fantasy premier league teams GW32 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW32 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW32. We look back at gameweek 31 and give our thoughts on the gameweeks ahead.

fantasy premier league teams GW32 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 31

GW31 points: 41 -8 (average 26) Total points 1,755, Gameweek rank 1,006k, Overall Rank: 208k, red arrow 9k, Team Value: £102.0m

Here’s the link to my GW31 team selection article if you’re interested.

The GW31 points:

fantasy premier league teams GW32

So my 4th consecutive red arrow although I’m at least making them smaller each week with this one being 9k.

4 returning players and a reasonable headline score but the minus 8 points was the obvious issue.  It brings an end to a disastrous run up to the blank GW31 where I went from 70k to 208k now with 4 red arrows.

4 returning players and an ok gameweek rank but it was the points deductions that meant a red arrow was to follow.  Getting the wrong captain didn’t help.

The Mane transfer was a necessity and paid for itself.  The Vardy one hopefully will with Huddersfield in GW33.  The Fabianski decision was the bad one with a 3 point loss from a 4 point hit.  The Watford win means I have 12 players for GW33 which means I really should have just not made the transfer and transferred in a GK for GW33.

Richarlison was an unexpected plus scoring when I didn’t expect it.  However the 2nd penalty that affected one of my players went wrong as Sigurdsson missed it depriving Richarlison of the FPL assist and the likely bonus points.  The previous penalty was obviously the Pogba disaster.

I won’t be doing the non template scoreboard schedule.  I had all the GW31 template players but it was the -8 that got me the red arrow this week.

Transfer thoughts

I also won’t be doing a team planner schedule until I’ve drafted a free hit team which is my current plan

1 transfer and £0.9m in the bank.

At the moment my plan is to free hit in GW32, Wildcard in GW34, Bench boost in GW35 and maybe triple captain for the Liverpool home game to Huddersfield in GW36.  My thoughts are to keep to this even though the wildcard in 34 prevents an option to triple captain a Brighton player in GW34.

I haven’t activated the free hit chip as I write this but will do soon now that the double gameweek fixtures have been confirmed

Here’s my schedule of the confirmed double gameweeks and blanks from the above linked article.

The fixtures at the top are the core fixtures with those in bold below the confirmed postponed fixtures. Underneath the line are some team relationships (for want of a better word) between the different gameweeks.

In the next 24 hours I hope to get a draft free hit team out

I’m hoping to get the contributors to share their free hit teams as well along the week.

Hope you had a good gameweek.

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21 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW32 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Can’t wait for the next few weeks! Good luck Geek.

    Here’s my FH team so far.. Rest are bench fodder.

    Luiz WanB Doherty
    Pogba Hazard Sterling Kante
    Kane Aguero Rashford

    • You must have incredible team value – I’m 2.9m off being able to afford that even with the cheapest bench possible!

  2. If I free hit do I lose that transfer? If so can I use my transfer then free hit? So basically transfer eg a Chelsea player in for a united player for Wk 33 confirm this then free hit?

  3. Jason. Once you free hit, your previous transfers are cancelled and you will revert back to your GW31 team after the free hit.. with just one transfer

  4. Those free hitting for GW32 should get the cheapo benchfodder in.. Both the 3.8 defenders are going up in price soon.

  5. A quick question re player values when transferring using free hit. If I was to transfer out a player who has gained value i.e. Doherty, then in a few days change my mind and transfer him back in, would I have to pay the current (higher) price, or would it just effectively cancel the original transfer and I wouldn’t be out of pocket? Ta!

  6. Hi all, could you help me on this?

    I have Sterling, Mane, and 1.2 itb, no FT. I cannot make decision between 2 options:

    1. Keep Mane GW32.
    2. Sell Mane -> Hazard (-4) in GW 32.

    The MID in GW33 will be the same because I will sell Sterling to Hazard (option 1) or Mane (option 2).

    In summary, is it better to play Mane (TOT) or Hazard (car, BHA) & -4?

