

Here’s some stats on the 3 players.

fantasy premier league teams GW20

Deulofeu is probably my favourite.

Straight transfer Sterling to Hazard

The theory is that I would do a straight swap to avoid the 4 point hit and hope that Hazard matches Salah until GW22/GW23 when I would get him back.

It does have some logic

Salah plays Arsenal (H) and Man City (A) while Hazard plays Palace (A) and Southampton (H).

However the question is Do I really want to continue this game of FPL chicken against Salah?

At least he won’t be a captain favourite in each game and he does take 2 returns to get a bonus.  That would allow me to keep Martial who could still play as well.

OMG I’m thinking of doing it again

I’m not sure what I’m going to do but expect a team selection article at some stage tonight.

Lineup decisions

Couldn’t be easier this week.

Captain thoughts

I suspect it will be Kane.

Make sure you vote in our captain poll btw

The lineup

Pretend Sterling is either Salah or Hazard and Martial is untouched or probably Deulofeu

fantasy premier league teams GW20

A few random thoughts

This season is going to be bumpy.

The number of premium options and the multitude of double figure scores mean that this season is going to be very volatile week to week.  The template only has 3 attacking players in Salah, Kane and Richarlison giving 4-5 options which can make a huge difference each week.

If you read my 10 top FPL managers article you’ll know that this week  the highest scoring manager was 104 points and the lowest 53.  That’s a 51 point spread!  The week before was the same.  Top score 83, the lowest 33.  Now whats also interesting is that the guy who got 33 the week before got 84 this week.

This climate doesn’t mean you’ll end up in a lower position ultimately,  if you believe that your 50/50 decisions will even out but it will be more bumpy each week.

Don’t over focus on overall rank

Overall rank is a misleading guide to how you’re doing.  So for example I’m 92k and if you look for my last season OR of 17k that’s 50 points away.  Now 50 points isn’t the end of the world people are making up 20 to 30 points each week.

Also if you take Rob Reid who’s been having an unlucky season.  Last week he was 100 points behind me and with an OR of 693k.  This week he got a score of 80 improved his OR by 145k and took 23 points off the gap between him and myself.  That’s all in 1 week.

Nothing is lost but conversely no rank is safe

Not sure if any of the above helps anyone but there it is.

The gameweek

So the gameweek is Saturday 29 December 14.00 UK time.

Set your team now if you can in case you get distracted.

I’ll be trying to get as many articles out as I can before then but obviously it will be difficult to get contributors articles but I’ll put as many out as I get.  I’ll be going to right to the deadline.

fantasy premier league teams GW20

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12 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW20 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Ditto the previous two comments – your work is admirable, thanks very much for keeping at it.

    My question:
    Do I take 4 point hit to upgrade Snodgrass to Anderson by doing one of the three options below, I am less happy about doing this than I would usually be, as I only used my WC two GW’s ago! :-( :

    1) Sacrificing Chicarito for Kamara, (exact funds so no other strikers are viable options). Achieves the objective of Anderson, but effectively reduces my differentials by one and adds a “2 pointer”. I have one 2 pointer already in Camarasa)
    2) Sane to Richarlison. RIcharlison has great fixtures and is consistently returning but Sane is also consistent and potentially explosive.
    3) Sterling to Son. Son is on fire, but we all know what Sterling is capable of.

    Note: I was extremely happy that I got a WC team with both the City wingers included, with dreams of 20-30 points coming between them in one of the upcoming games…….. which they then proceeded to obtain a quadruple of 2’s whilst City lost back to back matches against Palace and Leicester!! So I am now wondering if doubling up on City at this troubling time is the best thing, particularly as those players might now both be primed for rotation. That, alongside a backdrop of Anderson/Son/Richarlison/Pogba/Martial showing great returns for their prices, makes a convincing case not to double up on City right now.

    FYI: My other MF is Hazard, other strikers are Kane and Ings.

    Any suggestions or useful thoughts on the conandrum most welcomme, this is why we love FPL, this is why we hate it!! Good luck to all and I hope you get a gree arrow for the New Year!! :-)

  2. Thanks. Salah is historically fixture-proof so I would have no worries in bringing him in this week if I didn’t have him. The key question for my team is 2nd guessing Pep after back to back defeats – does he continue with his best 11 or bring in Mahrez. He has not been too critical post match and there have been a couple of wonder goals. Someone could be on the receiving end v soon.

  3. Geek. Salah is nuts but Hazard is just as in form, has only 4 less points than salah, has played less minutes than salah, hence more points per match than salah and has better fixtures than salah. You also wouldnt have to take a hit.. hes also 3M cheaper meaning delefau could be, hmmm pogba in a week? Hazard also has the same 30ish percent ownership as salah, which is important to you.

    I think your option is the third.

    You seem to have a major salah crush right now (as do we all) but ask yourself: once salah is in will the same emotions take over that you dont have hazard? Kane? Auba? Sterling? Aguero? KDB? Etc. It is impossible to feel safe right now while any of the big 7 could put up a 20fpl score while not owning them. Swapping them for each other all the time just uses your transfer allotment though.

    Hopefully this helps, not that you need my help. I am on your site like 10 times a day loving when a new article is posted. However, if it means anything I think you should go Hazard because he has been just as good as Salah though. Then Kane to Salah in two weeks or so once the holiday kane spectacular ends, if you still have the salah itch..

    Good luck.

  4. Hi Geek,

    My head is fried the last couple of gameweeks with all that has gone on. That Martial illness was a right kick in the teeth as I just brought him in this week. Had I known he was out I’d have brought in Pogba. Way it goes…

    Regarding City.. I am reluctant to take out the attacker I have for them… Sane. I think they will go all out to beat Southampton the weekend and could walk all over them. But then I am also thinking rotation is a very distinct possibility and don’t want to be guessing.

    I’ve decided to swap Sane for Hazard because I just have enough of the guessing. I will bring Salah in after the city game, with Kane being the fall guy, and then never pull either of them out of my team again!!

    Best of luck with what you decide.

  5. I agree with Kev. I went hazard for sterling last gw instead of Salah, precisely because of his fixtures.

    I think the bonus thing with Salah is key and the point about him not being a captain favourite means that u can deal with maybe an 11-14 point haul because at least it won’t be doubled.

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