fantasy premier league teams GW27 – early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW27 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW27. We look back at gameweek 26, The team planning schedule, transfer thoughts,some blanks and doubles words plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW27 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 26

GW26 points: 71 (average 57) Total points 1,577, Gameweek rank 1,255k, Overall Rank: 72k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £102.7m

Here’s the link to my GW26 team selection article if you’re interested

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW27

A week with a 5k green arrow and an OR improvement to 72k OR.

5 returning players above my minimum of 4 although 4 double figure point hauls is good. A gameweek rank of 1,255k outside my target of 1 million.

However it is a gameweek I have mixed emotions about despite the green arrow.  On the 1 hand I was incredibly lucky in that had there not been a sickness query over Aubameyang I would have sold Aguero and even on the Friday I could still have done that.  That would have been an unmitigated disaster given Aguero’s 17 points.

However the reason I have mixed emotions about the gameweek is that my 3 differential players in Barnes, Aguero and Foster got points of 11, 17 and 10.  Anytime you get scores like that you should be looking at a huge green arrow.  It is the stuff you dream about (at least if you are someone who takes FPL way too seriously).  Especially Barnes and Foster who are owned by no one except me virtually.  However thanks to my mismanagement of the template I end up with a measley 5k green arrow.

My 2 biggest mistakes this season are when I have mismanaged the template. I took way too long to get Salah back and conform to the template and then not getting Pogba more recently as a template player.  Too often I have been happy to fight with a template replacement player and more often than not I’ve lost.  This week that decision with Pogba especially has undone any one of the good work done by my differentials.

So although I was incredibly lucky over the Aguero position I can’t be anything other than gutted about how I’ve mismanaged the template position over Salah and Pogba.  I can’t believe I will have another gameweek where 3 template players out of 4 get double figure returns and I get practically nothing to show for it.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not feeling sorry for myself or looking for sympathy.   I’m just really annoyed at myself for not doing the basics correctly.

 The non template scoreboard

The Template players I have are Doherty, Wan Bissaka, Salah, Richarlison, Son HM and Rashford. They tend to have a minimal effect on your rank if you have them and a huge negative effect if you don’t and your template replacement player doesn’t match their points.

fantasy premier league teams GW27

So as you can see, not for the first time the template battered me.

The team planner

The team planner is bare this week because the FA Cup 5th round will determine my transfer strategy going forward to deal with the doubles and the blanks coming up.  So I won’t be making any decisions over transfers until after the final 5th round game which is on Monday and Chelsea v Man Utd.  How those results fall will determine my strategy over the doubles and blanks as you’ll see below.

There are no attacking bookie odds out as yet.

You can see alot of information and potential strategies in my latest double and blanks article btw

fantasy premier league teams GW27

GW27 prospects

Firstly I should be able to field a team of 11 for this blank week.  Hazard, Aguero, Richarlison don’t have a fixture and Morgan is no longer being selected. 4 players who won’t play means 1 transfer will hopefully get 11 out.

However Liverpool playing Manchester United,  Burnley home to Spurs and all the defensive fixtures being tricky means this has all the hall marks of a potentially rank damaging gameweek ahead.

 Transfer thoughts

1 free transfer,  £0.7m in the bank

I’m not even thinking about my transfer at the moment.  Until the 5th round FA Cup games are played I won’t know what my double and blank strategy is and that will determine my transfer to a large extent.

It will be 1 of Hazard, Richarlison, Morgan or Aguero out though.  They all have blanks in GW27 albeit Morgan through likely non selection.

A few words on the future blanks and doubles

If you haven’t seen my latest article on the blanks and doubles then here’s the link.  So remember the likely doubles and blanks are:

GW27 Blank EFL Cup final

GW31 Blank FA Cup quarters

GW32 Potential Double gameweek

GW33 blank FA Cup Semis

GW35 potential double gameweek

Here are some of the options being floated about if you have a full set of Chips at the moment

 fantasy premier league teams GW27

I have always been looking at option 1 and 2 but at the moment I could only get 8 players for GW31 unless the 5th round results changes things. Therefore I’m holding off any transfers to see how things shape up  for blank GW31.

