Fantasy premier league – the likely lads – The best strikers rated

I’m going to outline in a series of articles the players I rate, beginning with strikers.  If you read my article on strategy “23 rules of play ” see link at bottom of article, you know that I believe that the underlying shooting stats are the key to a players success in fantasy premier league whether they be midfield or a striker.  Now I’m going to do a piece in each game format starting with Fantasy premier league on the players I think you should be considering based on their underlying stats. The articles will be tweaked for each format so only read the format you intend to play to avoid repetition.

The elite strikers

Hopefully no one will dispute that the 3 undisputed elite strikers in the fantasy premier league are as follows:

RVP (£13.0m)

Rooney (£12.0m)

Aguero (£11.5m)

Looking at their stats the common themes are the regularity they shoot and the on target % of those shots and in 2/3 cases the regularity that these shots take place in the box.  Rooney is the exception taking more shots outside the box.

The next tier

I’m  then going to grade the strikers in fantasy premier league that believe are in the monitor list that could be considered for your team in the order that I rate them.

Tevez (£9.0m)

Spends far too much time on the golf course but whatever you think you cant argue about his quality.  4 goals from 13 starts at a value of £9.0m in Fantasy premier league.  Only stat that slightly lets him down is shoots a bit more outside the box than RVP and Augero.  Having Aguero complicates the situation but if there are clear signals that he will play then at that price he’s a decent switch to save some cash in fantasy premier league.


9 goals from 30 starts is a reasonable return for a second striker.  Lines up in all the stats without a hint of overperformance.  If we get a hint of regular starts then he is a good cheap alternative to Rooney

Jelavic (£8.5m)

You’re probably all sick of me eulogising about him.  9 goals in 13 games.  Absolutely clinical and the stats are all the more remarkable when you consider they are in an Everton team that were really struggling attacking wise.  A very real 3rd striker option in fantasy premier league where all the stats line up.

P Cisse (£9.5m)

13 goals in 14 games is incredible.  I’ve been a bit harsh on him I think in previous articles.  He’s no RVP but give him a reasonable run of fixtures and he will get you goals.  Lines up well on all the stats. Only question is a ridiculously high on target ratio will undoubtedley move backwards and see a reduction in returns but with that goal ratio he can afford it.   Another 3 rd striker alternative in fantasy premier league but without the kind start that Jelavic has.


17 goals in 30 games.  I’m recommending him based on an assumption he will stay at Spurs which is diminishing.  extremely kind start and has been talked up by AVB suggesting he will play.  Works well in all stats and gets assists as a bonus.

 Holt (£6.5m)

15 goals in 36 appearances.  Benefited from Lamberts attacking style and if he stays at Norwich he maybe a little unfocused.  Alot of questions about how Hughton will play need to be answered and they don’t have the best start but you cant ague that his stas stck up as a 2nd/3rd tier striker in fantasy premier league

Hernandez (£8.0m)

10 goals in 28 appearances.  If he plays he will score simple as that.  Stats aren’t quite as good as Welbecks but still very impressive

Some punts

Heres a few to keep an eye on if they get a look in

D Cisse (£6.5m)

6 goals in 8 appearances.  Only falls down in the amount he shoots outside the box but then again so does Rooney.  Doesnt have an easy start but if he can avoid getting sent off is worth a punt when the fixtures improve.


Does anyone realise he scored 11 goals in 25 appearances or does everyone just remember that Man City miss.  Only falls down on shooting outside the box too much but if he gets a chance or a move to Readng he will score.

Weiman (£5.5m)

Only 2 goals from 14 appearances but had the stats apart from the same one the 2 above had.  a cheap filler if he starts.  Villa have great fixtures to start in fantasy premier league.



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