Fantasy premier league – the early gameweek 32 bandwagons and sinking ships

Here’s the fantasy premier league  early gameweek 32 bandwagons and sinking ships ie the 3 most transferred in and out players so far this gameweek.



Hmm interesting one this based on his goal and assist at Swansea.  Next week they play Everton at home who although they are without Fellaini and Pienaar through suspension are still a formidable attacking side.   Also if Chelsea win the FA Cup today they wont have a game in gameweek 33.  That’s if you even forget that unless you have a wildcard up your sleeve you should only be transferring in DGW33 players.  If that wasn’t enough you’ve also got considerable CB rotation under AVB and although Vertonghen has played the last 5 will AVB want to start him in the Europa now they are in the quarters.  I know he’s an attacking threat but with Dawson at £4.6m is Vertonghen really worth an extra £1.8m.  Its an ignore for me


With Arsenal having the best DGW33 fixtures and with Walcott injured and with Reading being the  game last week what amazes me is that there are nearly 15k people who didn’t transfer him in the last gameweek.  BUY if not this week next week


A little up and down in the shooting stats but does create chances and take pens and have some set piece involvement.  He’s scored in his last 2 and Saints probably have one of the best runs of the non DGW33 teams and they are at home to Reading this week.    I may even buy him as early as tonight for Benteke but I have my wildcard for DGW33.  If you don’t are you really going to buy him instead of Berba for the same price who has a DGW plus good fixtures to the end and who also takes pens.  Its a buy only if you have your wildcard for DGW33

The sinking ships 


I understand selling him last week in a straight swap for Cazorla but surely now you would wait for more news before next week even if the site says 50% chance of playing.  Seems a little rash to me.  Its a hold now unless you have a WC


Same comments apply but even more so.  Why would you sell before a DGW when youre guaranteed he will return as he’s suspended not injured.  A definite hold unless you have a WC and your sell and buy back are fairly aligned.


Again a strange one, 75% chance of playing next game and if they lose the FA Cup today a DGW33.  A definite hold again unless you have a WC and your sell and buy back are fairly aligned.