There are 5 teams with fixtures guaranteed in both GW31 and GW33. These are Bournemouth, Burnley, Huddersfield, Leicester and Liverpool.

Here’s the updated GW31 and GW33 blank schedules.  The games in green are guaranteed to be on as both sides are out of the FA Cup

fantasy premier league teams GW27

fantasy premier league teams GW27

I’ll update these in a separate article as the fixtures are played.

If you’re wanting to do some transfer planning then use FFGeek contributor Joseph Crilleys natty little google spreadsheet.  Here are the accompanying notes.  You can follow Joe on twitter

Lineup decisions

There will be little problem deciding on who to bench as there will be 3 players with no fixtures after a transfer.

Captain choice

I’m not going to speculate on that at the moment but if forced to choose I would possibly go for Salah over Son as I feel the Man Utd defence has still got alot of improvement to do.  However there is a Champions League matches and FA Cup matches before that to assess options.

Team lineup

Here’s how the team lines up prior to any transfers.  It’s not a pretty sight.

fantasy premier league teams GW27

That’s it. Hope you had a good gameweek and found it useful in thinking about your team for GW27.

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21 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW27 – early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hi Geek and everyone,

    A broad-based question for you as the double game weeks/blanks approach, which has to do with team and individual player value, and that is: How much should we take into account the “buy-back” cost of players that have risen in value in order to accommodate players—often likely inferior players—that have games in those double/blank weeks?

    The problem as I see it is that many of the players that we are likely to be getting rid of are exactly the ones that are in form or have been the most consistent over the season, hence their big price differentials. To give some examples from my team (this will vary from player to player depending on when they were bought, but the principle holds in general I think):

    Robertson +4; Doherty +5; Wan-Bissaka +3; Salah +3; Pogba +4; Rashford +3; Jimenez +5

    So that’s 2.7m to get them back if you sold them all.

    Obviously, the free hit takes care of this dilemma for one of the weeks, but I’m wondering whether it is better to use the free hit first so that you have your core team together for longer before you have to start dismantling it, either through transfers or wildcarding? Or, are we simply better advised to chase the points that are on offer from teams with blanks/doubles even if they are from inferior teams?

    In my own particular situation, I have already wildcarded and I am sitting at 20k with 1.2 in the bank, so I have some money to spare for some changes back and forth. I suppose it’s a question of how long you wait before taking a wrecking ball to your team as the finish line approaches, but I am wary of taking players out who I can’t then get back!

    I hope that makes sense and I’d be interested to know how people approach this.

    Thanks, and sorry for the long message.

  2. Hi Geek
    As of for now would you still be looking to do Kun to Auba for this GW bar no injury or sickness whatever reasons on Auba?

  3. Hi Geek,

    Really do feel for you mapping out all the potential blanks/doubles. It hurts my head just looking at it all and that’s after you’ve done all the hard work! Just a quick appreciative message- my fpl run in would be a disaster without you!


  4. It seems bizarre to sell Aguero
    On the back of two hat tricks, but that’s likely to be my move unless anything else crops up injury wise. My one week switch Auba to Aguero turned into two. Thank goodness I held off the reverse switch too. Aguero has a blank next and Auba has Southampton and Bournemouth at home. It will have certainly been a very successful two week smash and grab catching Agueros two hat tricks.. can’t believe Aguero is currently top buy with no game and Auba is top sell when he has the game of the round ??

    • yeah it might mean going to Auba and back is not worthwhile as you will lose money buying Aguero back for more than you sold him.

  5. Hi Rob. No the switch was from Auba to Aguero for one week only which turned out to be two to cover the double week and now going back to Auba to keep him

    • yeah so if you go to Auba for GW27 and intend to get Aguero back for GW28 you probably will have to pay more Aguero than you sold him for.

  6. To geek’s point though of only 5 weeks left: if you use one transfer to Auba this week, that leaves 4 ft (5 if you carried last week) until gw31. Auba doesnt play 31 as of right now. So that could potentially be pretty short sited.

