fantasy premier league teams GW31 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW31 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW31. We look back at gameweek 30, The team planning schedule, transfer thoughts, some blanks and doubles words plus early captain thinking.

fantasy premier league teams GW31 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 30

GW30 points: 44 (average 48) Total points 1,722, Gameweek rank 3,795k, Overall Rank: 199k, red arrow 31k, Team Value: £102.2m

Here’s the link to my GW30 team selection article if you’re interested.

The GW30 points:

 fantasy premier league teams GW31

I’m really on a roll at the moment.  The last 2 gameweeks were the worst of the season by gameweek rank measure.  This one didn’t make it the hat trick but it was the 5th lowest of the season at 3.795 million so a pretty good effort.

I’ve managed to add 130k to my OR in the last 3 gameweeks and are now 199k OR with this week losing 31k in OR.

4 returning players which is my minimum and it was on the whole a neutral captain week with Aguero and Salah the 2 favourites.

The non template scoreboard

fantasy premier league teams GW31

So the template beat me by 7 points.  Differentials actually didn’t do too badly but still not enough to avoid a big drop.

Things could have been so much worse though had Hazard not scored in the last minute of the game.

The team planner and transfer thoughts

1 transfer and £0.2m in the bank.

Here’s the team planner.  At the moment I’ve factored in Mane for Pogba and Vardy for Aguero which are the 2 transfers I’m thinking of.  Rashford doesn’t give me enough cash to afford Vardy. That will cost me 4 points.

fantasy premier league teams GW31

I’ll add the remaining ATGS odds when they come through.  Should be today

So a difficult gameweek to call.  It’s hard to know how many players FPL managers have for this gameweek, how many hits are taken and how many people will free hit it.

I’m fairly confident that Aguero to Vardy and Pogba to Mane are the transfer I’ll make.  That gives me 10 players for the game week.

I’m not worried about losing Aguero.  I’m free hitting in GW32 so can get him back then.  I imagine City will win their FA Cup game against Swansea so he won’t play in GW33 and I’ll be wildcarding in GW34.  You can say similar things about Pogba as he doesn’t have a GW33 fixture as of now.

Liverpool play Bayern in the Champions League this week on Wednesday so I won’t make the Mane transfer until after that game.

My main dilemma is the GK position.  Watford play Palace in the quarters so there’s a 50/50 chance that Foster will play in GW33 and if he does it’s home to Fulham.  West Ham are away to Chelsea in GW33 which is a tough ask.  So do I spend 4 points to get Fabianski in for the decent chance of home points v Huddersfield when I’ve got a 50/50 that I spend the 4 points for no return.  You could say I’m only risking 2 points as the chances of Huddersfield scoring twice to reduce the points Fabianski gets to 1 seem remote but that is offsett to some degree by the fact that I lose any chance of a decent clean sheet prospect for Foster v Fulham.

The other factor though is Fabianski’s ability to get bonus points with clean sheets.  He’s got some sort of bonus with 4 of the 5 clean sheets although to do that he has needed to make saves which also could be questionable against Huddersfield.  He only made 2 saves v Newcastle and got no bonus for example.

I need to think about it.

Geek update note:  I noticed that the Watford Palace game starts at 12.15 Saturday UK time and the GW31 gameweek deadline is 2pm.  That means the Watford Palace result maybe clear at that time.  If Watford win that would mean the GW33 game postponed and Fabianski would definitely be worthwhile

Read my recent blanks and doubles article if you need refreshing on this

Captain thoughts

It will be interesting to see how Mane and Salah play out in the polls.  I also won’t put the captain poll out until Thursday after that game so everyone is voting with full information.

Lineup decisions

No decisions to be made here.  Hojbjerg, Wan Bissaka and Rashford don’t have a game

The team

Here it is.  Assume Pogba is Mane and Aguero Vardy.  Potentially Foster is Fabianski.

fantasy premier league teams GW31

Hope you had a good gameweek.

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19 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW31 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hi can some explain the below to me please.

    If I go to transfers on my team Pogba is down as 8.4

    But the cost to buy pogba today is 8.9

    If I go to transfer pogba out my transfer balence is 8.4.

    Should I have more than 8.4 if he is currently worth 8.9?


