fantasy premier league template teams – the twitter template


Here’s a fantasy premier league template teams article where I show the current twitter template after going through numerous accounts with good histories

 fantasy premier league template teams – the twitter template

So if you have a twitter account and search for information related to FPL you’ll know there are a huge amount of FPL twitter accounts. I’m amazed at some of the names.  There are even accounts related to 1970’s TV shows such as FPL Top Cat and FPL Colonel Klink which I find quite surreal.

I follow a number of accounts with a good history being the criteria.  Alot of accounts are just used for interaction with other FPL twitter accounts but some include recent drafts of their teams.  I went through well over 50 to get 10 that showed recent teams of no more than 4 days old.

So what I’m going to show is a team that is again a menus of players that are the most picked by the 9 accounts.  Below that I will give the names of the players that are in more than 1 team.  Hopefully it will give you some ideas of player picks .  There’s only 1 in this by the way who is an FFGeek contributor.  He is an active tweeter.

So here’s the team.  This time it’s in budget

fantasy premier league template teams

Player numbers within teams

All the players in teams more than 1  of 10 teams.  I start with the number of teams they are in


4 – Foster

2 – Ederson , De Gea, Stekelenburg 2


10 – Robertson, Wan Bissaka

5 – Mendy, Shaw

4 – Luiz

2 – Davies Boly Van Dijk


9 – Salah

6 – Bernardo Silva

5 – Mane, Richarlison, Jota

4 – Cairney

3 – Hudson-Odoi, Sanchez


8 – Aguero

5 – Zaha

4 – Kamara

3 – King, Aubameyang, Arnautovic

2 – Firmino

Template Comments


I really don’t understand the GK situation with Foster being the most owned but I’ll put that as some sort of anomaly.  What is obvious is that the picks are spread far and wide


I can’t argue with any of the 5 defenders except maybe Shaw who you just have to accept may lose his place to Young


I haven’t put Bernado Silva in as he busted the budget but he is owned 6 time so probably should be.  I am a little surprised that Mane is so popular given managers have so much invested in Salah as a near permanent captain choice.  Jota as well is quite expensive for a new player to the premier league especially as the fixtures aren’t exceptional.


This really shows the spread of forward picks around Aguero so there is room to make ground if you get it right there.

Why does it matter?

Not only does it prompt you to think of players you may not have considered sufficiently, I look at the twitter template and the 10 FPL managers I follow articles (will start after GW1) as a way of seeing if there are any highly owned players I should get from a rank protection point of view.  Salah is the obvious one here.  I would also say some representation of the Liverpool defence if not Robertson himself.

It goes against what alot of people say with in saying use your own picks, play your own game but even if it’s 3 or 4 players in that category I’m still playing my own game with 11 or 12 of my FPL team.  I’ve just neutralised a few dangerous players as well.  If I could predict the future of football matches and player performance I would be looking over the sea in the Spain or France having a beer retired on my betting winnings.

A part of FPL in my view is mitigating rank drops as well as looking to climb the rankings and picking highly owned players is one way of doing that.  There is a distinction between mass ownership and serious FPL managers who will ultimately occupy the higher up positions.  I tend to look at ownership as a bit of a blend of that in the early days but revert to the top 10k and the 10 FPL managers later on.

That’s it hope you found it useful

Here is the latest draft of the FFGeek team

And some of the FFGeek contributors teams

Jordan Sadlers team

17th overall finisher Prakhar Patels team

Rob Reid’s team

Joseph Crilley’s team

Yaniv Saloman’s team

Joe Armiger’s team

Mikael Hietala’s team

top 1k finisher Andrew Ferguson’s team and thoughts

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  1. Hello, just checked all the top manager teams
    Noticed one thing, none of them have opted for firmino.
    Good fixtures, fair pre season form.
    Is he not sure of starting?
    Please help. I somehow feel not choosing firmino is risky

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