    Unless you yaniv strategy. Or if ars have a dbl in 32 AND also dont blank in 33. Then I guess you could do it and focus transfers towards gw32 and free hit through 31. You still only have 5 weeks of transfers though and a lot could change (especially gw 33 stuff) by then. Things could also change for 33 by the time it rolls around.

    One benefit of Yaniv’s strategy is that for the next 5 weeks you can use your transfers as you see fit. Imagine: auba against sou, f. Anderson against Ful, and so on. Instead of a focus on 31 (which lei, bur, bou players honestly get you excited right now? Really excited I mean.. especially in midfield I dont see much excitement eith brooks hurt and madisson not playing 90 consistently or returning, bur have midfielders back from injury so rotation risk now?). Anyway, the focus in next 5 gw of sexy players is a perk of wc 30 that doesnt get mentioned.

    The obvious cons of Yaniv strategy are i) the international break after 30 and before 32; and ii) we might not know who plays dbls in what week yet by the time gw30 is here. Ultimately those scare me off.

    That being said, I am in same situation as geek and most of you: I wont get to 11 players for blanks unless fa upsets happen this week. Even che and bha losing wouldnt help me. So the risks of yaniv strategy seem potentially necessary for me unless there are some other big upsets..

    Good luck and as we all know. Wait on the ft. Dont look at the price sites, it is stressful!

    • thanks Kev that is helpful way of putting it. The thing is we don’t know who is going to have a game in GW31 yet do we? We will only know for certain after the weekend FA Cup fixtures? At least that’s my understanding.

      So ive not even thought about any of it yet until we know what GW31 is actually going to look like. And maybe the other GWs after that, if we are to get more clarity after this weekend.

  7. Yes. It goes without saying that waiting is key. However I think I would have to ‘yaniv’ if there were no upsets by the end of this weekend. Might as well have the decision and plan for that scenario on paper in case it happens, as it is currently the most likely barring injuries. I dont want to be panicking come gw 27.

    Ideally I would love an upset or two that allowed me to transfer to 31. That would provide potentially the most double game week games overall and allow the wc to be played later.

    As is, that just cant happen for my 3 LFC only 31/33 squad.

  8. Geek… madness not owning Pogba this long.

    I unfortunately made the move of Aguero to Auba, and also left Foster on the bench for Patricio. Those 2 decisions cost me 26 points (61 instead of 87). The player that came off the bench for Auba was Luiz for a -1. That’s the difference between an average week and a bumper haul. Way it goes!!
    Regarding strategy from now to GW31… I am still going with the Yaniv approach unless one thing and one thing only happens; Wolves lose in the 5th round of the FA cup.

  9. Hi Geek
    I don’t think the reason you are not even higher in the league is as simple as getting Salah and Pogba too late, certainly it is possible to do well without Salah as he is so expensive you can improve your whole squad without him. Maybe you took the wrong replacements, maybe you shouldn’t have got Salah once you had missed the boat.
    You dropped Salah in week 16 and got him back in week 22 during which time your position went down from 98k to 142k. I haven’t had Salah since week 6 be between week 16 and 22 my position went up from 150k to 53k (and would have been 35k if I had not forgotten to save my sub changes in week 19) so not having Salah in that period did not prevent you doing well in itself.

    • Hi Carl thanks for the comments

      Salah scored 61 points in the 6 gameweeks that I sold him and Pogba 84 points in 9 gameweeks since I inexplicably chose Martial instead of him. I think you did amazingly well to improve your rank but I personally believe that those 2 mistakes haven’t cost me hugely. Again they were stupid mistakes where I’m not looking for sympathy or putting it down to luck. They have both been fairly and squarely due to my mismanagement of the template.

      Hope you’re enjoying the break

  10. I’m currently #2 in my ML. The guy above me is 110 points ahead and the guy below me is 15 points behind. Would love to finish #1 but it will be difficult. My team is fabianski, button, kolasinac, tarkowski, bissaka, Luiz, Diop, sallah, ndidí, Anderson, milevoavic, pogba, aguero, lacazette and rashford.

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