fantasy premier league teams GW22 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW22 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW22. We look back at gameweek 21, The team planning schedule, transfer thoughts plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW22 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 21

GW21 points: 61 (average 54) Total points 1,245, Gameweek rank 1,598k, Overall Rank: 120k, green arrow 13k, Team Value: £102.1m

Here’s the link to my GW21 team selection article if you’re interested

Here’s the points:

So running through the gameweek metrics firstly:

5 returners with 2 double figure points is better than the minimum of 4 returners and 1 double figure.

1.598 million gameweek rank is outside the target of 1 million

a green arrow of 13 k.

The gameweek was majorly damaged by my late change of captain from Kane to Hazard.  Stats wise Hazard’s performance wasn’t bad but it wasn’t at the consistent high standards his home form against non top 6 sides has been.

The gameweek was then saved by John Stones goal line clearance nutmeg of Salah and then subsequently Sanes goal.  I’ve mentioned I use to track my change of rank during live games and it may interest you to know that the Sane goal increased my rank by 27k due to the Sane alone.  That shows you the power of differentials/non template players (that’s what Sane is now) and how quickly Overall Ranks can change.

If I use my last seasons rank of 17k as a target for a want of another option than I’m about 63 points behind.  Not insurmountable.  However, as things are so volatile at the moment it could easily go the other way.

Overall though the gameweek has to go down as a disappointment.  When you have 3 players in your team with goalscoring odds of £1.61, £1.67 and £1.80 you should be on for a bumper weekend as long as you don’t make a captain mistake which is exactly what I did do.

The non template scoreboard

The non template score board makes interesting reading

Here’s some definitions which are also relevant to the team planner below:

Template: owned by 7 of the 10 top managers I follow or 70% of the top 10k.  I normally do the 10 top managers before this article but this week I’ve reversed it although I know the numbers of players in teams.

Template replacement player: Where I haven’t gone for a template player but have opted for a direct replacement

Bench player; Someone who’s not intended to do anything than fill the bench at minimum cost.

Non template/Differentials: The rest. These and the template replacement players will be the main players who will move you backwards or forwards. Captain choices also will play a big part.

These are the template players in my team at the moment:

Liverpool defence, Hazard, Wan Bissaka, Doherty, Richarlison and Kane. The non template players are the rest. The schedule divides the remaining players into template replacement and differentials which are the rest. It ignores players on the bench.

fantasy premier league teams GW22

The non template scoreboard isn’t often going to look as good as this.  My non template replacement players smashed the template and my differentials also performed.  However getting the captain pick wrong was a 9 point swing and meant a potential 38k green arrow was reduced to 13k.

However earlier in the season I was getting alot of 50/50’s right but now that is evening out and I’m getting alot wrong so just something you have to accept.

The team planner

The schedule is a bit bare for 2 reasons.  Firstly there are no ATGS odds for GW22 yet.  I’ll fill them in next week.  Also I’ve yet to decide on how to get Salah back so I’ve left the options blank.

Here it is:

fantasy premier league teams GW22

Transfer thoughts

2 free transfers £0.9m in the bank.

So this is definitely the week when Salah comes back into the team. Whatever possessed me to do it in the first place I don’t know but hopefully I’ve learned lessons from it.

Option 1 is with Aubameyang going for say Rashford or Arnautovic.  If I did that then Sane would have to go to facilitate it.  Martial wouldn’t provide enough funds.

Option 2 is with Hazard going.  Martial could become either Deulofeu or Brooks.  Or I could replace Sane and that would give me someone like Felipe Anderson.

I don’t favour any option at the moment and I  won’t make any decisions and are unlikely to make any changes irrespective of price changes until the Friday before the gameweek.

What is sure is that either Hazard or Aubameyang have to go.  I don’t have the cash to do it any other way.

Lineup decisions

The decisions at the moment revolve around Morgan, Kolasinac and Ings.  One of which will have to be benched.  At the moment I’ve benched Ings but that’s just a placeholder.  Also the Salah transfer could also be a factor.

Captain choice

So at the moment I’ve got it on Aubameyang but everything depends on how the Salah transfer is facilitated and Salah himself could well be the transfer

Here’s the lineup prior to any transfers being made:

fantasy premier league teams GW22

Gameweek 22

So here’s the gameweek which is just over a week away as I write this on Friday the 12th of January

fantasy premier league teams GW22

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26 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW22 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Im in exactly the same boat right now. I have to get rid of either Hazard or Aubameyang to get Salah back for a -4.

    Thinking about replacing Aubameyang for Deenay and Martial for Salah for a -4…

    Or hazard to Salah and downgrade van dijk to AAT for a -4 and keep Aubameyang and Kane upfront.

    • It’s a tricky one. I have a few permutations as well but my only rule so far is no minus 4. I know that’s fairly inflexible but hits have caused me the most pain this season

  2. Hi geek,

    I’m in the same shoes. Considering either Hazard or Aubameyang to fund Salah. I’m quite tempted to get rid of Hazard because firstly I have quite a bit of value tied up in Auba, and secondly, Auba is a good placeholder to get back Aguero if needed.

