fantasy premier league – the early GW24 bandwagons and sinking ships

Here’s the early week fantasy premier league bandwagons and sinking ships.  For those who aren’t familiar with the article these are the most transferred in and out players so far in the new game week

The bandwagons – ie the most transferred in this week

Ben Davies

Scorer last week from LB and also robbed of a clean sheet late on in the game.  Swansea have pretty average fixtures with 4 out of the next 6 away.  That’s actually an advantage as Swansea defend better away than at home but its not a fantastic set of fixtures.  However as far as budget defenders go he’s among the better ones along with Demel, R Martin, Clyne and some of the riskier gametime defenders like Wisdom and Dawson.  He is a buy for me though as a cheap rotation but lets not get 2 carried away there’s only been 4 clean sheets this season so far.  Only question is do you rotate at home or away?  Here’s the fixtures


29 Jan 19:45Gameweek 24Sunderland (A)
02 Feb 15:00Gameweek 25West Ham (A)
09 Feb 15:00Gameweek 26QPR (H)
24 Feb 13:30Gameweek 27Liverpool (A)
02 Mar 15:00Gameweek 28Newcastle (H)
09 Mar 15:00Gameweek 29West Brom (A)
16 Mar 15:00Gameweek 30Arsenal (H)
30 Mar 15:00Gameweek 31Tottenham (H)


Interesting one this.  Scored in his first 2 fantasy premier league games and playing as the furtherest forward player in a potential top 4 team for £7.4m its a good story.  Also has 2 quality players in Gerrard and Suarez creating chances for him.  Personally at the moment my inclination is watch them play at Arsenal and Man City before I decide whether its Sturridge or Suarez for me, as after that the fixtures look good.  The only reason for me to purchase him now is if you’re value sensitive as I can see at least 1 more rise before GW24 if not 2.  Therefore its a hold for me. Here’s the fixtures:


30 Jan 19:45Gameweek 24Arsenal (A)
03 Feb 16:00Gameweek 25Man City (A)
11 Feb 20:00Gameweek 26West Brom (H)
24 Feb 13:30Gameweek 27Swansea (H)
02 Mar 17:30Gameweek 28Wigan (A)
10 Mar 16:00Gameweek 29Tottenham (H)


Not many players out perform their goals to shots in the box ratio but Fletcher is doing so.  He’s barely ever been in the shooting stats but does continue to score and now he has the advantage of fixtures as Sunderlands next 6 are the best of any fantasy premier league team.  Also if you look at my theory of buy a player after a 10 point haul when his next game is at home the  its time to buy.  I’ve recommended Sessegnon for Sunderland exposure.  To use an American legal dram terms “Im going to take this under advisement”  ie I’m going to think about it. Here’s the fixtures for you to mull over

29 Jan 19:45Gameweek 24Swansea (H)
02 Feb 15:00Gameweek 25Reading (A)
09 Feb 15:00Gameweek 26Arsenal (H)
23 Feb 15:00Gameweek 27West Brom (A)
02 Mar 15:00Gameweek 28Fulham (H)
09 Mar 15:00Gameweek 29QPR (A)


The sinking ships – ie the most transferred out this week 

Demba Ba

I get it fantasy premier league managers are selling after the DGW.  I also think that with the rotation and the fixtures that are ok that it makes sense to only have 1 Chelsea attacking asset.  The only thing is that do you really want to sell before Reading A Newcastle A and Wigan H.  Its City A after that which is a definite time to sell.  Rotation or not that’s some juicy 3 fixtures.  I’m not sure I can get myself to do it.  Things could change though depending on who plays in the capital one semi final and the FA Cup game against Brentford on Sunday.


Another DGW temporary purchase victim.  Totally out of the shooting stats and with 4 returns out of his last 10 (although one was a hat trick) its a definite sell for me.  Good fixtures but just not making the returns at the moment.  Buy Bale or Mata with your money or Walcott if you want Arsenal exposure.  Now watch him blitz West Ham tomorrow!


stats improved immediately after Adebayor went to ACON.  Seems to be far better when he’s up front alone.  I wouldn’t sell until Adebayors back myself.  He’s got 2 away games at Norwich and WBA next which could be good but could be tricky but then the possibility of a juicy home game to Newcastle. After that its home to Arsenal which would be a more natural time to sell.  Its a hold for me


7 thoughts on “fantasy premier league – the early GW24 bandwagons and sinking ships”

    • Tommy its Aguero hands down for me. shooting stats are far better than the other 2. I also think its likely to be one other plus aguero starting. he is alot dearer though

  1. What to do? I have 2FT and nothing in the bank.

    Szczesny (Cerny)
    Gibbs, Zabaleta, Luiz (Stam, Harte)
    Michu, Mata, Fallaini, Walcott (Sandro)
    Po, Ba, RVP

    I am eventually going to have to dump Sandro, and I am on the fence of Ba (ditto for Luiz and Gibbs).

    Great blog. It is my go to.

    • its a tricky one. youre in a similar place to me in that i have 2 chelsea attacking assets and i want to reduce to one but I’m looking at reading A New A and wigan h and thinking maybe I should hold on. at the moment the only thing you can really do is sell Gibbs to get in someone to replace Sandro but you shouldnt get spend too much as eventally i think there will be an opprtunity to upgrade Po to either sturridge or dzeko who unless you wait a few games and then down grade Ba. potentially can both be great value. so at the moment i would be tempted just to gather funds for that transfer and sell gibbs and replace sandro. i think you only need 2 quality defenders and then rotate 1 in of the other 3.

      does that help at all, put another comment if you want anything further

      thanks for the nice words as well by the way


  2. For Gw24 I am in two minds of who to captain…I have RVP right now but hiding from the fixture against reading Ba is my other option…who do I choose.

    • stephan, Ill do a captain article but my gut feel is RVP especially if he doesnt play against fulham in the FA cup at the weekend

  3. great blog! shall i swap michu for fellaini this week? and i’m a bit stuck on defence. i’ve never been getting any good points from my defenders. at the moment i have begovic and federici as my gks. and gibbs, luiz, demel, davies and harte as my defenders. i’m tempted to swap demel for someone better, but i’m low on money. are there any defenders under 5m that i should definitely keep an eye on? thanks a lot! continue the great work :)

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