fantasy premier league teams GW32 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW32 article where I give my early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW32. I look back at day gameweek 31+ so far and give my thoughts on the gameweek ahead including potential transfers/chips and captain choice.

fantasy premier league teams GW32 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 3 seasons overall ranks are 36k, 17k and 21k.

Gameweek 31+ so far

Here’s the update after Wednesday’s games from live fpl 

GW31+ points so far: 77 (FPL average 48) Total points 1,887, Overall Rank: 10k, green arrow 5k, Team Value: £102.4m

Here’s the points after Wednesdays games pre bonus points being allocated:

fantasy premier league teams GW32

Generally a pretty successful gameweek with everyone returning except Calvert-Lewin and Fernandes.  I have voiced my sceptism about Fernandes before but as I will pretty much always put players in who come within my definition of the template then he went in anyway.  I have no such reservations about Calvert Lewin even though that’s his 3rd straight blank.

Thoughts for GW32+

If you read my team selection article from last week you’ll know I was thinking about Free Hitting this week.  Partially due to the possibility of Aubameyang being a captain favourite against a hapless Norwich team.  That may have diminished somewhat due to Norwich’s 0.38 xG conceded and 12 shots against defensive performance against Everton.  xGA wise the were better than the Liverpool defence v Everton.  How Arsenal get on against Southampton and the Polls may determine whether I use it.  I’m also conscious to use it early in case massive amounts of injuries and rotation make it difficult to use it efficently later on.

There are other opportunities.  GW33+  Man Utd play Bournemouth and Liverpool play Aston Villa.  In GW34  Man Utd play Villa, Spurs play Bournemouth, Liverpool play Brighton and Wolves play Sheffield United.  So I’m keen to avoid using it if possible.

Here’s a very quick team I put together concentrating on Villa v Wolves, Brighton v Man Utd, Arsenal v Norwich, West Ham v Chelsea and Sheffield United v Spurs.  The team has 1 sub that I’m expecting significant points from and 2 other outfielders not so.

I’ll make a final decision on Friday whether I do this or not.  I won’t be making transfers or hitting the button until the last minute.  Price rises or not.

fantasy premier league teams GW32

What about if no Free Hit?

1 free transfer and no money in the bank

Here’s the lineup with no Free Hit.  The FPL site has yet to properly update btw

It looks pretty good and there’s no obvious players who should leave.  The Captain choice isn’t easy and there’s no one making a strong case at the moment.  .

There’s also no particular transfer at this point that I’m favouring.  More to mull over before the deadline

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