fantasy premier league tips 2021/22 – how to juggle the 4 premium Captains


Here’s our fantasy premier league tips 2021/22 article where we look at how to juggle the 4 premium potential captains of Salah, Lukaku, Ronaldo and Kane over the coming gameweeks

Fantasy Premier League Tips 2021/22 – How To Juggle The 4 Premium Captains

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I’ve started with the premise that the current values mean I can only afford 2 of Salah, Kane, Lukaku and Ronaldo as designated captains going forward.

I’m going to compare the fixtures of Salah, Lukaku, Kane and Ronaldo for each gameweek. I’ll then pick a potential captain favourite from each gameweek. From that I’ll then outline a way of moving between the 4 for the optimum captain solution stating when transfers should be made. The idea of owning the favourite is not only to maximise points as this will likely be the best fixture but to also prevent big rank falls through not owning a high scoring player

I’ll then outline the potential problem gameweeks and player where there could be risks for players that this formula doesn’t own

It’s worth noting that the players form in the coming weeks could change the perception of the captain favourite so this is a starting position which needs constant review

The schedule

Fantasy Premier League Tips 2021/22

The coloured schedule shows the fixtures line by line. The schedule is an expanded version of my fixture ease article

The next line points to the potential captain favourite

I’ve then run through the 2 premium captain pairs which maximises points and minimises big rank falls.

Lastly I then outline the transfers required to get these pairings

So how will the pairings look over the coming gameweeks?

Ronaldo and Salah GW4-6
Lukaku and Salah GW7-11
Kane and Salah GW12-14
Kane and Ronaldo GW15-16
Salah and Ronaldo GW17-18

To achieve this I’ve earmarked 7 transfers over 15 gameweeks although that only allows 1 to get to gameweek 4

Where are the risky games not covered

GW4 has Kane away at Palace.

At the moment though Kane isn’t a particularly highly owned asset and looking at the Watford game still a little rusty after the Euro’s and Man City saga so that’s not an issue really in my mind

GW8 Kane away at Newcastle

Newcastle really are a defensive shambles so Kane’s form will determine how much of a problem this will be

GW12 Ronaldo at Watford

Again form and rotation risk will be the determiner and the split on votes could dilute the problem

GW14 Lukaku at Watford

Could be a problem fixture

GW16 Lukaku home to Leeds

2 problem fixtures close together could require some thinking although this could be diluted if Leeds can return to their early season defensive form

How will rotation affect things?

I imagine Kane will be the least rotated of the 4 as he probably won’t play the European Conference games. He did play the first but I suspect that was more for fitness given the rest of the Spurs lineup

Ronaldo has a like for like replacement in Cavani so rotation will very much depend on the perception of which player for PL v UCL and which player for which type of fixture. Will Cavani play the easier fixtures? Man Utd’s UCL group isn’t easy.

Similarly Werner and Havertz for Lukaku although there is a more pronounced drop in quality so that will factor in Tuchels decisions I imagine. Lukaku is only 28 though so surely requires less rotation. Chelsea have what I think is the easiest group of the 3.

Salah only has Jota as a replacement option realistically but Klopp has sacrificed the domestic cups to preserve fitness. The lack of rotation options is exacerbated by a tough UCL group.

When are the UCL fixtures?

There are group stage fixtures between GW4-5, GW6-7, GW8-9, GW10-11, GW12-13 and GW15-16. So pretty relentless

Overall thoughts

So there doesn’t seem to be a way though the 4 premium captain choice with 2 designated captains which could work. However there will always be some games hidden behind the sofa and form could distort what I currently see as a path through the fixtures.

Rotation is a big unknown with everyone in a different position and that unfortunately will be a learning process as we go.

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