fantasy premier league – the final FFGeek team


So I’ve finally settled on a what I hope is a final fantasy premier league team after alot of changes and thoughts.  Here’s the team plus a bit of commentary

fantasy premier league – the final FFGeek team

So without further ado here’s the team.  I say final but anything could happen.

fantasy premier league

So here’s the transfers since my last team:

Aubameyang out and Zaha in

MacDonald out and Mane in

Bailly out and Shaw in

Neves out and Gunnarson in

I also changed Stekelenburg to Hamer as a more likely £4.0m GK.

So in essence I exchanged Aubameyang and McDonald for Zaha and Mane but at an additional cost of losing Neves to a £4.5m and Bailly to Shaw.

I decided to avoid Aubameyang for the games against Man City and Chelsea and go with Mane who has West Ham and Palace.  The move was partly a coverage move as Mane is so highly owned by serious managers and has such good fixtures.  Aubameyang less so given that he has been sacrificed for Aguero by the same managers.

I can easily move to Aubameyang in GW3 in 2 transfers through the Mane reversal if needed.  I am wary of the fact that I now have long term gametime risks in Shaw, Bernardo Silva and Charlie Austin which may mean the need for reactive transfers which could scupper that.

I’ve also gained more money on the bench so you could say it was a bit of a mirage upgrade although it does give some flexibility with fixtures and in case some of the players don’t start.

It also crosses my mind that I’ve put in 2 players in Mane and Zaha who last season couldn’t get bonus points to save their life.  Zaha has some positional risk but you could say Aubameyang did as well.

Unfortunately putting out a team of guaranteed starters for 90 minutes is more difficult than you think these days with all the money sloshing around in the premier league and the resultant increase in the size and quality of squads,  so the additional bench coverage does have that advantage.

I’m going to leave it there.   If I change anything I’ll tweet it.  It’s not without the bounds of possibility.  Especially the £4.5m player

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19 thoughts on “fantasy premier league – the final FFGeek team

  1. Great article and more importantly, great series of articles across recent weeks, many thanks.
    Few questions:
    why are you leaving mendy on the bench? It’s a lot to spend on a player to leave him out. I know GW1 is against Arsenal, but surely a CLEAN sheet is still not that unlikely if city keep 90% of possession!! 🙂 and his attacking runs will still be there.
    I am asking more for assistance as I don’t have a squad as deep as you, i have a similar side but quaner (bench fodder) instead of Austin so i would be playing him, wan-bissaka or hudson-odoi if i leave out mendy. Do you think it would be better to just play mendy given my alternatives?

    Finally, i am toying between robertson and no cash in the bank or trent and leaving £1m in the bank. any thoughts? I see it as both will get the same CS (assuming game time for trent) and both carry attacking threat. robertson probably slightly more, but imo not £1m more. the question is gametime over a longer period. is the threat of clyne and gomez competing or sharing mins with trent enough to justify the £1m extra on robertson. Would love your opinions mate. (in the next 3 hours LOL :-))

  2. Solid team – although im not sure about ur strike force

    Is there any reason none of the articles (including most teams ive seen on here), don’t have Bobby in them? He doesn’t even seem to get mentioned as a Top 3 striker last season.

    Same price point as Mane and finished last season with more points, more goals, and similar assists……..he doesn’t seem to get a lot of love on here!

  3. @JL – I think it is because Bobby was at the WC so is still some doubt about his chances of playing for first few gw’s. Most ppl seem to have opted for players who weren’t at the WC.

    • Sturridge had a very good preseason and firmino has only played 2 half games in preseason so there’s some doubt on whether Firmino will start gw1. In response to your Mane comment above, Mane went out in the group stage, Firmino went out in the quarter finals, big difference in time frame. Mane has played 4 preseason games versus firmino who’s only played 2.

  4. For The sake of credibility I would put any late change here as a comment.

    Nice team.
    Not a MILLION miles from my humble effort.

  5. Geek……I told you before the cut off on Friday not to bench Mendy!!
    Still, great week, long may it continue, thanks for the tips so far.

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