fantasy premier league teams GW35 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team


Here’s our fantasy premier league teams GW35 article where we give our early thoughts on the FFGeek team for GW35. We look back at double gameweek 34 and give our thoughts on the gameweek ahead.

fantasy premier league teams GW35 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team

Gameweek 34

GW34 points: 46 on WC (average 54) Total points 1,971, Gameweek rank 4,243k, Overall Rank: 135k, red arrow 18k, Team Value: £102.1m

GW34 points:

fantasy premier league teams GW35

So the idea with a wildcard isn’t to get an 18k red arrow, a score of 8 points behind the overall average and a gameweek rank of 4.2 million that’s for sure.

However I’m definitely not alone.  If you saw my interim 10 top FPL managers article you’ll see that the 8 who wildcarded also struggled as did the top 10k OR who’s average score was 49.  Their 10 top FPL managers teams were similar in some ways to mine.

Much as I can say that the wildcard is for the double gameweek 35 coming up with GW34 as the facilitator it’s still not much consolation.

5 players returned which in itself isn’t bad but only Sterling was in double figures and big scores from the Bournemouth players, Pogba and the Liverpool duo of Mane and Salah were mine and others undoing.

Transfer thoughts

1 transfer and £0.1m in the bank.

My initial idea was to carry over the transfer to have the flexibility to use 2 transfers for the transfer in of either Mane or Salah for the triple captain of Liverpool home to Huddersfield in GW36.

However the sending off of Deeney has now changed that and I need to make a transfer as he is suspended for 3 matches.  As ever I’m reluctant to take a -4 and in any case even if I did I’m not sure there’s a perect scenario anyway.

Andre Gray

Given the price range and the fact that I want a double gameweek player, I’m most likely to transfer in his replacement of Andre Gray.  The fixtures of Huddersfield A and Southampton at home over the double are the main attraction. However in the price range within the double gameweeks there’s not too many options.

Gray I would hope would play 2 games.  Gracia has mainly played 2 upfront and often Deulofeu has been the strike partner.  Success is the only other striker and given that Success has started started only 1 game in the last 13 I would hope Gray gets the nod for both matches.  There’s certainly no fatigue reason to rest Gray given he’s only played 1342 minutes all season in all competitions.

Gray’s stats haven’t been that great but when he’s started recently he’s done ok.  When Deeney comes back at 37 he will potentially be an issue but I think that’s something I’ll have to ride.


The only other realistic double gameweek option is Danny Ings but given his stats have dropped off a cliff and his injury record plus his starting and minutes risk with Long coming into the picture he’s a swerve for me.

If you’re looking at single gameweekers you’re probably going to focus on the Bournemouth lads of  Wilson and King.

Rashford is a bit more expensive and has only started 4 of the last 8.  Some of that injury related, some of that rotation related maybe to the UCL.  I’m still uncertain with whether he will play every game to the end of the season.  I would say, probably, but I don’t have the cash for him anyway and Everton A and Man City H in DGW35 and  then Chelsea H are tricky fixtures anyway.

I have seen some talk of an appeal for Deeney’s red card so I’m holding off the transfer as I haven’t heard that they have decided not to pursue it.  I only have £0.1m in the bank and Deeney and Gray are the same price so I’ll have to watch the excellent price change site fplstatistics to make sure that I don’t lose the ability to make the transfer.

Chip thoughts

My plan has always been to use the bench boost in this game.  I have thought of changing it to the triple captain due to having 2 Brighton defenders out of 5 of my bench but in the end I think I’ll stick with it

Captain thoughts

I’m going to put a captain poll up tomorrow after the UCL game of Man City v Spurs as that will likely play a part in voters thinking.  The earlier poll that I set up for it in my GW34 captain poll article clearly showed Aguero as the favoured option.  However a fall off of his recent form as well as Sterlings performance v Palace may change that.  I’ve got an open mind so far.

Lineup issues

The Bench Boost obviously negates any issue here.

The team

Here’s the team. Pretend Deeney is Andre Gray

fantasy premier league teams GW35


So back to a normal Saturday 11.30 gameweek.  Don’t forget to hit the bench boost button if you’re planning on using it.

fantasy premier league teams GW35

The official FPL fixture schedule

fantasy premier league teams GW35

Hope you had a good gameweek!

Other stuff

If you’re needing to plan transfers use Joseph Crilleys google spreadsheet which is an excellent team planning tool.

