fantasy premier league teams GW28 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW28 article where I give my early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW28. I look back at gameweek 27 and give my thoughts on the gameweek ahead including potential transfers and captain choice.

fantasy premier league teams GW28 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

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Gameweek 27 review

GW27 points: 60 (FPL average 45) Total points 1,584 Gameweek rank 845k, Overall Rank: 56k, green arrow 14k, Team Value: £103.6m

Here’s the points:

fantasy premier league teams GW28

So a good week with a 14k green arrow and a gameweek rank of 845k taking me to 56k overall rank. Only my 9th sub 1 million gameweek rank of the season.   6 returning players is pretty pleasing.

9 of the last 11 gameweeks have seen a green arrow.  Unfortunately all this just makes me nervous about what’s around the corner as this spell of good fortune surely can’t continue.

The transfer in of Boly for Lundstram out was a reasonable success with a clean sheet for Boly and another benching for Lundstram. Although  those who went for Wolves alternatives in Saiss or could afford Doherty were better off.

The attacking players

The 3 returners were Martial, Salah and Calvert Lewin . I’m going to leave them happy.

The non returners were firstly Firmino.  How he hasn’t scored in the last 4 is totally beyond me and today was no exception.  In the last 4 games he’s taken 12 shots and accumulated an xG of 3.45.  Surely an explosion is imminent.

Vardy was playing Man City so I didn’t have any real expectation.  He’s stayed in my FPL team for Norwich and Villa next so that’s where he will be judged.  Against City it was a pleasing 4 shots and an xG of 0.45 which was a good sign after 6 shots in the last 6 games.  I speak more about him in my bandwagons and sinking ships article.

Grealish couldn’t single handedly save Villa this week.  The game was 28 shots to 4 in favour of Southampton which says alot.  Grealish had 1 shot and 1 key pass which was a quarter of a pretty pathetic Villa output.  The fixtures aren’t great with a blank next and then Leicester and Chelsea.  He is in prime exit position except for his blank GW31 prospects

Lastly there was De Bruyne who had a pretty quiet game against Leicester.  I can’t see me selling De Bruyne but you could make a case with a blank next.  That’s followed by Man Utd and Liverpool in the 4 after that plus a potential blank 31.  The juicy fixture home to Burnley precedes the 2nd UCL leg vs Real Madrid so Pep could put any team out in that fixture.

The defensive players 

The returners were Alexander Arnold, Boly and McCarthy.  Again I’ll leave them as they are.

Rico was benched for this match with Howe playing Smith left back and Stacey right.  As Bournemouth have a guaranteed fixture in GW31 that is a bit of a pain even if it is away to Wolves.  He’s been on the exit list for sometime it’s just low down on the priorities.

Holgate has seen 5 games without a clean sheet in fixtures against Watford, Newcastle, Palace and West Ham which is pretty disappointing to say the least.  The fixtures aren’t the best going forward so I would get rid of him if I could.  He does have a decent chance of a fixture in the blank GW31 which is in the back of my mind though.

Lastly there was Soyuncu.  With a good run of fixtures next he’s a keeper for the moment

My FPL team structure

Again apologies to regular readers for the definition preamble.

If it’s the first time you’ve seen it here’s how I classify each player in my FPL team:

Template player: 7 of the 10 top FPL managers I follow have him in their team. I use the 10 managers as a proxy for serious FPL managers who will finish in the top 100k or so. People have different interpretations of what is an FPL template. There’s no true definition though.

Template replacement player: the player you choose to go head to head against a template player with.

Bench player: A player who will for the most part be on your bench. Sometimes there are bench rotaters but I won’t muddy the waters

Difference maker: these are the rest and the players who can move you forward or back. I don’t call them differentials as this implies an ownership threshold which I don’t use

Here’s my squad using these categories:

fantasy premier league teams GW28

Looking ahead to GW28 and the blank GW31

You can see more detail in my blanks and doubles article

1 free transfer and £0.4m in the bank.

Firstly as you can see in the team lineup graphic below even without a transfer out of Grealish I can get 11 players out in GW28 although the bench back up of Rico is far from ideal given he was dropped for GW27.

I have hoped to avoid using the free hit for the FA Cup quarter final induced blank of GW31.  However to only have 2 guaranteed players 1 of which is Rico who was dropped, then I’m going to need alot of fixture luck to avoid using it.

For now the immediate issue is whether I transfer out Holgate and  Grealish who are targets to go out of the team but have a decent chance of a fixture in GW31.

Transfer thoughts

My thought has been to take out Grealish who has a blank for Harvey Barnes of Leicester who has very good overall stats although is a little inconsistent in producing them.  The attraction though is Norwich and Villa next.  However there are 2 complications.  Firstly Barnes was on the bench vs Man City.  I’ll have to convince myself this was fixture related as he started the 5 before that.  Secondly do I want to hold Grealish in the hope that he has a fixture in GW31 and can contribute to avoiding a free hit.

There are no particular other targets.  It needs more procrastination (I mean careful consideration!)


Probably Salah but the Polls maybe an influence

Lineup issues

Rico home to Chelsea as the sole bench warmer.   Although if I replace Grealish then I would probably add Boly at Spurs to the bench.

Here’s a lineup pre transfers

fantasy premier league teams GW28

I hope you had a good gameweek

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  1. Geek – no need to overthink it if it was me. I’d definitely keep the FT for now. Once the GW31 fixtures are clearer you will have 2 FT +2 more before GW31 to work with if you really want to save that free hit. For me, I’m planning to FH GW31 so not too worried about that.

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