fantasy premier league – the captain choice game week 18

Here’s the options and my views on the captain choice for fantasy premier league game week 18

RVP – (Swansea  A)

Mr reliable.  Third in the overall shooting stats and 4th in the last 6 shooting stats which is disappointing given the quality of the last 6 fixtures.  Also 3rd in the overall chances created stats but slipped to 8th in the last 6.  Mr reliable has returned in 13/16 starts

Lets look at his record against qualifying opposition away:

South 15 points

Newcastle  4 points

Villa  5 points

Norwich  2 points

Reading 6 points

Cant really criticise that although no really big returns.

Will he play.  Some rotation will come around Christmas but he should play in this away game against a Swansea team showing some form

Only Newcastle and Reading have a worse home defence which does give promise for goals

A safe if there is some question over the explosiveness of the returns

Suarez (Fulham H)

Will definitely play with no other strikers and having had a rest yet.

1st in the overall shooting stats and 3rd in the last 6 shooting stats with a game missed and the 12 most difficult fixture ranking.   Also 1st place in chances created overall but slipping in the last 6 ranking to 8th.

In contrast to RVP’s record of returning in 12/15 starts, Suarez has only returned in 8/15.  Lets have a look at his home record against captain qualifying teams

Stoke  2

Reading  5

Newcastle   9

Wigan  11

Southampton  1

Villa 1

That’s a 3/6 record. Not really what you want from your captain.

Fulham away is one of the worst defences but it is better than either Southampton and Villa both of which e failed to return.  Don’t get me wrong the underlying stats are there but he has just fallen in to the old failure of being unable to finish.

A risky one although if he has his day but potentially very rewarding one.

Tevez (Reading H)

The ultimate flat track bully (along with Rooney).  The only risk is whether he plays if he does then any score is possible against Reading.

Just to remind you here’s his record against qualifying teams at home

South 6 points

QPR 15 points

Sunderland 5 points

Swansea 9 points

Aston Villa 19 points

What can you say? The only risk is whether he starts, if he does anything can happen.  If he doesn’t then he still has a prospect of scoring even in 20 minutes.  Will he play?   He’s only stated 3 out of the last 6 and with no champs league and no capital one cup then surely he has some chance.  The real issue though is that on the 26th and 29th they’re away to Sunderland and then Norwich.  Much tougher games than Reading away, so surely one of Tevez or Aguero will be rested for that game.

Silva  (Reading H)

Now with Nasri out he surely will start.  Lets take a look at his stats at home to qualifying teams when started:

QPR 2 points

Sunderland 3 points

Aston Villa  16 points

Nothing to get excited about.

Has returned in  50% of games that he’s started which is reasonable.  Has returned in 1 of his last 5 games and not in any of the shooting stats but is in both the chances created stats.

Despite these stats I think he will return as the reading defence is just that bad


here’s my view on the best options of the 3

1.  Silva  – only because he will start and reading are dreadful

2.  RVP – Mr reliable plus Swansea home defence is not good

3.  Tevez – Will he start is the only query?


Here’s some I haven’t considered and reasons why

1.   Rooney  – go for RVP

2.  Cazorla – a game against Reading doesn’t fix the poor returns and stats prior to that

3.  Mata – will he play again is the main question after playing in Japan last weekend then starting against Leeds on Wednesday

4.  Ba – The QPR defence has shown some good resilience in the last few weeks