    • Hi mate. Unfortunately the rules mean there is a difference between your selling price of players and the current price. You only retain half the uplift in value from when you bought him to when you sell him. eg buy a hypothetical at £8.4m and sell when his current value is £9.0m and you will only receive £9.7m which will be the value shown when you get to the transfer page. hope that helps and good luck this week

  2. I went through a similar run few weeks back Geek, it will pass.

    I had a fairly good game week with Vardy and Sterling returning big for a 66 point haul. But I am kicking myself for not captaining Sterling and going with Salah. I was on Sterling earlier in the week but changed to the shield. Salah is becoming very frustrating now. Leaving Richarlison on the bench for Wan Bissaka was also a mistake.
    Oh well, a 4k rise to 9k OR now so can’t complain too much.

    I was in the same GK situation as you Geek so I brought in Fabianski for the gameweek just gone because if I left it, I couldnt justify a -4 to bring him in GW31. But I can justify a -4 to get rid of a mid like Pogba as that has much more potential.

  3. Craid, as players fluctuate in price, so does their resale value. You can expect to gain £0.1m for every £0.2m the player increases by.

    To illustrate this, for your case you bought Pogba, for £8.1m, and he rises to £9.0m (9-8.1=0.9 then 0.9/2=0.45 so you gained 0.4) 8.1+0.4=8.5 but yesterday his price dropped £0.1m, so you will effectively be able to sell him for £8.4m, meaning you bag £0.3m in profit to spend on your incoming transfers.

    Unfortunately, if he only rises by £0.1m, his resale value remains at £8.1m. The bad news is that as a player’s value falls, so does his resale value. In this instance, you stand to lose £0.1m for every £0.1m the player decreases by – which means that the downside risk is greater than the upside gains.

    Hope this explains for you.

  4. I’ve got a question for anyone who knows, if you play your free hit does your one free transfer roll over to the game after the free hit? Or do you make the transfer then play your free hit in the same week so the following week it converts back to the team and the transfer you have made? Any help would be appreciated

  5. I believe the free hit overrules any transfer you might have done already. So you get no free transfer on the week you play the freehit chip

  6. I’ve got 9 players for GW31 but I’m thinking of taking a 2 extra hits to bring in two players for GW31 and GW33. Seems to me that a -8 effectively evens it out versus keeping a blank player right? (Assuming they play both games!)

  7. Will – if you take a minus 8, and your two inward players play, you will get 4 back so a maximum loss of 4 points.

  8. It’s really can be looked at as a -2 if your player plays 60 mins + he will get 2 or more points (if he behaves) ..your non player will get no points…plus you have that player for GW 33 (if he plays) I’m a glass half full kinda guy :)

  9. I have 2 FT…if I play them and then the free hit…do my 2 transferred players remain the following week?


  10. Hi, can someone talk me through thoughts on the choice between Free Hitting in 31 or 33. I have FH, BB and TC left and in my head I am telling myself it makes more sense to FH in 31 as there are more games, supposedly, in 33 thus more chance of having players already in my team starting, plus it gives me one extra free transfer to use. But i’d appreciate any other points of view on the logic of that, since I have outsmarted myself in the past…

  11. Sorry, and also any thoughts on how you go about picking a FH team. I am assuming you pick the absolute cheapest bench players so that you can maximise your players who do take the field, given you are prepared to take the risk of rotation. 3 from Chelsea, Liverpool…

  12. Carly – if you play your free hit, any transfers you make before won’t count and your team reverts back to the one from the previous gameweek. And you only have one transfer, even if you had two before.

    Michael. Yes a free hit is probably more effective in GW31 than GW33 on the basis there will be fewer games. However, the vast majority are free hitting in GW32. We have been building up a team for 31 and 33 which puts 11 players on the pitch in both weeks and free hit in 32 to put up to 11 players out all with two games in the big double week which is potentially a significant advantage of those free hitting in the blanks

  13. Well Geek, I had an awful 31 points this week. My closest challenge in my leagues had over 50 points, halving my lead in one week!
    After a run of 6 green arrows in 7 weeks, its now two reds in a row. Hopefully this will now change…..

    I have already made my 2 free moves for this week. Son+Aguero > Hazard+Vardy. Currently I have a GK, and a 3-3-2 formation. Thinking about taking a hit to possibly bring in Fraser and maybe another defender and go with a full 4-4-2 (I dont want to sell Pogba Or Jimenez as I will lost a lot of value tied up in them).

  14. When are people planing to use the BB-chip? I consider to use it in GW35 (after using the wildcard in GW34), and then use the TC-chip on Salah home against Huddersfield in GW36. Any thoughts?

  15. I agree. Definitely wildcard 34 and fill the team with up to 15 players all playing twice in 35 for a massive bench boost

  16. Why not change Button for Fabianski with the spare cash (after Pogba and aguero for Vardy and mane) and remove the risk of missing out on Foster v Fulham ?

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