fantasy premier league teams GW29 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW29 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW29. We look back at gameweek 28, The team planning schedule, transfer thoughts, some blanks and doubles words plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW29 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 28

GW28 points: 30 (average 53) Total points 1,648, Gameweek rank 5,869k, Overall Rank: 128k, red arrow 57k, Team Value: £102.8m

Here’s the link to my GW28 team selection article if you’re interested.

The GW28 points:

 fantasy premier league teams GW29

Well that was easily the worst gameweek of the season for me by some distance.  On gameweek rank it was 5.8 million.  The next lowest was 4.7m so I absolutely smashed that.

30 points and a 57k drop in rank to 128k.  I didn’t think it was even possible to drop 57k from a starting rank below 100k at this stage of the season but there you go.

So just putting out the basic metrics.

2 returning players below my minimum of 4.  One of those was one of the captain favourites in Aguero so that might have contributed  to a ranking fall in itself.  A gameweek rank of 5.8 million against a target way in the distance of 1 million and a 57k red arrow to 128k.  I’m 59 points behind 30k which is probably the best I can hope for as a recovery.

To top it off I picked the wrong captain out of the 2 I had a choice of with Salah not returning in a 5 goal win.

The failure again is the same old story which my mismanagement of the template.  A consistent story this season when I’ve allowed myself to move away from my core strategy of covering the template and favoured captain picks and advancing through differentials.

The non template scoreboard 

To illustrate the point here’s the non template score board:

fantasy premier league teams GW29

It can’t be often that 3 defenders of a back 4 average 17 FPL points but that’s not the point here.  If I had managed the template properly I wouldn’t have been susceptible to that situation, however rare it is.

The template hammered me again and if that happens you need your differentials to step up which they absolutely didn’t.

Two key differentials I’ve kept, despite their form, for the blank GW31 in Hazard and Richarlison both blanked spectacularly.  They produced 1 shot and 1 key pass between them and a combined xG and xA of 0.03 and 0.05.  They were also subbed off in 61 and 62 minutes respectively.  It really doesn’t get much worse than that.  While I can excuse Hazard v Spurs there’s no excuse for Richarlison in a 3 goal win v Cardiff.

Hazard now faces Fulham so there’s no reason to jettison him this game week and my sense is to keep Richarlison for the next 2 games before he plays in the blank GW31 even if I end up benching him for 1 or both.

The other disappointment was Yedlin.  I put him in instead of Schar as I thought he had more gametime security as Schar was part of a back 3 which could be changed.  That ended up a big mistake as Yedlin was rested in GW28 and Schar gets 15 points with a clean sheet and a 25 yard screamer.  I’m thinking that when we get to this stage of the season CBs v FBs maybe safer gametime picks due to the difference in physical exertion they face.

The team planner and transfer thoughts

2 transfers and £0.7m in the bank.

This assumes I make the planned changed of Kolasinac out for Alexander Arnold.

That means the 2 areas of the template uncovered are Pogba and Jimenez but I will have to live with that for the next 2 round s before blank GW31.

Here’s the team planner:

fantasy premier league teams GW29

So the odds look very good this week in theory.  Although I said that last week.  I really need Hazard to perform though as he is now a major differential up against the worst defence in the league.

Assuming I only use 1 transfer I have 3 transfers before the blank GW31.  Currently I have 7 players for that so I will end up 1 short I expect.  I have no idea of the 2 transfers in addition to the Alexander Arnold transfer at the moment but will leave that for the next week.

I had thought about Arnautovic for Rashford but Arnautovic didn’t start and Rashford was fit enough to start so with Southampton next he’s staying.

So transfer will be Kolasinac out and Alexander Arnold in.  Carrying over 1 free transfer.  I’m hoping there will not be a double price rise/drop tonight.  I use the price change site FPL statistics and it’s still some way off as I write this around 3pm.

