fantasy premier league teams GW33 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW33 article where I give my early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW33. I look back at day gameweek 32+ so far and give my thoughts on the gameweek ahead including potential transfers/chips and captain choice.

fantasy premier league teams GW33 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

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Firstly if you’re new to the site my last 3 seasons overall ranks are 36k, 17k and 21k.

Gameweek 32+ so far

You can see my GW31+ score in my GW32+ team selection article

We’re only 2 days in to GW32+ but here’s the points so far for what it’s worth

GW32+ points so far: 10 (FPL average 7) Total points 1,915, Overall Rank: 10k, red arrow 1k, Team Value: £102.6m

I have used all my chips apart from the Free Hit Chip

Here’s the points so far

fantasy premier league teams GW33

So a disappointing captain fail in Jimenez.  It was a 3 low probability shot performance as well, so there was no bad luck element to it.

FPL Team Structure

Regular readers may want to skip past this section but this is how I classify players in my team:

Template – 7 of the 10 top FPL Managers I follow own the player or defence

Template replacement – If I don’t own a template player then a player who is the designated replacement who will fight it out weekly for points

Bench – a player who will primarily sit on the bench

Difference maker – the rest. These will generally give you the rank boost. Not defined by ownership so not called differentials

fantasy premier league team selection GW32

Thoughts for GW33+

2 free transfers £0.00m in the bank

My debate has been whether to use the Free Hit Chip or just use my 2 free transfers.  The debate about the Free Hit chip is do you use it pro-actively to isolate good fixtures or do you use it reactively to respond to mass injuries or rotation threat.  I’m still in the proactive camp myself.

Here’s the lineup prior to any transfers:

fantasy premier league teams GW33

The Free Hit decision

GW33+ Free Hit

A Free Hit  would be an unfortunate waste of the free transfer carried over but that’s not a reason not to do it

The 4 fixtures to concentrate on would be:

Man Utd v Bournemouth – Martial, Rashford, Maguire

Chelsea v Watford – Pulisic, Giroud, Azpilicueta

Liverpool v Villa – Salah, Alexander Arnold, Mane

Southampton v Man City – Jesus, Sterling, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Foden, Ederson

Unfortunately Chelsea have been hard to predict lineup wise as have Man City always.  Liverpool having played Man City and won the title are entering into a period of selection uncertainty.  All that means it’s really difficult to put out a team that you will be confident about getting everyone playing.  Certainly the bench will need to be better than you would normally want for a Free Hit.

GW34+ Free Hit

Here’s the best fixtures for this gameweek

Man City v Newcastle

Sheffield United v Wolves

Brighton v Liverpool

Bournemouth v Spurs – Son, Kane, Aurier

Villa v Man Utd

This week gives an extra resource in Spurs in order to spread rotation risk around the different clubs.

GW33+ and GW34+ are Saturday Tuesday gameweeks so that could lead us to believe that those who did play in GW33+ could be at greater risk of rest in GW34+ and vice versa.  That may help our lineups. Who plays in GW32+ in the Man City v Liverpool game could have no bearing on the GW33+ lineups.

Draft GW33+ Free Hit

Here’s a first go at a Free Hit for GW33+.  It has 3 Man Utd, 3 Chelsea, 3 Liverpool and 2 Man City players in it.  Apart from the reserve GK there are no non players.  That is there to try and get a full team out.  However the 5 sub rule does make that even a difficult proposition as it’s easier to put players on for a short time.  The lineups for the rest of the week would play a part in selection

Needs alot more thought

What to do with my 2 free transfers?

Even using the 2 free transfers is tricky.  I guess with Spurs after this gameweek Calvert Lewin could be an option to replace but at his price he hardly helps.

Salah and De Bruyne  are also options generally due to lack of things to play for but not Salah home to Villa.  Generally, I’m preferring to wait and see if there is a clue on how the season will pan out and transfer them out when they become less risky options to not own.  Man City between GW34+ and GW38+ have a fantastic fixture run so he’s hard to let go of De Bruyne unless replaced with say Mahrez if he still looks like he will get excellent gametime.

Son has a relatively tricky fixture at Everton but has Bournemouth in GW34 so I’m reluctant to get rid of him unless I committ myself to a GW34 Free Hit.

I guess the obvious transfer for GW33+ would be to bite the bullet on either De Bruyne or Son and put Martial in v Bournemouth.  Salah I’d prefer to wait as he’s it’s impossible to take him out against Villa.

Needs more thought unfortunately

Captain Thoughts for GW33+

Hard to go past Salah if you think he’s going to play.

Vice will be crucial potentially so I think Bruno Fernandes is the safest attacking bet.

Lineup issues for GW33+

Sp pretty straightforward.  Nketiah and Holgate are no brainers.  I guess you could have a debate over Foden vs Boly vs Calvert-Lewin if you were fairly certain Foden was going to start which would be saying something.

Hope the gameweek is going well so far for you

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6 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW33 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Hi Geek, been following you for about 4 seasons now and love the detail and time you put in. Am not doing bad atm have 1 free T. TV £103.7 have FH & TC left, OVP 1765 was thinking of using TC in GW34.
    Pope, Martinez
    Doherty, Soyuncu, Maguire, Lascelles, Robinson
    Salah, KDB, Fernandes, Pulisic, Foden
    DCL, Jimenez, Rashford

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

  2. Hi Geek
    What would be your preferred duo for free hit team (GW33):
    Son + Rashford
    Fernandes + Kane

  3. Hi Geek,

    Long time reader, cheers for all you do, really helpful every week.

    I carried my free last week and had originally planned to remove Salah from my midfield this week and move into Pulisic/Martial. But I’m not sure I want to be a trailblazer in ditching Salah. I already have Bruno. Do I go with it and do:
    Salah/Lacelles out – AWB Martial in?
    DCL/Lacelles out – Greenwood AWB in.

  4. Hi Geek,
    Any idea how the FA Cup fixtures will effect the Premier League fixtures for the same weekend?
    Do you think the league fixtures will be moved to midweek, or will are we possibly looking at a DGW?

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