  3. Hi Geek – Re losing Hazard. Surely it’s best holding onto him this week for the juicy home fixture v Newcastle?? Could return big

    • Hi mate. I do agree I think he could but unfortunately I think the same could be said for Aubameyang at West Ham and Salah at Brighton and unfortunately I have to lose 1 cheers

  4. Geek, What if you downgraded doherty to jonny to bank 0.9m. Then could you swap sane and martial instead of auba or haz?

    They seem more valuable than sane or martial based on the rotation risks the manchester players seem to have that neither of the auba or haz seem to have.

    -Sane is over 9m and in any given week may make a 1pt cameo off your bench making him an expensive non-captain option.

    -man u seemingly have locked in pogba, meaning martial, lukaku, sanchez, mata, rashford and lingard are sharing 3 spots. Based on the ego and star power of sanchez and lukaku, th feeling is if they are in form they will play.

    -doherty to jonny seems like a trade that the fpl community will slowly enforce to gain funds as everyone realizes they essentially look equally as dangerous on each side. Jonny seems forgotten due to his missed time. He looked like a striker the last few games he was so far forward. 0.9M!!

    Just a thought. Good luck!

    • Thanks Kev all good thoughts and appreciate them all. At the moment nothing is off the table apart from a -4 so once I work through all the stats in the gameweek I’ll have a better idea cheers and good luck for GW22

    • Like this thinking Kev.

      I think taking a -4 off the table is a bit intransigent for such a key transfer geek. How many of the top 10 would take that off the table?

      • Hi Tom, not many I think but generally it’s a group that don’t take hits that often. I think I have enough options to change the situation without resorting to a hit. Cheers and good luck this week

  5. Hi Kev!! Good point: I got Jonny myself when wildcarded on december.
    But the 0,9 freeing funds depends on when you bought – or are buying – Doherty (at What price).

  6. I think an article on the top players would help you/us to show which 3 seem to be the best to have.

    The top premium players being:

    Which 3 of those is the best to have? After last night and Aguero’s performance he is looking very valuable again.

    My current favoured 3 is therefore Kane, Aguero and Salah.

    And I can do that for a -4 this week.

    Anyone any thoughts? I think an article on the 6 powerhouses would be very useful.

  7. Hi Geek,

    You mention getting rid of either Hazard or Auba. Had you considered Kane? Why do you want to hold Kane over them?…

  8. Geek – str8 forward move is sane to salah and aubameyang to rashford, dont complicate it or over think it.

    In my eyes rashford is as good as aubameyang and over 4m cheaper. I transferred him in for aubmeyang just before the cardiff game and havent looked back. over those 4 gameweeks rashford returned 31 pts and aubameyang 32!!To give you context, I was able to use the extra 4m wisely and have a powerhouse midfield of hazard, salah, anderson, richarlison and front 3 of rashford jimenez and kane. Alonso, Trent, doherty bissaka, holebas at the back. sittin at 29k right now. dont let the spurs game put u off, i believe rashford and to be fixture proof, hes ahead of lukaku in the pecking order.

  9. Hey Geek,

    Thanks you for your site.

    I lost a lot of space in the last 4 weeks (overall 25 000 —> 195 000…)

    My team is this :





    2 FT, 0 in the bank.

    I return the problem in all directions but I do not see what transfer to improve my team.

    Do you have some advice?

    Thank you.

    • use a 4 man midfield by transferring lingard to stephens and success to rashford with 2.4m still in the bank to play with if u want to upgrade fraser to pogba for a 4 pt hit or wait another week to avoid the hit. Those moves would substantially improve your team.

  10. use a 4 man midfield by transferring lingard to stephens and success to rashford with 2.4m still in the bank to play with if u want to upgrade fraser to pogba for a 4 pt hit or wait another week to avoid the hit. Those moves would substantially improve your team.

  11. Currently got a defence of Alonso,AWB,Lovren,Doherty and Laporte. Finally making the decision to take out Laporte due to their inability to keep a clean sheet. Do you think doubling up on Liverpool defence through TAA is a good move?

    • I think TAA is great value and are thinking of a double up myself. At some stage Lovren will go into rotation with Gomez when he’s back. That doesn’t seem before the end of the month though cheers and good luck

  12. Hey Geek,

    Great analysis as usual.

    Can you stretch Auba and Martial to Salah and say Deeney or even Kamara? Or you would like to cover Man Utd attack? Because I personally think getting rid of Sane is not a good choice as City imo back on form and they start to look sharp and can easily hammer any team. And for the fact that Mendy is out Sane is the nailed one given he started 8 of the last 9. Unless its a value issue otherwise Sane is a keep for me until Mendy comes back.

    Hope thats smth could give u a bit of consider.

    Thanks again for all the hard work Geek!

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