Captain thoughts

If Aguero looks like he will play then it will be him.  I guess it depends on any clue that Pep gives.  I won’t do a poll this week as sometimes polls can mess with the website but they will return next week all going well.

Lineup decisions

With Wan Bissaka injured and Hojbjerg being a definite bench man then there was no choice really.  Newcastle getting a clean sheet at West Ham seemed a real stretch.

The team

Pretend Kolasinac is Alexander Arnold

fantasy premier league teams GW29

Website issues 

So over the season I’ve had some on off issues with the stability of the website which I hoped could be dealt with in the summer.  However they reached such a drastic point at the end of last week and the beginning of this that I felt I had no choice but to change hosting companies as a way of hopefully resolving the situation.  That has now been finalised but I’m told that some ISPs will react slower to the new host & they may not be able to see posts straight away.

I believe that at some point, hopefully today, that everyone should be able to see them.  Most of the contributors and family I speak to can but some not.  I see though that Sergio Torija, who couldn’t see it this morning, now can so things are moving on.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I definitely wouldn’t have done it unless I felt there was no other way.

A short gameweek with decent traffic should be a good test so here’s crossing my fingers.

Hope you had a good gameweek.

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34 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW29 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Thanks for keeping on posting these updates Geek – despite the extremely tough week for your team. Must be demoralising to keep getting red arrows despite all the effort. Your team looks great for this week though so hopefully you gain back those 57k places and more!

  2. Why wait to make the transfer Geek? You know you are doing it.

    You say you are hoping for no price rise/fall. Why even let it be a possibility – theres no more games to come this week, what are you waiting for? Someone pulling up in training? Or a press conference from Klopp where he might somehow say that TAA is going to be dropped after that display last night and when he is fresh back from injury? That’s far too risk averse in your situation where your team value is low so 0.1 or 0.2m may be significant to you.

  3. Hi Geek,

    Just some food for thought, what I have noticed is you seem to react behind the curve in terms of players hitting form and lose out on the early points…eg Rashford, Pogba, Jimenez etc, maybe a more positive risky approach next season will reap more rewards.

    Thank you for your excellent articles, they are a huge help to me throughout the season.

  4. I think you’ve been unfortunate. Perhaps you’ve hung on to some players too long, especially Hazard.
    Missed the site when it was down. Thanks again.

  5. Going away from the template can work for you or against you, it makes for quite a roller coaster ride. At the weekend I had my worst week of the season, I spent 8 points in order to get a full team out and they got 31 points (net 23) between them. OR went from 26k to 43k. The mid week games it worked in my favour, with differentials like Mane for Salah (giving me the finances to have Aguerro and Aub up front). 73 points and I am back up to 27k. It would have been even higher but I left Rashford in the team hoping he would either play most of the game or not at all (I had Ward Prowse as S1).
    Hopefully at the weekend your differentials will have perform and you will bounce straight back again.

  6. Hi! Why don’t you just sell Rich for Pogba? He will be very popular captain choice. 2 transfers and -4points but it worth it.

    • i think its because of GW31 which is flawed logic as I see alot of players are sacrificing points in order to have 11 players for GW31!!

        • i brought in aubameyang for rashford so had aguero and aubameyang and both scored. worked out nicely!!!

      • Joe… it is not just GW31 but GW33 too. I didnt like the idea of sacrificing certain transfers to build for 31 & 33 at first but having played it out, building for those blanks offers the smoothest transition. And you can always get the transfers spot on. For example: I brought in TAA & Vardy this week for the injured Laporte and Rashford, which was a success with 25 points returned. The logic is not flawed at all.

        • its flawed if ur not bringing in for example pogba for richarlison, and richarlison will prob only get u 2 points in GW31 given the form he is in. I am not worrying about GW31 as i am free hitting that gameweek. I will have 8 or so players for GW33 which im not worried about as the standard of players needed to have 11 players for GW33 will prob only lose me 6 points that gameweek. But the net gain between now and then is much higher by keeping the likes of pogba until then.