  7. Guys, when I activate my FH – can I go back and make further changes / edits, like you can do with the WC up until the deadline? Cheers

  8. Jamie – you can go back and make unlimited changes right up until the deadline.

    Bao – it’s your call as to whether you think Hazard can score more than four points extra from two games v Cardiff and Brighton, to what Mane will do in one game v Spurs. Who knows what Mane is capable of just now. However, bear in mind if you sell Mane just for one game, it will cost you more to buy him back than you sold him for ( depending on how long you have owned him )

    I am going Liverpool free in my free hit as they only have one game. Though no guarantees any of the double players will play twice, including Hazard above, and there is every chance that both Sterling and Aguero will only start one of the two games scheduled, especially with the Fa cup semi following and champions league commitments

  9. Thanks Andrew W.

    I’ve currently went with Sterling, he’s the one the least likely usually to be dropped by Pep. The Title race is more important than the FA Cup and I reckon Sterling will get the more mins than Aguero – but who’s to know!

    My first draft;
    Luiz, Wan Bissaka, Laporte,
    Pogba, Deulofeu, Hazard, Sterling
    Zaha, Kane, Rashford,

  10. I wouldnt worry about rotation for City as they are capable of huge hauls against just one of Cardiff or Fulham.. I would imagine that Aguero will be a massive captain fave so going against him will be a huge risk.
    My current draft:

    Luiz, Lindelof, AWB
    Pogba, Sterling, Hazard, Deulofeu
    Rashford, Aguero, Batshuayi

    Possible changes; Deulofeu to Jota and/or Batshuayi to Jimenez or Deeney.
    AWB to Schlupp as he has more attacking potential.

    That Palace tie at home to a hapless Hudds makes it very tempting to have a Palace attacker along with a defender.

  11. My latest draft of my free hitcteam has 11 players all playing twice. 3 from Man City, 3 from Man Utd, 3 from Chelsea and 2 from Palace.

    What’s everybody’s view on including Wolves players ? They have two games but fully expect them to rest their first team for their second game just days before the Fa cup semi which is their priority ??

    And are those playing free hits playing 11 doubles and therefore not selecting Liverpool players including Mane and Salah who only have one game ( v Spurs ) ??

  12. Once you’ve activated your Free Hit Chip can you tinker with the transfers before the deadline like a Wildcard??

  13. Tony, yep you can make as many transfers as you like just like a WC.

    Andrew W., I think it’s likely Wolves will rest players especially the second match vs Man Utd as it’s 3 days before the semi. Makes it more appealing to invest in Its assets for me!

  14. Thanks Will T

    So is it best to get in cheap/bench Gk, Def, Mid, before there prices go up???
    Then have more time to contemplate/tear out hair about main team.

  15. Tony… yes I would get in the cheap bench fodder now. Also, get in the United and City assets pronto. Sterling has already risen in price and I would expect Pogba and Aguero to do likewise.

    Andrew… I am a little tentative about bringing in a Wolves asset. But I dont want to bring in a 3rd Palace asset, or a 3rd Chelsea asset for that matter as they are very hot and cold. Watford and Spurs the only other real alternatives. I’ve stuck a Watford mid in for now but may change.

    Just looked at Schlupp for Palace and he has been on fire in the league last 4 games… 1 goal and 3 assists. He is defo going in instead of AWB.

  16. So after drafts here is my Free Hit team
    Azp, Young, Schlapp ( Connolly, Simpson)
    Pogba David Silva, Hazard, Sterling ( Cammersa)
    Aguero, Batsh, Rashford

    Any suggestions, I did have Kane but then upgraded to D, Silva and added Azp and Batch

  17. Hi geek,

    Currently have D.silva,Salah and Roberson is worth taking a -8 hit for sterling,Luiz and hazard.this will have my team match your free hit draft.

    I have no FH,but still have my BB,TC and 2nd WC to use in gw34,


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