fantasy premier league – the proven and reliable


Here’s a look at 5 fantasy premier league players who’ve proven themselves with consistent returns over the last 3 season and are the players that we could consider as the base for our team come the new season.  We look at the returns for the last 3 seasons and talk about their new season prospects

fantasy premier league – the proven and reliable

We have only included players with 3 seasons in the FPL to get the “proven ” tag.  That means players like Sanchez and Costa aren’t included despite their good seasons.  The reliable means 3 years of consistent returns.


Minutes per FPL point (the lower the better)

2014/15 – 11.7 mins

2013/14 – 9.8 mins

2012/13 – 16.0 mins


I’ve had to have a little latitude with Man City as Mancini’s last season in 2012/13 distorts their returns due to the managers defensive outlook.  However 2 double doubles (10 goals and 10 assists or more) in the last 3 years show his quality.  Very explosive, has pens  and a popular captain option he’s a dangerous player not to own.  There are 3 negatives though in the year coming.  The first will be his price.  He could even be more expensive than the £12.9m he finished this year.  The 2nd is the Copa America where depending on Argentina’s progress Aguero could be rested at the start of what is an early start August 8 season by Pellegrini.  That will be an issue added to the World Cup last year meaning he’s had 2 consecutive seasons without a proper pre-season.  Lastly there’s the question of his diminished returns when played as a strike pair rather than as a lone striker.


Minutes per FPL point

2014/15 – 14.5 mins

2013/14 – 14.3 mins

2012/13 – 13.8 mins


Undoubtedly 14/15’s player of the season.  Added a high consistency return rate to his explosiveness this season as well.  Like Aguero 2 double doubles in the last 3 years.  Also has penalty duties.  Will also have a full pre-season.  Only negative is Mourinho has signposted some squad signings  which may mean rotation which didn’t happen last year.


Minutes per FPL point

2014/15 – 13.9 mins

2013/14 – 14.3 mins

2012/13 – 17.1 mins


Again the 12/13 season with a defensive minded Mancini distorts the returns and I’ve given Aguero and Silva latitude on this.  Silva stepped up his scoring this season scoring 12 which was far improved on his 7 best in the 4 seasons previous to that.  Last year was his first double double.  Either plays on the flank and drifting in but more dangerous behind Aguero with Aguero as a front man.  Always produces good underlying and shooting stats to give credence to the returns.


Minutes per FPL point

2014/15 – 8.7 mins

2013/14 – 11.9 mins

2012/13 – 11.8 mins


The returns are nothing short of phenomenal.  The winger, sometimes striker, is a very reliable performer.  However there are cautionary factors.  His last 2 seasons  have been blighted by injury and that remains a risk.  Also the end of last season showed him as not first choice and he was more than often than not a sub.  That will have to change to come into our reckoning so it will be difficult to start the season with him unless pre-season is very clear.  Although Sanchez could start the season late due to the Copa America it will be a difficult choice to drop Sanchez for Walcott or to have both.


Minutes per FPL point

2014/15 – 17.4 mins

2013/14 – 17.7 mins

2012/13 – 16.0 mins


The returns aren’t as attractive as the above players but they are consistent and he remains a reliable option depending on his price.  If he repeats the CAM position he held for most of last season and keeps the strong set piece involvment he remains a steady option depending on the price