fantasy premier league teams GW8 – the FFGeek team for GW8


Here’s my fantasy premier league teams GW8 article with the FFGeek team for GW8. We look very briefly at last week, the transfer thoughts, lineup dilemmas and the captain choice

fantasy premier league teams GW8 – the FFGeek team for GW8

Gameweek 7

I went into a bit more detail in my early thoughts on the FFGeek team article so I won’t go through it again but overall it was a good week.

GW7 points:  58 (average 51) Total points 468, Gameweek rank 1,536k, Overall Rank: 40k, green arrow 6k, Team Value: £102.1m

Here’s the points:

 fantasy premier league teams GW8

An ok week although I tend to define ok as one where my rank is fairly steady so make of that what you will.  A 6k drop is certainly fits into that.

Transfer options

2 free transfers £0.0 in the bank.

So all week I’ve been set on the transfer of Kane in for Aguero for 1 match with Aguero to return in GW9.  The thought process was more around who I would take out.  I was set on Fraser although someone in the comments column helpfully pointed out that Laporte could also be an option which I’ve also mulled over fairly constantly.

The alternative to the Kane option  was  a transfer for the sake of it practically.  Either Ward for another £4.5m or Patricio in for Foster to double up on Wolves.  I’m not sure either warrant a transfer.  I generally like to avoid double ups in defence and I think being benched once isn’t necessarily enough to be the end of Ward considering that Warnock has chopped and changed his strikers quite a bit and was only praising him a week or 2 ago.

The Kane transfer hasn’t been thought of as a rank defensive move.  He does lead the polls but not excessively.  I don’t get the impression that there is a stampede towards him that’s for sure.  My movement towards him has been about an opportunity to do it without a hit when I have little other meaningful transfers to do.

The fly in the ointment is the fact that the marauding City left back  Mendy is now deemed to be fit enough to be in contention for GW8.  Now you’ll know I’m a believer in the City defence and Mendy is a bit like having Alonso in a City shirt.  That nothing transfer means I could get Mendy in next week for free home to Burnley if I carry over a transfer.  I would need to sell Lacazette home to Leicester but that’s probably ok.

I could fund Mendy next week through the sale of Lacazette this week but I just can’t bring myself to do that with Lacazette against Fulham.

Doing the Kane transfer would mean deferring the Mendy transfer in until GW11 when I would sell Lacazette who realistically is my only funding option.  That’s not too bad with Spurs in that GW10.

The problem is that now I think I’m too emotionally invested in the Kane transfer and I’m not even sure not getting him with the hedge of betting on a Kane hat trick and taking the wife out for dinner would be enough compensation.  Especially so as he’s only £7.50 for the hat trick.  A fiver wouldn’t see us in San Carlo’s that’s for sure.

The other thing is that I’m thinking of changing my mind for something that has come out of Pep’s mouth and he’s not the most reliable of chaps although given that he normally says nothing team news wise then you probably should listen when something does come out.

In the end I decided to I had to follow it through so I did the transfer.  I can live with a blank but missing out on a hat trick by reversing my decision at the last minute was something I couldn’t take.

So I went for the Laporte option rather than the Fraser option.  I could just see me saving Laporte and Pep not playing him against Burnley GW9 with UCL midweek and Spurs GW10.  Fraser has some good fixtures and also selling him and ending up with 3 £4.5m mids was just getting a bit too ridiculous.

The only defensive options at £4.3m remaining were either West Ham or Wolves Bennett (I was £0.1m short of Jonny) so I decided on the Wolves double up.

So transfer was Aguero to Kane and Laporte to Bennett (Wolves)

This was a little bit stream of consciousness (hope that doesn’t insult any English Lit students reading this) writing so hope it’s understandable.


The only Question was whether Bennett and double Wolves was better than Alexander Arnold.  In the end I went for double Wolves.  I just can’t see a Liverpool clean sheet so I went for Bennett.

Captain pick

Having put Kane in the team then it had to be him.  You can see the analysis in my captain article btw

The team

Here’s the lineup then:

 fantasy premier league teams GW8

Good luck to everyone!

Btw I won’t be doing the alternative teams this week.  They’re all struggling and I’m unsure how to make them work without too much time which is exactly why I did given that so I’m going to stop the articles for a while as I don’t think they’re helping anyone.  I hope this doesn’t cause too much of an issue for anyone.

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  1. My issue with the Aguero to Kane transfer for one week is price. Assuming you had Aguero from day 1, you’ll sell for 11.2 but have to buy back for 11.4. Thoughts?

  2. Actually I’ll answer myself.. I can see Aguero is likely to drop in price tonight, so it’s only a -0.1 hit to the budget. Certainly worth the potential points return from Kane.

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