Also see our recent form article and our GW34 review article

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21 thoughts on “fantasy premier league teams GW35 – some early thoughts on the FFGeek team”

  1. Thanks geek. A lot of us holding 3 Brighton players with ugly fixtures = dilemma. Am considering an 8 point hit just to get rid. I’ll live with the consequences if it sets the team for the short run in. Problem is, unless you have coin in the bank, it’s not such an easy plan to execute. Maybe settle for a 4 point hit and hope Murray can come up trumps. Defo don’t want Dunk and Duffy in team for GW 35. Interested in others inputs.

  2. Similar to you Geek.. I scored 47 points but somehow managed a green arrow. I currently sit at 9k OR. Hoping to break top 5k by the end of the season.
    I have to get rid of Deany too with only 0.1m it, but I am seriously considering taking a -4 to get rid of Duffy too by bringing in Bednarek or Valery (if fit) and replace Deeney with Wilson. He could get another double figure hall at home to Fulham and I would rather have him than Gray for the rest of the season.
    I really really do no want 2 Brighton defenders for the upcoming double. They were awful this week and I can see another 1 point apiece for them both. I think the -4 is worth it.

    As for captain… Jimenez looks very appealing and will almost certainly be going with him.

  3. Geek, 1. For getting rid of Duffy or dunk I wonder which defence is better to go for, Southampton or Watford?

    2. What about ings or llorente as replacements for Deeney?

  4. Ian.. well done on the ranking. I am on 10k OR and scored 48 on wildcard so very similar.

    I also have the same dilemma. Deeney to Gray for the same price and good double gameweek fixtures is easy. But do I want Gray for the remaining games. Not really. I was also considering a downgrade elsewhere and hit to get Wilson. Reluctant to take a hit for a single gameweek player.. but Gray is not certain to start both, Wilson has Fulham at home and I would be much happier with him as my third striker !!

  5. They way I look at it Andrew is that I am taking a hit to replace Duffy not Deeney, who I must replace with my FT. Duffy will probably score 1 point again given the fixtures and awful form. Southampton could sneak a clean sheet in the DGW (unlikely maybe), are in better form and have better fixtures.

  6. Don’t you just know that Brighton are now going to troll us and get two clean sheets at Wolves and Spurs

  7. That could well happen, it’s hard to predict anything at this stage. I’d be surprised if Gray doesn’t play both. I have Vardy, who I was going to downgrade to Deeney so I could get Salah for Huddersfield. I wonder if Klopp will rest some players for that game. Still sitting at 10k, but this is my first season doing FPL and my heads going round.

  8. Seems many have the Deeney/Dunk/Duffy dilemma. I have a little cash so I’m tempted to bring in Llorente and use the saving to upgrade Duffy to Laporte. If I go for Andre Gray then I could still get TAA in but already have Liverpool defensive cover. Llorente has done reasonably well when replacing Kane this season and is at least likely to start most games, I don’t think Gray is much better for the money but has good fixtures. Thoughts?

  9. Attack is:
    pogba eriksen son jota Fraser
    Aguero gray King

    Currently sitting on – 8 for GW35. My main goal is to win my mini league which I am under 10 points off the lead. Is it worth another – 4 to bring in either sterling, KDB, salah, mane jimenez? BB will be played so all players active. 5.5m itb

  10. John, the biggest dilemma is Sterling. He’s terrifying at the moment if you don’t have him. I don’t, but I want to get Salah for week 36. If I was you, I’d get shot if Eriksen. But who knows how the CL game will affect things.

  11. Anyone planning on using the TC chip on Mane or Salah in week 36 v Huddersfield has to be concerned now about game time with their fixtures

    26-April Hud (H)
    1-May Barca (A)
    5-May Newcastle (A)
    7- May Barca (H)

    If Klopp was going to rotate or time limit Mane or Salah ….then he will hardly need both for 90 mins to beat Hud at home.

    What are the chances a PL game could be moved, Newcastle 2 days before 2nd leg with Barca

  12. Good point Cinn. Given his form lately, Sterling for TC now City are out of CL looks a better option. Some big decisions to be made in the coming weeks for sure. I had a 50-70 point lead in my main mini league just after Christmas and now im 6 points behind mostly thanks to a disastrous BW/DGW/BW sequence. The only good thing for me is my opponent only has 4 players playing twice this week, so i need a big haul of points.

  13. Im seriously considering a -16 hit for the following transfers…someone talk me out of this madnesa

    KDB for Mane
    Boly for Pereira
    Patricio for Ryan
    Kolasinac/watford defender for Duffy

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