          • I agree with you on the owning Rich over Pogba but those of us who are more shrewd own both right now… sorry Geek :). And it is presumptious to think having 3 less players GW33 will only cost you 6 points…. it could very well cost you triple that.

  7. Pogba has a blank GW31 but Richarlison plays. That’s the biggest factor for most now when they are making transfers as we build for the big blank week.

    Salah to Mane to fund Aguero and Auba up front is tasty. But the big two strikers also blank in GW31.

    The last time there was a big move off Salah he scored a hat trick so he is a session keeper for me. His high ownership can cause irreparable damage when he fires

    • I haven’t had Salah since my first WC in week 6 but I will get back for week 31. Barring injuries plan is to downgrade Pogba week 30 (possibly to Fraser) before they play Arsenal in order to fund Son and Aguerro to Salah and Higuain, keeping Aub for week 33. Free Hit week 32 and WC week 34 means decisions now are for the short term.

  8. I almost always follow your captaincy decisions, so was glad the site was down, leaving me to decide on Aguero alone.

  9. Hi geek
    Thanks for the great articles and thoughts.
    I’d really like an update on the Bkank and Diubkes situation if possible as I think some changes have been announced since the last one eg Man Utd v Wolves and the possibility of Chelsea having a DGW32. Would be keen to see updated chip thinking if possible! Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Hi JT. Yes I will do one over the weekend. The short gameweeks have made other than the very basic articles difficult good luck this week

  10. What would you do chaps. 2FT:

    A) Sane and Digne out – Sterling and Bedenerak In
    B) Rashford, Sane, Digne out – Aguero, Hayden, Luiz in (-4)
    C) Rashford, Sane, Digne out – Aguero, Maddison, Diop in (-4)


    • Hi Darren

      I didn’t think the prices would change so to me there was no point in doing it yesterday is the simple answer. They didn’t change so in the end there was nothing lost. Overall I prefer leaving my transfers to Friday anyway to give maximum thinking time. My history of success with early transfers is pretty horrendous. I’m also not fussed about my team value. I would rather have the value but not at the cost of focusing my transfer timetable around it. I hate the thought of being forced into doing a transfer because the price may change in the coming hours.

      If my season had gone better my value would be better which is what I rely on rather than trying to maximise value through transfer timings. I’m not saying I’m right, it’s just how I prefer to play. I am in the minority though I accept that. I hope that helps and good luck this week

  11. Geek
    You have my sympathy. I lost 90,000 places in GW25 through sticking with Auba instead of Aguero.

    I was very glad to get Hazard out my ream – what it it 1 return in 8 weeks? Hope your patience pays off though.

  12. Hi there!
    There are a lot of ways to play.
    I think Geek has explained how he plays, because playing like he does have its benefits.
    This site is superb and very very Helpful. This said, we can make our own choice, with better or worse selections and that is fun too.
    Good Luck to all!!!

  13. Hi Geek

    If you were to change the keeper from Foster, who would it be? (Same question to the other smaller geeks) :)


      • I went with Dubravka, though I made the change before West Ham played City. Now probably not much between the two if you are free hitting Wk32, Newcastle are on a run of form but Fab is a little cheaper.

  14. Hi, I’m planning for GW31 and 33 and have 2 FT. Considering Aubameyang and son out for Vardy and hazard in…..Am I losing it by even considering bringing in an out of form hazard purely cos of fixtures in 31 & 33 or you think worth it with Fulham this weekend? Any suggestions welcome?

  15. Anyone else doing the Auba back to Aguero this gw? Minutes look an issue potentially but think it’s got to be done.

    • @Rob and John. I think selling Aubameyang is reasonable considering it’s two tricky fixtures then blank. Lacazette is banned from the next two Europa ties so I would expect him to get more pl action and Auba to get more euro minutes.

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